Home with a single pillar porch and a storm glass front door.
What Are Storm Doors? Where to Use Them?

Storm doors are your extra layer of protection from the elements. If you live in an area that’s prone to strong winds and hard rains, storms, hurricanes, and tornados, then storm doors are your peace of mind. 

Now you can have one that is beautiful and adds value to your house or mobile home. One that adds to your curbside appeal while still providing the following benefits:

  • Insulates from cold air and wind
  • Protects your front door
  • Pest prevention (with screen option)
  • Cuts energy bills
  • Varied options in style, function, and finish
  • Encourages natural light in your home
  • Added security 

We’ll go into these points in further detail in this blog. You will be able to decide if a storm door is right for your home. If you are still unsure, you can contact Sceenmobile technicians in your area for guidance and advice. 

What’s the purpose of a storm door?

A storm door is an effective layer of protection against the harsh elements in colder, storm-prone climates. It looks like a second door, but it fully covers your main entrance–gaps included. 

Strong winds forcefully enter between the gaps in your front door and

  • Weakens your main door
  • Agitates other doors within your home 
  • Disturbs decoration, like vases and hanging pictures
  • Increases energy bills

The wind is dangerous to the stability of your home, your finances, and your safety.

home with a custom arched storm door entryway

Here are some signs you may need a storm door: 

  • Your front door feels weakened by winds and weather.
  • Your front door shakes within the doorframe, especially in inclement weather.
  • You can hear a low howl when the winds kick up.
  • You can feel a constant draft.

Compounding these issues, all this time, before installing your storm door, you paid extra for your heating. The cold drafts prompted you to hike up the HVAC unit, or you were left shivering and uncomfortable in your own home. 

You don’t want to risk a broken main door that will invite intruders. 

You don’t want to hear a strong wind wailing through your house, threatening to knock over your precious belongings.

You don’t want to spend too much on heating bills.


What is the difference between a storm door and a screen door?

A screen door offers many of the same benefits as a storm door, but they’re not strong enough to protect against stronger winds. A screen door is beneficial to any family home–it allows you to keep your main entrance open to let a cool breeze pass through without risking bugs from entering or pets and kids from running out unobserved. Screen doors allow you to keep your main door open without your house sitting vulnerable.

Storm doors, however, are built to resist strong winds and inclement weather, be it rain or snow, help you save on heating bills, and still add a layer of security from intruders. 

Are storm doors a good idea?

Yes, if you live in an area prone to hurricanes, snow, or strong winds. You don’t need a storm door in a hotter climate; you would be better with a mesh screen door. Glass storm doors really shine on snowy days when you want some sunlight but don’t want a cold breeze to ruin your day. Sometimes, it isn’t necessary to go all out and choose the highest impact storm door. A screen door, equally as beautiful, will suffice. 

You can understand now why they are called storm doors. They are specifically designed to brave storms while protecting your home and simultaneously offering a view of the outside. 

Different types of storm doors

Storm doors are available in different materials, colors, and finishes. We live in a modern age where almost anything is customizable, storm doors included. At Screenmobile, we have a few brands on offer to advise you and professionally install for you. 

Custom storm doors are available in glass or grille options, full or mid-view, single or double pane, or mesh screens. You can choose one to match your home or discover a new one. In addition, we provide a professional installation of decorative storm doors on both houses and mobile homes. 

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How to clean a mesh screen door

If you choose a mesh screen storm door, you need to maintain it to last longer. The following chart outlines the cleaning schedule necessary depending on where your home’s location:

Storm door cleaning schedule based on climate. Mild - every 6 months. Moderate every 3 months. Extreme, every 2 to 4 weeks.

Choose Screenmobile for your Storm Door

You don’t need to leave your home–we come directly to you in our Screenmobile. You can choose the color and style you want, and we can then make an appointment to have your new storm door installed. 

We are just a phone call away, or if you prefer, you can fill out a customer contact form here. From our customer service to our technicians, everyone is trained with deep product knowledge and pricing information to give you your answers directly.

Woman in red dress uses a controller to bring up her retractable shades
Interior Solar Shades vs. Exterior Solar Shades: Pros and Cons

You’re considering installing solar shades in your home, but you are stumped on which to choose: interior solar shades or exterior solar shades?

It’s a fair question that everyone asks. They both successfully provide shade from a hot, glaring, and harmful sun, but what are the finer details between the two options? And how will you know which one to choose for your home needs?

This blog outlines the pros and cons of each option, after which you’ll feel more confident in selecting your solar shade.

We’ll discuss practicality, materials, design, and budget, so keep reading!

If you’ve any questions or concerns or are ready to buy your solar shade, contact us at Screenmobile. A Screenmobile technician in your locality will help you choose what you want and need and professionally install your solar shades with customized options.

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Shared benefits of solar shades

Solar screens and blinds are designed to protect your family and home from the sun. They both come in various patterns and colors to suit your home needs:

Blocking UV Rays

Skin Cancer Foundation Recommendation Tag

The sun is an excellent source of vitamin D. It makes us happy and is the background of many family outdoor memories. However, UV rays from the sun can be pretty harmful. If you stay too long in direct sunlight, you can seriously damage your skin and health. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends Screenmobile Sunbrella fabrics as adequate UV protection.

