5 Ways to Upcycle Window Screens

View of the sunset through a window screen

With environmental concerns being top of mind as of late, it is no surprise that upcycling has been all the rage. This is also seen with those looking to upcycle old screen windows.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept, upcycling, contrary to recycling, is when you reuse material in its original form while increasing its value instead of breaking it down as a raw material to make new products. Wood furniture, plastic bottles and bags, and even metal car pieces are all common materials upcycled and sold as something new.

While recycling is often recognized as being good for the environment, upcycling may be even better. Upcycling does not require a material breakdown, thus reducing the need the recycle at all. Upcycling is especially remarkable since you really can upcycle anything, even window screens.

Window screens typically last between eight and ten years. Rather than tossing old ones in the trash, you can reuse them in a way to make something even better or give them new life. Not only will this help the environment, but it will help you bring out your creative side and make use of something you already have around the house! Here are five ways you can repurpose window screens.

  1. Filter old paint

If you have extra paint lying around that has been sitting for a while, chances are it has become clumpy and lumpy. The longer it has sat, the lumpier it has gotten. You can make more use of this paint with an old window screen.

If you have some old window screen, you can use the spare screen to filter out the clumps and breathe new life into the paint. The paint will be good as new, and you can use it for other projects around your home.

  1. Make a bird feeder

A quick and easy upcycle of a window screen is to make it a birdfeeder. You can leave the screen as is for this idea. You can also cut it into different shapes. Then, coat the screen in peanut butter and spread birdseed over the surface. Attach a chain to suspend it from a tree for the birds in your yard to snack on.

  1. Make homemade paper

Making homemade paper is one of the most extraordinary things you can do with an old window screen. Best of all, you most likely have all the required materials in your home. This idea has two upcycles in one: the window screen and old paper you had around the house.

You can use the old screen to make a deckle or a mold to create paper. To do this, attach the screen to a square or rectangular wooden frame. This will give the paper its shape.

You can collect old pieces of paper from around your house to make new sheets of recycled paper. Rip the paper into small pieces and soak in warm water for four to six hours. Once time is up, transfer the soaked paper to a blender and blend until smooth, making a slurry. You can add food coloring or glitter to give your paper some extra pizazz.

From there, transfer the slurry to an aluminum tray at least 2 inches deep and filled with water. The more water you use, the thinner your paper will be. Once you have reached the slurry-to-water ratio you desire, immerse the deckle you made with the spare window screen into the mixture. Evenly spread slurry over the deckle and remove. Keep the deckle over the tray for four to five minutes to allow all the excess water to drip through.

Once the water has dripped through, gently flip the deckle onto a damp towel to release the paper. Allow the paper to dry overnight. You now have created your own recycled paper! Store it in a cool, dry place and use it at your leisure. You can make multiple sheets and create a notebook, or make a few sheets over time to use in other craft projects.

  1. Explore your green thumb

There are a few ways you can repurpose old window screens when it comes to gardening and lawn maintenance.

Depending on where you live, your lawn can become patchy for numerous reasons. The animals in your community and the weather often play a role in the health of your yard. Luckily, old screens can be an effective tool to heal your grass.

When you are trying to regrow areas of missing grass, you can use a piece of screen to protect the grass seed from being eaten by birds. Once the grass starts sprouting, you can remove the screen and save it for the next time you need to replant grass seed. You can use this method for planting any seed.

You can also use screens when planting potted plants. Adding a layer of the screen to the bottom of a flower pot before adding soil and plants will help the soil stay put when watering. The screen will still allow excess water to drain through the pot.

  1. Get artsy and crafty

If all else fails when it comes to upcycling old window screens, you can always channel your inner artist and create an artistic masterpiece. The screen can become a piece of art on its own! Purchase a canvas, some glue, and other art supplies, and let your imagination get to work.

You can even sell your works online if you want to get some extra cash. Sites like Etsy offer a comprehensive platform for upcycling articles to sell their work.

Wrapping it up

When it comes to old window screens, there are many things you can do other than throw them away. You can upcycle and reuse the screens, giving them new life with a new purpose. It can even help you make some extra cash.

Most importantly, upcycling and repurposing window screens are great ways to limit trash and help the environment, something that is top of mind for many people across the globe. The next time you need to replace your window screens, be sure to try out one of these upcycling methods.

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