Sun Control Products
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Sun Control ProductsSun Control Products

You Call, We Screen. Reduce your summer air conditioning bills with Screenmobile's solar screens and sun control screen products. There is a variety of names for sun control screen products, such as solar screening, sunscreens, exterior shading, interior shading, outdoor shade screen, solar insect screens, roll down shades, roller shades and others.

Interior or Exterior

Sun control screens can be installed on the exterior or interior of a home or business. Sun control screens work by absorbing solar heat and dissipating it before it reaches windows and doors. They also provide protection from glare coming into a window. Interior sun control is usually in the form of a roll down application, there are motorized and remote control options for ease of use. Sun control screens can also come in large motorized or large format sun control screens for porches and patios.

Ecologically Friendly

Solar control screens are an ecologically friendly way to reduce your summer cooling costs? Solar screens from Screenmobile are the solution you've been searching for.

Stop Radiant Heat Gain

Sun control screens are able to reduce your air conditioning costs as well as preserve the colors of your curtains and upholstery because they are specially designed to eliminate up to 90% of the sun rays from entering your home. During the summer months, much of the heat that infiltrates your home comes from your windows. Jack Haenichen, Senior Technical Adviser for the Commerce Department's Energy Office, states that "40 percent of a house's heat is a result of its window space and approximately 50 percent of a utility bill can be attributed to them."

How many BTUs could your windows be generating, click here to find out.

Sun Control Products

Easily Removable

What about the colder months when you want the sun's heat to help warm your home and reduce the heating costs? Not a problem. Being completely removable, Screenmobile's solar screens and sun screens are the perfect addition to your home because you can remove them to let the full light of the sun into your home or replace them to block the sun's heat.

For more information on how solar screens can save energy for your home or business, please contact us. You Call. We Screen.

Sun Control Window Screens
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Screenmobile's Sun Control products help protect you and your home from the sun. 

Screenmobile can help!

This was an awesome experience. I saw Robert parked in the lot here at Palm Desert Greens - he was doing something in the back of his truck. I stopped and asked for a card. He said he had some time later to at least stop & give me an estimate and he showed me the number to call on his card. I drove home, called the office, the gal said he could be there soon. Within 20 minutes he was here. He gave me a great price and fixed the screens right then. Within a half an hour my windows looked better then before & he was on his way to another job. My neighbor called to say she thought my windows looked taller. She asked for Robert's phone number, I gave it to her. She called me back about 5 minutes later and said he would be at her house tomorrow morning around 8:00. Now that is good service, quality work, & satisfied customers!!
Palm Desert, CA
September, 2017
I contacted your company for some screen work. I was very pleased with how promptly I received a call back. The man would arrived was very nice and did great work. We are really happy with the job done and will recommend your company to others
Katie A.
Omaha, NE
July, 2016