Energy Efficient

Being able to control the amount of light and heat entering your home from the sun allows you to manage your AC and electricity bills. You can reduce your overall costs and the amount of energy your household consumes—the better option for homes aiming for a higher sustainability grade.

Blackout feature

Have trouble sleeping with light coming through the window? Or is a home cinema your next big project? Whatever your reasons for wanting to turn day into night, some Screenmobile brands offer this feature for interior or exterior sun shades. 

Retain view

Having a solar shade where you can keep your view is the perfect solution for those who want to admire the surrounding landscape while blocking the sun. You can choose materials that will stop the sun’s heat and light. Also, consider that you retain a spectacular view even with a darker screen. Give us a call and see for yourself.

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Porch shades block the sun but allow you to still take in the views.

Multiple Finishes

Your home is your sanctuary, and the decor you’ve chosen should not prevent you from benefiting from solar shades. Different finishes are available in various colors to complement your interior design or curbside appeal. 

Multiple Design Options

Stand out from your neighbors and choose your fabric. We have dozens to choose from, whether for blackout, pest-prevention, or a preference for designer fabrics. Our options include SheerWeave 2000 and 5000 choices.

We’ll be happy to share the full catalog with you. 

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Ease of operation

Screenmobile’s motorized shade options are operated by radio waves. They avoid interference from neighbors and other radio waves, offering security and safety when in use. Best of all, they are omnidirectional, meaning you can control your shades from a distance of up to 20 feet without needing to point directly at the source, like an IR remote. These options ensure smooth and motorized control that’s easy to use and set up.

SOMFY RTS motors: ease of operation.

Screenmobile Guarantee 

We provide an exceptional warranty as the products we choose are the best in the market. Be comforted knowing that your solar shades are good to last up to 10 years.

Screenmobile retractable shade warranties- frame 10 years, fabrid: 10 years, and Electronics: 5 years.

Interior Window Shades

Pros of Interior Window Shades

Interior window shades are an extra layer of design in your home. You can choose softer materials with a pattern that complements your interior decoration. They are easily controlled by a pulley system or motorized with retractable options.

You can also opt for interior solar window screens, which help block the sun and act as screens to discourage insects from flying in while airing out your home.

Cons of Interior Window Shades

You might not like the idea of having shades inside your home, especially if you have a particular decor in place. Even though there are many patterns available, interior shades might clash with your desired aesthetic. 

Neither are they as effective in keeping your house cool during hot days. The intention is to keep as much heat outside of your home, and yes, even a pane of glass can make a huge difference. Conduction is a principle of heat transfer that carries heat throughout your home once it touches a part of your home. An exterior shade will reduce that and keep your home cooler for longer.

Exterior Window Shades

Pros of Exterior Window Shades

Placed on the outside of your window, these shades are heavy-duty. They come complete with a magnetic and fabric retention locking system to prevent wind from disturbing your shade.

Cons of Exterior Window Shades

Exterior solar screens are better when motorized. Otherwise, you have to manually take them on and off, which is harder for some people. This isn’t ideal for people without a smartphone or who tend to misplace controllers. 


Interior Screen Shades

Exterior Screen Shades

Blocks UV Rays

Motorized SOMFY RTS

Pull Chain


Keep View

Multiple Finishes

Multiple Design Options

Ease of control

Ease of operation

Magnetic lock

Fabric retention lock

Heavy duty

Wheeler option

Remote control



If you are still deliberating over which solar shades or screens to choose from then don’t hesitate to contact us. Our trained Screenmobile technicians can guide you in all the different options available and are available to help you make your selection. Installing solar screens is made easy with our professionals, who will come directly to your home. Take your research one step forward

Brands we have available:

Sun Control Retractable Shades: large, heavy-duty screens perfect for outdoor patios.

Phantom: motorized shades that disappear out of view when not in use.

Insolroll: strong mesh blocks the sun and not your view (and stops any oncoming golf balls!)

SunPro: defends against the elements while maintaining your view.

Sunair: Perfect to expand your outdoor living space.


Contact us today to set up our first visit!

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Can you use outdoor shades inside?

You can use outdoor shades inside, but choosing specific indoor screens will further compliment your interior design. However, using indoor solar shades outdoors is not advised as they aren’t built strong enough to withstand the natural elements. 

What are outdoor shades called?

Retractable solar shades work like screens and are easier to control. Awnings extend to cover certain outdoor areas, like your patio. The exterior shades are perfect for large windows, three-season rooms, and closed patios. 

Other known monikers are drop shades, retractable shades, motorized screens, motorized shades, sun shades, and porch shades, to name a few.

Do solar shades block the view from outside?

During the day, yes. You can enjoy your view without passers-by seeing in through your windows. However, at night that changes because the light from inside the home can shine outwards. So don’t depend on your solar screens to replace your curtains if you live in an area with pedestrian traffic.

A kitchen window with plants and fruit on the will opened slightly ajar.
The Benefits of Fresh Air in your Home

A daily ritual for every household the world over. Curtains flung open, the morning light streaming in, as you push up the window to let that often cold breeze rush into the room. Bustling into each room of your home, you open another window and yet another to the point that your house is gushing with fresh, clean air. 

