Quiet, smooth operation.

Genius Retractable Screen Doors are unlike any screens on the market. Their smooth sliding screens fit nearly any doorway or window and disappear in the natural recesses of the frame, making them virtually invisible – there when you need it and disappear when you don’t. Genius screens provide quiet, smooth operation and completely protect against airborne pests.
With Genius Retractable Screens, you can have the best of everything – fresh air, great appearance and functional protection.

Sheer Screen Advance

In Europe, Pleated Sheer Retractable Screens are well-known for their high quality and elegant look. However, Genius Retractable Screen Systems has made a pleated screen for the U.S. called the Sheer Screen Advance. It has several features that have never been seen before.
If you’re looking for a pleated screen that doesn’t require a special order and can be trimmed to fit on-site, go no further than Genius’ Sheer Screen Advance. To fit through a narrower opening, the Sheer Screen Advance can have up to 15.75 inches (40 centimeters) of its height trimmed during setup without affecting the screen’s performance.

The Sheer Screen Advance does not have a bottom guide rail. There is no danger of tripping over any rails because the course is perfectly level. To put it another way, the Sheer Screen can be accessed by those who use wheelchairs.

The screen is built of the highest quality materials and can be slid easily back and forth with the touch of a finger. In addition, the Sheer Screen Advance provides a sleek, contemporary appearance that can’t be found in any other screen currently available, making it ideal for applications seeking a one-of-a-kind design.

Pleated Screen

The unique pleated screen offers a refined look while maintaining excellent visibility and protecting you from unwanted insects.

Fully Custom Installation

Screenmobile can custom fit the Genius retractable screen door to virtually any size opening and professionally install it to last.

ADA Compliant

Because of the advanced design, the screen is wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant – no protruding runner to trip or step over.

Sheer Screen Classic

The Sheer Classic Screen embodies sophistication. This screen is custom-made to meet the dimensions you specify. 1–6 panels may be used to create a Sheer Classic screen, making it an excellent choice for screening spaces up to 40 feet wide and 125 inches high.

The finest materials are used in the screen’s construction, and it slides back and forth with the lightest of touches. The Sheer Screen Classic also offers an unmatched freshness and modernity that isn’t found in any other screen product on the market.


  • Smooth, easy operation
  • Screen openings up to 57.5″
  • No raised bottom channel
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • ADA compliant
Pleated Screen

The unique pleated screen offers a refined look while maintaining superb visibility and protecting you from unwanted insects.

Smooth Operation

Superior design and construction result in a smooth, almost effortless operation.

Large Openings

The Sheer Screen Classic can fit openings up to 40 feet wide, making it ideal for commercial or home patio applications.

Milano 100 Single Door Retractable Screens

The Single Door Retractable Screen from Genius Screens is the gold standard in the industry. The Genius single-door screen’s innovative braking system makes it effortless to secure the screen in place.

There is a wide range of housing color options to choose from to ensure seamless integration into your existing aesthetic. Furthermore, the sliding door handle is simple to operate for people of all ages.

Ease of Use

Superior design and quality make the Milano 100 Retractable Doors extremely easy to use.

Patented Brake System

The patented brake system means you don’t have to worry about the door slamming open when the catch is released.

Perfect Fit

Professionally installed with your choice of color for a long-lasting and durable installation.

Milano 200 Double Panel Door Retractable Screens

One of the best things about the Genius Milano 200 retractable screen is its versatility. Regardless of the size of your French door opening, our Milano 200 Screens fit. The system allows for both sides of the screen door to open, or a locking mechanism is available to keep one door in place so entry and exit can be managed through one of the two door openings.

Double Doors

Can be customized to fit most French door openings, both swinging and sliding.

Versatile Locking

A special locking mechanism allows for one side to remain closed while the other is in use.

Professional Installation

We custom fit and professionally install each door for a perfect fit that will provide years of trouble-free service.

ZigZag Large Format Screens

Need to screen a wide doorway or large opening? Ask your local Screenmobile about Genius’ ZigZag and ZigZag2 lines of large format screens designed to fit large or oversize door openings. Screenmobile is the industry leader in installing these large format screen doors.

Click to learn more about Genius’ line of large format screens, and contact your local Screenmobile for assistance in choosing the screen to fit your needs.

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