Sola Motorized Screens

Sola Motorized ScreensYou Call, We Screen. When you need a screen system that can help you to reduce your energy costs and keep your house cooler, SOLA Motorized Screen System is what the doctor ordered. Call Screenmobile for Fast service and Free estimates!

Are you looking for a screen system that can help you to reduce your energy costs, that can provide privacy, that protects you from UV rays, that is durable, and that is easy to use? Then the SOLA Motorized Screen System is the choice for you.

The SOLA Motorized Screen System is an excellent method to reduce the amount of money you spend on cooling. With a Motorized Screen System, you can turn off your air conditioning more often and reduce your energy consumption by installing SOLA Motorized Screens as exterior window shades. Deflecting the sun’s rays before they have passed through your window’s glass is seven times more effective at keeping you cool than interior blinds or curtains. In addition to this, exterior solar screens can deflect up to 97% of ultraviolet radiation helping to maintain indoor climates.

Choose SOLA Screens as a method to create natural cross-ventilation while keeping pests out. Cross ventilation occurs when you open a door or window on each side of the house and the air pressure pulls the fresh air in and the stale air out. Motorized screens create enhanced privacy, and then vanish from sight when not in use. They offer an easy remote control operation, but also include a manual crank backup operation. SOLA screens allow for a completely hidden screening solution by recessing the components into walls, ceiling cavities, and columns, resulting in a seamless and clean appearance.

When you choose the SOLA Motorized Screen System, you are choosing a system with superior design and construction. The components are high quality die-cast and extruded aluminum so they will not rust or corrode. This easy to use system guaranteed to provide you with years of trouble-free operation.

The SOLA Motorized Screen System is available in widths from 4 - 20 Feet and pull-down length's up to 16 Feet. The system adapts to virtually any architectural opening and is fully customized to your specifications.  The system is installed by professional, qualified installers. The SOLA Motorized Screen System is available in white, linen, sandalwood and brown finishes.

If you are looking for a new motorized screen system, call for more information and a Free Estimate. You Call. We Screen.

*SOLA is not available at all Screenmobile dealers. Please contact your local Screenmobile dealer for more information

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