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Back screen doors opens out to a porch and beautiful scenery

Reap all the benefits of the classic screen door with some must-have new adjustments. How about a smooth control system to reduce door slamming? Roll control to master the speed? And for shaded porches, there is the digital, modern, motorized option, operated by a remote controller or your smartphone. 

You can choose to have a custom-built screen that’s almost invisible to the passerby and one that won’t block your view. Or, you can select your own shade to boost your privacy at home. Phantom retractable screens also prevent pests from entering and pets from running out. 

What are Phantom Screens?

You’re sitting at home enjoying a cold drink during a summer heatwave. You want a natural breeze to ruffle your hair slightly and carry those sweet summer smells throughout your home. But, on the other hand, you don’t want to be bothered by mosquitos and other insects, and neither do you want to constantly check to see if the dog has run out. 

Screenmobile installs the Phantom products that are most appropriate for your needs.

Phantom door and window screens 

Offer you the solution to the problems posed by leaving doors and windows open. But some options don’t fit well with your home decor or the size of the space.

Phantom retractable screens are here to save your day. They slide with your doors and windows, so you can easily let your dog or cat out, and they close with enough firmness to not be bothered by that breeze that has grown stronger. 

They’re almost invisible, complementing your curbside appeal while allowing you to enjoy the view at the same time. 

They also play a huge part in protecting you and your family from UV rays, which are one of the biggest free radicals in our environment that are damaging to your health. 

Phantom Motorized Shades

These motorized shade solutions appear at the push of a button, give shade from direct sunshine, and promote privacy. Phantom Motorized Shades can help you save money on air conditioning by reducing the amount of energy used to cool your home in the summer. They also allow you to control your porch or patio environment, keeping the bugs out and the fresh air flowing. 

Phantom screens are measured, fitted, and installed professionally by Screenmobile. Motorized shades are sun and wind sensor compatible, as well as home automation components that enable the blinds to be programmed to respond to changing environmental conditions.

Do retractable screens keep bugs out? 

Yes, they do. Insect screens are a huge must, no matter where you’re located. Thanks to the mesh fabrication, the screen blocks flying pests and those pesky no-see-ums that the wind has thrown in your direction. Any expert would advise mesh screens as a crucial tool in your pest prevention armory. 

You’re lying in bed at night trying to get that well-deserved sleep. You’ve put the kids to bed; you’ve finished up with your work and read a few chapters of your book. You turn off the lights and close your eyes. 

But what’s that sound? There’s an insect flying in your room, circling just above your head, drawn to the heat of your body. You turn back on the lights, cursing under your breath for that ruined sleep, and scan the room intensely, looking for the bugger. 

Even if you find it, another will come along shortly. 

Retractable screens effectively keep bugs out, and for large spaces like porches and patios, Phantom’s motorized shades allow you to control them with a remote control or from your smartphone. You don’t have to worry about if you left the screen open, and you can easily close it from another room after someone else forgot to shut it. 

You no longer need to battle with flying insects while you try to relax during the day or sleep at night. 

Are retractable screens worth it? 

If you’re a homeowner who enjoys being in a beautiful home, then yes, retractable screen doors and windows are worth it. 

The Benefits of Phantom Screens: 

  • Almost invisible
  • Enhanced natural ventilation
  • Prevents pests from entering
  • Keeps pets indoors
  • Stops harmful UV rays / solar shading

Phantom screens offer peace of mind. They not only improve your home’s esthetics and value, but they promote a more relaxed lifestyle. Professionally installed, so you don’t have to worry about a DIY project going wrong. 


Your screens will be custom-made and professionally installed, so there are a number of variables that affect pricing. Your location plays a part too, which is why we offer you a free estimate from a Screenmobile franchise that is closest to you. We have multiple service professionals in 30 states and customer service that we’re very proud of. 

You’re welcome and encouraged to contact your local Screenmobile directly to get your free estimate.  

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Screenmobile is proud of the customer service provided, from your first online contact to the follow-up calls to the installation by our trained professionals. 

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