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Screenmobile of Katy-Sugarland, TX

Welcome to Screenmobile of Katy-Sugar Land, Texas

Screenmobile of Katy/ Sugar Land  is one of the nation's largest local mobile screen repair companies, striving to offer the highest quality in window, door, porch and patio screens, retractable screens and much more. With over 30 years of experience in the screen replacement industry, we know how to handle your screen repair, replacement or installation needs, large or small.

Screenmobile of Katy/SugarLand Window Screens

 Quality Window Screens by Screenmobile. We provide on-site screen repair, new window screens and window re-screening at your home or business. Custom made and installed window screens for casement windows, double hung windows, single hung windows, sliding screen windows and hinged window screens. Arched or hard to fit applications are available by your local Screenmobile. 

The most common materials used for insect screens are aluminum, fiberglass and copper in some cases. The difference between types of window screen material is the mesh size. You will see dimensions like 18×16 mesh (standard); or other sizes like 18×14 (good for pool, patio & porch insect screening) and 20×20 (no-see-um screens). So for an 18"x16" mesh, this means that within one square inch, there are 18 horizontal fibers and 16 vertical fibers.

Porches and Enclosures In Katy- Sugar Land, TX

Sitting outside and breathing the fresh air in is a beautiful thing however, sitting out side in Texas means 'bugs'. Screenmobile can help with this issue. offering the highest quality Screen enclosure applications we are confident that our highly trained service technicians can guide you to understanding which application best suits your porch or patio. 

Our most common screen enclosure mounting technique is used with 2"x 2" extruded aluminum screen frame that gets screwed into a U-channel. The 2"x 2" mounting application allows our technicians to build what ever wall, door jam, or angle that your house may need while holding its structural integrity. Call Screenmobile for a Free Estimate on your Porch.

Katy/Sugar Land Motorized Roll Downs

Screenmobile of Katy-Sugar Land  is one of the Industry's leader in Motorized and Large Format Screens. Designed to prevent insects from entering your indoor and outdoor spaces or to keep the sun out. Motorized and Large Format Screens retract when not in use, essentially a large roll up screen. They can be either motorized or manually operated.

These screens are used in commercial applications such as restaurants and offices as well as residential applications. Multiple units can be programmed to operate off a single switch or remote control.

A standard installation would be housing across the top of the opening and then side tracks. There is no track needed at the bottom as it will seal with a thick poly seal. The housing box on the top is usually 4" x 4" up to 6" x 6" depending on the size. All of the housing and side tracks come in a variety of colors to match your home. Usually a color is picked that is close to the window color, but not always. Contact Us

Solar screens by Screenmobile of katy-Sugar Land 

Solar screen panels from Screenmobile are a great and economical way to reduce heat and glare, caused by the sun within your home and patio. These panels can be made in a variety of colors and styles. We can install the panels to be easily removable with clips or we can install directly with screws to ensure a more permanent fitting.

Our custom made solar screen panels are versatile. You can remove them during the cooler months and easily re install when the hot months return. It is a great way to reduce energy consumption all year long.

  • Block up to 90% of the suns rays.
  • Reduces heat by up to 15 degrees.
  • Reduces energy consumption.
  • Custom made to ensure proper fit
  • Multiple color options
  • Easily removable for storage during the winter
  • Most screen panels made on-site. 

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Screenmobile of Katy-Sugarland, TX

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Sun Control ScreensBeat the Heat

As much as 90% of the sun's rays can be blocked from entering your home with our Sun Control products, translating to big savings in your utility bill. Check out our "Sun Screen" section for more information.

Pet Products

Screenmobile can install pet resistant screens, pet doors and pet guards for most needs. Give your pet the freedom they want while protecting your investment.

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