Fresh air is revitalizing, even during the winter months. The fresh sting boosts your energy. It clears away the dust from the corners of your rooms and your groggy, sleepy brain.

But why do we do this? Is airing out your house good? What are the benefits of fresh air in your home?

We have all the answers here in this blog, so keep reading and start your new daily ritual. 

Why air out your house?

Fresh air has 21% of oxygen present. Humans, animals, and plants all need oxygen to survive. Allowing a gush of fresh air through your home each morning will help balance the oxygen levels in your house, among other benefits. 

Remove the stuffiness

After a good night’s sleep, the air becomes stuffy. You can feel how the oxygen levels are lower by just walking into a closed bedroom. As a result of living and breathing, you will have stale air in your house. Letting fresh air through your home removes this carbon dioxide-heavy air and replaces it with new, oxygen-filled air. 

Reduce AC costs

Allowing a natural current of airflow through your home will reduce the need for your AC. If it’s bugs you’re worried about, install door and window screens. Mesh screens promote ventilation while preventing uninvited pests from entering (more on that further on). 

Blows out cobwebs

Don’t like your eight-legged lodger? The fresh air circulating about your home will shake up any cobwebs you have and discourage spiders from camping out between your four walls. Spiders choose houses for many reasons, but an air current can be a reliable prevention method. 

Removes dust

No matter how clean you keep your home, dust always settles, and more so throughout the night without family members moving about. Fresh air lifts this dust and prevents dustballs from forming. It helps move dust from those hard-to-reach places into the limelight to be sucked up later by your vacuum. 

Improve brain health

Your brain needs oxygen to function, to increase concentration and focus. If you work from home, it’s highly advantageous to allow fresh airflow throughout your house. Fresh air brings oxygen, the perfect food for your productivity, attention span, and good humor.  

Eliminate condensation

If you dry your clothes and linen indoors, it’s easy to spot the droplets of condensation that form on the windows. Opening these windows will help clear up that condensation while also removing dampness and improving your laundry’s drying. Airing your laundry room will have your clean, dry clothes smelling fresher than your detergent. 

Other health benefits

Airing out your home introduces many health benefits, like how it cleans your lungs and reduces blood pressure. It affects your family and pets, and your plants. The oxygen present in fresh air is vital for your day-to-day living. 

How to improve indoor air quality safely? 

The number one concern when airing your house is home security. Leaving all your doors and windows open at the same time can seem like an invitation for strangers and pests to enter. To ensure the safety of your home while airing it out, we suggest you install door and window screens.

Screen benefits: 

  • Mesh screens to promote ventilation
  • Acts as a sunshade
  • Can prevent pets and kids from freely running out
  • Discourages intruders from breaking in (security screens are an option)
  • Retractable options
  • Adds to your home security
  • Stops flying insects and pests from entering

The screens we have on offer here at Screenmobile are custom built to suit your doors and windows and come in various colors to match your home decor. We carry different brands, and with our training, we will help you select the best while assuring you of a professionally installed job. 

Screens add value to your home and act as a layer of protection for your family and valuables. Browse through our website and contact us to discuss your needs today.


How often should you air out your home?

You need to ventilate your home every day to reap the benefits of fresh air. In all seasons, no matter how hot or cold it is outside. 

How long do you need to air out a house?

The longer you can, the better the results. We suggest a minimum of ten minutes for each room. 

How do you completely air out a house?

Have all doors and windows open at the same time. When there is a high wind, place a stopper under your doors. Door frames become weakened with constant banging. You need the air to flow through each room, so all entries must remain open simultaneously.

A beautiful home with a screendoor on the front porch
Brand Highlight: Titan Security Screens & Doors

“It gives our whole family a deep sense of peace knowing we are protected from unwanted intrusion” Amazon Review.

Your house is your home. You feel comfortable and safe while indoors, with your memories securely guarded while you’re out. Your home reflects your personality. Design can often be compromised when it comes to home security. You don’t want barricades or bars; your home isn’t a prison.

Titan security doors can offer you the layer of protection you and your home need, with aesthetically beautiful options. Screened security doors and windows that will be snug and secure, installed by our professionals at Screenmobile. 

If you’re seeking that extra layer of protection for your family home, continue reading. We detail the Titan brand and how their security screen doors and windows can be the best option.

Screenmobile installs Titan Security Doors, so call us today to discuss your screen needs.

What is a security screen?

Screen doors are popular for many reasons, and most households have them installed. They come in varying styles and colors, suiting your home decor and boosting curbside appeal. They add value to your home, and security doors add extra peace of mind for the homeowner. 

Benefits of security screens:

  1. Boosts your home’s security.
  2. Tough and durable to keep intruders out.
  3. Allows fresh air to circulate throughout your home with your door remaining locked.
  4. Keeps pests and flying insects outside your home.
  5. Prevents pets and kids from running out.
  6. Acts as a sunshade in warmer climates and seasons.

Do security screens really work?

You’re at home going about your chores. You want to air out the place in the morning after a night of closed doors and windows. You can’t keep a constant eye on your door as you’re busy and worried about an intruder gaining access to your home. A security screen door is a viable option. 

