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Sen. Hutchinson and Rep. Gohmert Praise Longview Business

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Sen. Hutchinson and Rep. Gohmert Praise Longview Business

By Wilton Johnson

The race toward energy efficiency brought Donnie Wilson to a new business.

"We're a mobile window screening company, we custom build solar screens," Wilson explained.

Business is good as more and more homeowners look for ways to save money on cooling their homes.

"Solar screens block 80 percent of the sun's UV rays," he continued. "We've had people tell us they saved 10 to 30 percent on electricity bill."

Wilson is just a microcosm of a nationwide push toward energy and fuel efficiency. Another Longview company received high praise from Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and Congressman Louie Gohmert.

Capacity of Texas rolled out a new plug-in hybrid terminal tractor. Such trucks are used at ports, distribution centers and transportation yards worldwide. When implemented, these hybrids are expected to reduce carbon emissions by 60 percent.

Senator Hutchison said innovation like this highlights the country's need to control its energy, manufacturing and business potential.

"That means we've got to know our energy sources are going to be stable and not at the whim of a Venezuelan dictator or someone in the middle east," Hutchison told a crowd of 100 Tuesday.

Gohmert touted the Longview company for applying its "can-do" attitude to a nationwide issue.

"Oh, you need a hybrid truck? A hybrid tractor that can be used around places we've never had hybrids before? We can do that," Gohmert portrayed.

Wilson said he's impressed with Capacity's development. He feels proud of his own product and clients, even though their impact is on a much smaller scale.

"Most of them want to save money anything they can do to cut down on energy costs."


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