Wizard Vista View™ Screen Door

Wizard Industries Inc. has introduced something big, VistaView™,  a 29’6” wide retractable screen door! VistaView™ solves the riddle of how to screen large openings like lift & slide doors, bi-fold doors, and stacker door systems. Other systems use complicated cable mechanisms and pleated accordion folds while VistaView™  is a true retractable screen, using a simple maintenance free spring. VistaView™ impressively covers huge distances, and even 90 degree corner turns.

Though engineered for large openings, the unique features of VistaView allow you to offer a premium upsell option on every sales call. Offer the best screen on the market, making it clear to potential customers that you truly are a screen expert.

Features and Benefits 

Secure Zippered Track VistaView’s Secured Zippered Track keeps the screen tight at all times, preventing blowouts.

Handle Braking System An industry first, self locking brake allows you to stop the screen in any position along the track. 

150 mph Wind Rating VistaView is engineered for windy locations, such as homes on the water.

No more bugs! You have a beautiful large opening door, the problem is all that space gives plenty of room for little critters to fly through. Finally you can screen it up and keep your home bug free!    

Increased Ventilation Wizard products provide complete total top to bottom air ventilation through your door or window without having the irritation of unwanted pests, insects and debris in your home.