Maybe you don’t have a security system, and if you do, you’ll likely have it turned off during the day while you’re indoors. A stainless steel security door is durable and protective with woven stainless steel mesh. Titan Security Doors uses an architectural grade aluminum alloy which is six times stronger than steel and durable Meshtec screens, but more about that further down. 

Available for single doors, double doors, and custom sizes.

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Which screen door provides the most security?

Titan Security Doors are a brand on the market that ticks all the boxes. Screenmobile offers Titan products, and we can assist you from your initial query to installation. 

  • Safe
  • Secure
  • Decorative
  • Valuable
  • Custom-built
  • Professionally installed

Along with security doors, Titan also offers security screens for your windows, standard or custom-built. They boast three types of finishes with a host of choices that will boost your curbside appeal and add value to your home. 

  1. Hammertone Finish
  2. Sanded Finish
  3. Satin Finish

By choosing Titan screen doors, you will also receive a rust-free and home protection guarantee, with a limited lifetime structural warranty.

At Screenmobile, we trust Titan Security Doors and Screens. The material they use is the best on the market, and the benefits provided are everything you need to keep you, your family, your pets, and your belongings safe and secure. 

Are security screens worth it?

Your family’s security and comfort have no price. Don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss your needs and budget to find the best-secured option for your home. Titan’s brochure presents the beautifully designed choices available, and you’re encouraged to browse through it. Discover how you can choose both aesthetics and safety for your security door. 

Selection of security doors from Titan brand available from Screenmobile

A selection of Titan Security Doors available

Is Meshtec secure?

Meshtec is a patented and advanced screen protection that’s durable and secure. As a security door mesh, it’s strong enough to resist large dogs from breaking through it to escape and intruders attempting to break in by force or cutting. In addition, this award-winning brand encourages proper ventilation of your home, protects against 60% of UV rays, and preserves your view, eliminating the need for security bars and panels.

Screenmobile with you on your security door journey

Don’t hesitate to choose the best on the market to improve your home security and curbside appeal. Titan Security Doors and Screens is a safe, secure, and beautiful brand. With Screenmobile, you can rest assured of our professionalism, punctuality, and deep product knowledge. We come directly to your home, measure, help you select the best finish, and professionally install what you choose. Give us a call today to discuss your needs or request a free estimate. Protect your home and your family with the best. 

Sunny day with some clouds
Retractable Awning vs. Solar Shades

Did you know that a roller awning and solar shades can reduce glare in your home by 94 percent and heat by 77 percent? This means a reduction of your home’s temperature by 8 to 15 degrees, saving you up to 25 percent in air conditioning costs.

Adding solar shades or a retractable awning can be vital for your comfort and even for your wallet, but how do you choose which option is right for your home?

Let us take a look at the benefits each option offers.

Roller Awning or Retractable Awning

A roller awning, also called a retractable awning, is an option that can be simple to install and can offer the protection from the sun and heat you need. It can offer a number of benefits.

Reduces Direct Sunlight

Installing one will minimize exposure to direct sunlight on your patio, terrace, or any other outdoor space. This not only protects you but your outdoor furniture from harmful UV rays, ensuring they do not fade and lengthening their overall use. With sun protection of this type, you can enjoy the summer without the discomfort and even danger of direct sunlight.

Maximizes View

With a retractable awning, you do not have to sacrifice your view for sun protection. You do not have anything blocking the view, and a retractable awning does not affect your home’s design since you can close it and open it when you prefer. They work to allow you to enjoy your view throughout the entire year.

Ease of Use

Retractable awnings range from those that function via hand cranks, which are the easiest to operate, to those that are remote-controlled. If you want to be able to get the perfect level of shade, many times, all you have to do is press a button.


When you choose roller awnings, you are giving yourself the chance to use them or not. You can easily retract them when you want to get more light, like during the winter months, and open them when the sun is bothering you. Flexibility of this type will ensure that your home and even patio or deck space are comfortable throughout the four seasons.


Retractable awnings are also highly durable as long as you offer maintenance and you work to prevent damage from extreme inclement weather. Most retractable awnings can last between 10 and 20 years, making them an investment worth making.

Solar Shades

The other option you have for enjoying your deck or patio and even some rooms in your home is solar shades. Read on to see the benefits this choice offers.

Create a Protected Outdoor Enclosure

With solar shades, always called solar blinds, you can create an entire outdoor space protected from the sun. People use them for porches as well as outdoor dining areas and decks. They can be custom-fitted to create an all-seasons bonus space.

Not only do solar shades provide protection from the sun, but they can also offer privacy. When you choose solar shades, you do not have to worry about anyone peering in as you spend time outside. For homes that have lots of neighbors, these shades can give you back some privacy.

Solar shades can also protect from insects and other pests. They provide a solid barrier that can reduce your dependence on bug sprays. 


Solar shades come in lots of styles and opacity levels, ranging from 40 percent to 1 percent openness, to help you find what works best for you. For spaces that get a lot of direct sunlight or for maximum privacy, you want the opacity level to be closer to one percent.

Easy Maintenance

Outdoor solar shades are very easy to keep in great condition. You want to clean them once or twice each season to ensure there are no leaves or other debris sticking to them. Since they are made from a combination of extruded aluminum and fiberglass or polyester mesh, you can easily wipe them clean to remove dust and dirt.

