Porch & Patio Screen Extruded Systems
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Porches & Patio Screen Extruded Systems

Extruded Screening Systems

Screenmobile features quality extruded metal screening systems. Our system allows for maximum width and height openings while maintaining tight and consistent screen material. Screenmobile offers 2" and 3" extruded post systems depending on the size of your porch project. Key features:

  • 2" or 3" extruded systems 
  • Color matched to your applications
  • Integrated system- Inside your columns or outside railing systems
  • Custom applications to sculpt around column bases and special applications
  • Arched metal screen applications
  • Chair rail and picket systems 
  • Door choices include swinging, sliding and double french door applications

Chair Rails, Kick Panels and Picket Systems

Screenmobile's extruded porch options include chair rail braces, kick panels and picket systems. Chair rail systems are color matched and available in 2" and 3" systems. Typically placed at or near 40" off the deck height. Chair rails provide structural integrity for your screen porch and design elements to match your project. 

Kick panels in your extruded porch can provide needed protection on the lower section of your project. Available in different heights, colors and smooth or embossed design. These panels are optional so check with your local Screenmobile for more information on this product.

Picket systems are required depending on the height off the ground and determined by local governing agencies. Pickets are designed to keep small children from falls. Pickets can also be used in conjunction with chair rails and provide a clean design element for your project. As with the kick panel option, check with your local Screenmobile for more information on extruded picket systems.

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Please contact your local Screenmobile in regards to an Extruded Screen System.