Brand Highlight: Titan Security Screens & Doors

A beautiful home with a screendoor on the front porch

“It gives our whole family a deep sense of peace knowing we are protected from unwanted intrusion” Amazon Review.

Your house is your home. You feel comfortable and safe while indoors, with your memories securely guarded while you’re out. Your home reflects your personality. Design can often be compromised when it comes to home security. You don’t want barricades or bars; your home isn’t a prison.

Titan security doors can offer you the layer of protection you and your home need, with aesthetically beautiful options. Screened security doors and windows that will be snug and secure, installed by our professionals at Screenmobile. 

If you’re seeking that extra layer of protection for your family home, continue reading. We detail the Titan brand and how their security screen doors and windows can be the best option.

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What is a security screen?

Screen doors are popular for many reasons, and most households have them installed. They come in varying styles and colors, suiting your home decor and boosting curbside appeal. They add value to your home, and security doors add extra peace of mind for the homeowner. 

Benefits of security screens:

  1. Boosts your home’s security.
  2. Tough and durable to keep intruders out.
  3. Allows fresh air to circulate throughout your home with your door remaining locked.
  4. Keeps pests and flying insects outside your home.
  5. Prevents pets and kids from running out.
  6. Acts as a sunshade in warmer climates and seasons.

Do security screens really work?

You’re at home going about your chores. You want to air out the place in the morning after a night of closed doors and windows. You can’t keep a constant eye on your door as you’re busy and worried about an intruder gaining access to your home. A security screen door is a viable option. 

Maybe you don’t have a security system, and if you do, you’ll likely have it turned off during the day while you’re indoors. A stainless steel security door is durable and protective with woven stainless steel mesh. Titan Security Doors uses an architectural grade aluminum alloy which is six times stronger than steel and durable Meshtec screens, but more about that further down. 

Available for single doors, double doors, and custom sizes.

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Which screen door provides the most security?

Titan Security Doors are a brand on the market that ticks all the boxes. Screenmobile offers Titan products, and we can assist you from your initial query to installation. 

  • Safe
  • Secure
  • Decorative
  • Valuable
  • Custom-built
  • Professionally installed

Along with security doors, Titan also offers security screens for your windows, standard or custom-built. They boast three types of finishes with a host of choices that will boost your curbside appeal and add value to your home. 

  1. Hammertone Finish
  2. Sanded Finish
  3. Satin Finish

By choosing Titan screen doors, you will also receive a rust-free and home protection guarantee, with a limited lifetime structural warranty.

At Screenmobile, we trust Titan Security Doors and Screens. The material they use is the best on the market, and the benefits provided are everything you need to keep you, your family, your pets, and your belongings safe and secure. 

Are security screens worth it?

Your family’s security and comfort have no price. Don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss your needs and budget to find the best-secured option for your home. Titan’s brochure presents the beautifully designed choices available, and you’re encouraged to browse through it. Discover how you can choose both aesthetics and safety for your security door. 

Selection of security doors from Titan brand available from Screenmobile

A selection of Titan Security Doors available

Is Meshtec secure?

Meshtec is a patented and advanced screen protection that’s durable and secure. As a security door mesh, it’s strong enough to resist large dogs from breaking through it to escape and intruders attempting to break in by force or cutting. In addition, this award-winning brand encourages proper ventilation of your home, protects against 60% of UV rays, and preserves your view, eliminating the need for security bars and panels.

Screenmobile with you on your security door journey

Don’t hesitate to choose the best on the market to improve your home security and curbside appeal. Titan Security Doors and Screens is a safe, secure, and beautiful brand. With Screenmobile, you can rest assured of our professionalism, punctuality, and deep product knowledge. We come directly to your home, measure, help you select the best finish, and professionally install what you choose. Give us a call today to discuss your needs or request a free estimate. Protect your home and your family with the best. 

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