Many of these shades have sensors that can identify high winds and retract them automatically, ensuring they do not get torn. Rain does not damage them and most mild weather events will not have an impact on their function.

Protection From UV Rays

The different opacity levels work to protect your property from UV rays. Solar shades that have an openness level of 1 percent will protect you against 99 percent of UV rays, while higher openness will offer a bit less protection. Depending on the level of sunlight your home receives, you can find the best option.

Retractable Awnings vs. Solar Shades

Although they both offer protection from the sun, there are differences in the benefits they provide.

Solar shades tend to be longer-lasting than retractable awnings because of the materials they are made of and the features they have. They are also better at keeping out insects, which is a concern in the summer months.

Retractable awnings can be easier to install and provide a simple shading solution if you want something that is straightforward and fuss-free. Solar shades offer privacy as well as sun protection, but retractable awnings do not get in the way of your view. 

Deciding on the option that works for your home can come down to personal preference and the use you intend to get from your outdoor space.

Turn to the Experts

When getting ready to decide on whether you want solar shades or a roller awning or retractable awning, you need to have experts helping you. At Screenmobile, we can ensure you find the perfect option for your property.

Request an estimate today!


Modern Screen Door Types and Options

Screens have evolved along with our aesthetic needs. People want to live in beautiful homes with beautiful doors and windows. But you also want to be protected from the elements: strong winds, harmful sun rays, pesky flying insects. You may also wish to add a layer of security to your home and prevent your pets from running out. 

All of these issues are easily overcome with one solution: modern screen doors. 

In this blog, we’re going to outline not only the different types of screen doors that are popular on the market today but also the brands that offer them to make your shopping journey a pleasure. 

Different Modern Screen Door Types

Different homes have different needs, and it’s important to know what’s available out there before you commit to purchasing. Screenmobile carries a host of different brands and will professionally measure and install your screen door. 

Retractable Doors

A retractable door automatically closes. With a spring or a magnetic pull, depending on the brand, you can fully relax knowing that the screen door is not left open. 

Retractable screen doors help make your life easier. There is no need to fear a screen left open, letting bugs and critters in because the screen opens and closes when you need it and maintains the look of your home with a concealed housing unit. 

  1. Mirage: covers all door types, from French doors to sliding doors. Mirage is a modern screen door option offering a magnetic door opening and closing mechanism. Kids and elderly folk can easily manipulate these screen doors with no pulling or tugging. 
  2. Phantom: an almost invisible screen that promotes a durable mesh, acts as a sunshade to regulate temperature, and stops pests from flying in. Phantom works with a controlled roll and sliding mechanism and comes in a variety of colors to suit your home decor. 
  3. Clearview: no more door slamming with Clearview’s patented speed reducer and hidden magnet system. Custom built to suit your home needs with a strong and durable mesh. Also available in different colors to finish your home design and boost your curbside appeal. 

Sliding Screen Doors

You’re busy preparing the dinner while the kids keep running in and out. They’re blowing off steam after a long day in school, and you’re OK with that. Still fussing at the back of your head is Rex, the family dog, and his love of running outside. You live on the street with cars frequently passing. 

Sliding screen doors are perfect for accessing your balcony or yard without disturbing your home layout. They’re also quite discreet, which is attractive for your curbside appeal. They add a layer of security to your home while still providing all the benefits of a modern screen door.

  1. Heavy Duty Sliders: this is the brand if you want a screen door that’s strong, durable, and can slide. We manufacture them at your home to suit your home dimensions and specifics. 
  2. Titan Security Sliders: Built with metal alloy up to 6x stronger than steel, this brand of sliding screen doors offers a three-point locking system that deters break-ins. It also allows you to keep your curbside appeal with a MeshTec screen that allows both visibility and ventilation. 
  3. Vista Security Sliders: completely secures your patio and entryway with a 3-point locking system and durable construction materials. Filter out 60% of the sun’s harmful UV rays while deterring critters from entering. 

Swinging Doors

These are your choice for protecting your entryway doors. Keep your pets in; while keeping pests and critters out. These modern screen doors guard your curbside appeal with the best material available. 

  1. Active: choose no-rattle, anti-rust grilles designs to complement your home’s exterior. Powdered paint finishing lasting longer than paint and a choice of different colors to answer your needs. Our Screenmobile professionals will measure and install these swinging screen doors on location. 
  2. PCA: USA-made, these swinging screen doors are custom built and professionally installed. You choose which way the door opens and on which side to place the handle. Very durable in high traffic areas and can resist forces up to 740 lbs. ¾” Square Aluminum Picket is used for your door decoration. 
  3. Wood Doors: if you don’t want aluminum swinging doors ruining your home’s historical look, then wood doors are your stylish and sophisticated option. We discuss with you which wood you prefer to keep your curbside appeal and can also include storm panels for further protection.

Security Doors

If you don’t feel safe leaving your doors open to ventilate your home, then choosing a security door is your best option. These screen doors add a layer of security and safety to your home, allowing you to continue with your chores worry-free. A security door also serves as a great pet-proof screen door — keeping your pets in and the critters out. Amazingly, security doors have also been known to keep bears out of cabins in the woods! (Although, we wouldn’t recommend testing that. All these brands also offer window screen protection. Their choices are custom built with your taste in mind. 

  1. Vista: strong, secure, and lasting. These are the words you think when you hear Vista—made with certified 316 marine grade high-tensile stainless steel to ensure your safety while complementing your home design with 9 available options. 
  2. Titan: available for both single and double doors, the metal alloy is up to 6x stronger than steel and will not rust, ever. Titan uses Premium Security or MeshTec Advanced Screen Systems to satisfy your needs and protect you from intruders and bugs. 
  3. Active: increase your home security and peace of mind with this decorative screen door brand. Heavy duty with 1/4″ full Amplimesh diamond pattern grille choices and 1″ deadbolt to boot. We can arrive at your location where you can directly choose your style. 

Large Opening  Retractable Screens

Large format screens are the perfect option for larger areas that need to be covered. Perfect for commercial use like restaurants and shops or homes with stacking sliding glass doors or bi-folding glass doors. They don’t block your view and protect you from harmful UV sun rays and intruding insects and critters. In addition, these screens can be retractable for added peace of mind and easy use. 

  1. Wizard: Wizard Industries have launched this innovative and hyper-modern screen door: VistaView™. This screen can cover very long distances and even reach around 90° corners. They have a simple free spring and slide mechanism that you can easily control from a break on the handle. 
  2. Phantom: these invisible-like screens reserve your view while allowing full ventilation. The screens are retractable with a slide bar and roll control. Using magnets and a spring tension system, Phantom is the perfect option for double-French doorways, porches, and three-seasoned rooms. 
  3. Genius: the perfect choice for homes that are adapted for wheelchair users. With a low-profile bottom track and ADA compliant, you can now screen large openings with no fear of tripping or catching. Their modern screens come with ZigZag and ZigZag2 features to satisfy your home needs. 

What’s the difference between a screen door and a storm door

The difference is quite simple: traditional storm doors are built with a glass panel and screen doors with high-standard mesh protection. 

  • Screen doors offer boosted ventilation allowing the cool breeze to pass through your home to aerate it. 
  • Storm Doors excel in cold climates by keeping the rain or snow out while letting the light in. When there’s snow is on the ground, and you don’t want a draft of cold air getting in while you take in a bit of sunlight. 


The basic door features are the same: help with temperature control, keep pets in, prevention of harmful UV rays and insects and critters from entering. Both doors provide a level of security while letting natural light pass into the home. 

Modern screen doors can slide, be custom built to fit your needs, and come in an array of colors and finishes to suit your home design. 

How to choose the best screen door for your home

There is no one brand or screen door type that can be called the best. Each brand offers its own unique touch that answers your individual needs. 

With Screenmobile, you don’t need to worry if you’ve made the right choice. You don’t even have to know what type of screen door you need or which brand to go with. Just give us a call, and we’ll guide you. 

Screenmobile services are fully customized to your needs. We help you make the right choice for your home and family needs. We are with you on your journey to choosing the best modern screen door to boost your home value, security, and peace of mind. 

Call us today.

Woman with a yellow jacket holding a cat. The cat is resting its head on her shoulder
What is a Catio? And Other Pet Patios

Catios are the latest trend in home improvement projects in the US. Pet owners all over the country are scrambling to HomeDepots and Lowes to build their own Catio, or pet patio, only to discover that the size is all wrong–it’s too high, short, long, small, large even!

If you’re here, then you’ve heard of a Catio, and you’re probably even curious to understand more about this new fad. Or maybe you want to know how to get one installed? Or, most importantly, are Catios even safe for your pets? 

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Screenmobile, we’ve been on the Catio wagon (quite literally) a while now. We have the answers to your questions and then some. 


What is a Catio?

A Catio is a patio, but for your cat, a private studio built for their comfort. It’s an enclosed  outdoor area offering four options:

  1. Built around a window. A smaller option and usually accessible by cats only through the serving window. 
  2. Built around a door. This allows us humans to also benefit from the space. A very attractive option for those living in hot climates. The screens can be tinted to shade the sun and keep out annoying flying pests. 
  3. Built independently, away from your home’s walls. A dedicated outdoor and enclosed space for your cats to live wild. 
  4. Upgrade of existing porch/patio/balcony. The open areas are closed off with beautiful screens. 

The main concern is so your pets can be outside without the danger of them running off. Many homes don’t have the luxury of a large garden, and many pet owners don’t have the luxury of letting their pet’s in and out as they need during the day. 

Work is busy these days, and you have so many things that need your attention when you get off. Then, when you get back, it’s late. You ate on the drive home, and when you come through the door, the 1,000 chores on your list come into full view. So Kitty gets ten minutes on her own, outside.

You flop into bed, exhausted, and give an apologetic look at your loyal pet. “Tomorrow”, you promise weakly. 

However, if you had a Catio, Kitty would be able to exercise all her outdoor needs while you’re away. She can curl in the direct sun, dig her claws into the soil, and chase the smells of the slow-moving snails.

A Catio, or pet patio, is peace of mind for any pet owner. 


What’s the difference between a Catio and a Cat Flap?

A cat flap is still used in both instances. A cat, or other pet, is free to roam in the enclosed room without getting into trouble. Many pet owners lock door flaps to prevent their fur babies from running out and getting lost and hurt while they’re not at home. 

You can keep your cat indoors, as many cats prefer, with the freedom to choose when to go outside. 


Are cats happy in Catios?

We only have our customer feedback to rely on when it comes to defining the happiness levels of cats and other pets in these pet patios. Saying that, our feedback has been mainly positive. Frustrated, old, and sick cats tend to make a mess, whereas free-roaming cats go outside into their Catio.

You might not see a smile on their face, but you’ll be smiling with no mess to clean up. 

Jean A. on Yelp, 12/10/2021

Cats are safe in these outdoor enclosures. They can’t get out, but neither can anything get inside. They have the wind, fresh air, soil, and direct sunlight. You can create a whole adventure for your cat with intricate and challenging equipment. He may not want to come back indoors!


Are Catios good for indoor cats? 

Outdoor cats and indoor cats have different sets of needs. And while an indoor cat may enjoy lounging about the house, they still benefit from being outdoors. Provide your cats with a space that is safe while outdoors. An outdoor cat enclosure is the purrfect solution for your domesticated pet. 

If anything, a Catio is more important if you have an indoor cat. It will encourage cats to get outside without leaving their comforts. Your indoor cat will love basking in the sun in her custom Catio. 


How to Build a Catio

You can easily build a Catio. You don’t need to build a foundation and alter any structural modification. Consider building a screened-in porch or patio using screened walls and doors. 

You can easily turn an existing space into a Catio, like a balcony or open terrace. And just because you’ve got arches doesn’t mean we can’t do the job, we love a challenge at ScreenMobile!

Screened in arched patio now purrfect Catio


At ScreenMobile, we have experience building sunrooms, three-seasoned rooms, patios, and porches customized to your personal needs. We come directly to you. We discuss your needs, take measurements, peruse the options, and get to work. Professional installation will save you many headaches in trying to mount a DIY Catio.
Thinking a Catio is what you need? Please your pets and give us a call to set up a free consultation today.

Back screen doors opens out to a porch and beautiful scenery
Brand Highlight: Phantom Screens

Reap all the benefits of the classic screen door with some must-have new adjustments. How about a smooth control system to reduce door slamming? Roll control to master the speed? And for shaded porches, there is the digital, modern, motorized option, operated by a remote controller or your smartphone. 

You can choose to have a custom-built screen that’s almost invisible to the passerby and one that won’t block your view. Or, you can select your own shade to boost your privacy at home. Phantom retractable screens also prevent pests from entering and pets from running out. 

What are Phantom Screens?

You’re sitting at home enjoying a cold drink during a summer heatwave. You want a natural breeze to ruffle your hair slightly and carry those sweet summer smells throughout your home. But, on the other hand, you don’t want to be bothered by mosquitos and other insects, and neither do you want to constantly check to see if the dog has run out. 

Screenmobile installs the Phantom products that are most appropriate for your needs.

Phantom door and window screens 

Offer you the solution to the problems posed by leaving doors and windows open. But some options don’t fit well with your home decor or the size of the space.

Phantom retractable screens are here to save your day. They slide with your doors and windows, so you can easily let your dog or cat out, and they close with enough firmness to not be bothered by that breeze that has grown stronger. 

They’re almost invisible, complementing your curbside appeal while allowing you to enjoy the view at the same time. 

They also play a huge part in protecting you and your family from UV rays, which are one of the biggest free radicals in our environment that are damaging to your health. 

Phantom Motorized Shades

These motorized shade solutions appear at the push of a button, give shade from direct sunshine, and promote privacy. Phantom Motorized Shades can help you save money on air conditioning by reducing the amount of energy used to cool your home in the summer. They also allow you to control your porch or patio environment, keeping the bugs out and the fresh air flowing. 

Phantom screens are measured, fitted, and installed professionally by Screenmobile. Motorized shades are sun and wind sensor compatible, as well as home automation components that enable the blinds to be programmed to respond to changing environmental conditions.

Do retractable screens keep bugs out? 

Yes, they do. Insect screens are a huge must, no matter where you’re located. Thanks to the mesh fabrication, the screen blocks flying pests and those pesky no-see-ums that the wind has thrown in your direction. Any expert would advise mesh screens as a crucial tool in your pest prevention armory. 

You’re lying in bed at night trying to get that well-deserved sleep. You’ve put the kids to bed; you’ve finished up with your work and read a few chapters of your book. You turn off the lights and close your eyes. 

But what’s that sound? There’s an insect flying in your room, circling just above your head, drawn to the heat of your body. You turn back on the lights, cursing under your breath for that ruined sleep, and scan the room intensely, looking for the bugger. 

Even if you find it, another will come along shortly. 

Retractable screens effectively keep bugs out, and for large spaces like porches and patios, Phantom’s motorized shades allow you to control them with a remote control or from your smartphone. You don’t have to worry about if you left the screen open, and you can easily close it from another room after someone else forgot to shut it. 

You no longer need to battle with flying insects while you try to relax during the day or sleep at night. 

Are retractable screens worth it? 

If you’re a homeowner who enjoys being in a beautiful home, then yes, retractable screen doors and windows are worth it. 

The Benefits of Phantom Screens: 

  • Almost invisible
  • Enhanced natural ventilation
  • Prevents pests from entering
  • Keeps pets indoors
  • Stops harmful UV rays / solar shading

Phantom screens offer peace of mind. They not only improve your home’s esthetics and value, but they promote a more relaxed lifestyle. Professionally installed, so you don’t have to worry about a DIY project going wrong. 


Your screens will be custom-made and professionally installed, so there are a number of variables that affect pricing. Your location plays a part too, which is why we offer you a free estimate from a Screenmobile franchise that is closest to you. We have multiple service professionals in 30 states and customer service that we’re very proud of. 

You’re welcome and encouraged to contact your local Screenmobile directly to get your free estimate.  

Award-winning Automated Shades and Door & Window Screens

Screenmobile is proud of the customer service provided, from your first online contact to the follow-up calls to the installation by our trained professionals. 

Find Phantom products under the following categories:

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Start your journey today with Mobile Screens and contact us for an estimate. Simply enter your zip code and we’ll put you in touch with your closed ScreenMobile professional.

A small living room with a sectional sofa on the right and a wall-mounted television with french doors leading to an outdoor deck.
What To Know About French Doors With Screens

French doors (also known as patio doors) are a pair of doors that often have glass panels and open from the middle. They are an elegant upgrade to any home, whether they’re connecting two rooms, your home to your patio, or your home to outside. French doors can be sliding or hung and can open in or out. While French doors are particularly esthetically pleasing, some people avoid them because they think it limits their utility and can’t install a screen if they have French doors. This is not true. French doors can be installed with retractable screens. Retractable screens are a great way to enjoy the look of French doors and the benefits of a screen door (airflow, pest control, etc.) Screen doors can even help cut down on your monthly bills by letting cool air in (saving you on air conditioning bill) and by allowing light in (saving you on your electric bill.)  

What are the most common types of French doors?

Hinged French Door

The most common type of French door is Hinged French Door. Swinging French doors are a set of two doors that open from the middle, usually without a post between them. That gives them a more open feel. You can choose whether your doors open out or in, but there are a few things to consider. First, how much space do you have? If you’re trying to conserve space inside, your doors should open out. If you don’t have as much space outside, they should open in. Weather is also a factor. If you are in a snowy region, it may be hard to open your doors out if there is packed snow outside, so you’d want them to open in. However, French doors that open in are easier to kick in, so if you’re worried about home intrusions, having your doors open out might be safer. There are a lot of factors to consider, but enough flexibility and options to find the right French doors for your home.

Sliding French doors

The second most common style of French doors is sliding French doors. Sliding French doors are set on a track and weighted to easily slide together to meet in the middle. Create a stunning entrance from both inside and outside your property. French sliding doors blend space-saving convenience and elegance. A French-Style sliding door looks like a typical swing French door but actually slide together. 

Double French doors

Since French doors come in two, double French doors refer to a set of two French doors side by side. Double French doors add an elegant, timeless aspect to any room and offer views of the outside through out-swing French Doors.

Side by side French doors with retractable screens.

Which screen doors work with French doors?

Retractable screen doors

The best screen to install with French doors is a retractable screen door. Retractable screen doors fit in your door frame, and the screen retracts into the frame, as opposed to a regular screen door that just shifts to the side or a storm door that’s separate and opens out. Retractable screen doors come in a variety of colors options and materials, so they can easily blend into your decor. This is perfect for French doors because they’re so aesthetically pleasing, and you don’t want to distract from them. 

Sliding screen doors

Sliding screen doors are perfectly compatible with sliding French doors but don’t really work with swinging French doors. Screenmobile can manufacture and install custom sliding screen doors at your property with heavy-duty security features and a guaranteed fit. 

What are the benefits of installing French doors with screens?

  • Pest Control

    The number one reason for French doors with screens is to gain the benefits of keeping your doors open while protecting your home from bugs. Bugs that fly or bugs that crawl, you want to keep them all on the outside of your house. Screen doors also keep out dust, debris, and even nosy neighbors if you have those.

  • Airflow

    The best way to cool down a house is with a cross breeze. Opening multiple windows and your front door is a great way to achieve this. Getting fresh air on a hot day can cut down on your air conditioning bill and keep your home cool.

  • Light

    French doors let in a beautiful amount of light, and you don’t want bulky screen doors to get in the way of that. Retractable screen doors are much less cumbersome, and they retract when they aren’t being used.

How do you install French doors with screens?

Retractable screen doors are perfect for French doors because you can install them on the outside or inside your door and add unparalleled utility. Since French doors can open either in or out, having a screen door that can go inside or outside is a must. If you’re looking to install French doors with screens, Screenmobile has excellent customer service and can answer any questions you may have. They work with you to find the best option for your door, give you a quote, and then come install it for you. 

Two dogs in front of security door
A Guide to Pet Screens, Doors, and Guards

Owning a pet can be extremely rewarding… except when they’re destroying everything in your home. While some problems like peeing inside or scratching at the furniture are harder to fix, protecting your screen door from your pet has some pretty easy solutions. Screen doors are a pet owner’s necessity; they improve airflow, let in extra light, and protect you and your fur babies from bugs and other critters. In addition, your pet probably really appreciates a cool breeze and a nice view, even if they accidentally end up destroying the screen that allows them to enjoy it. Screens can also be necessary to your pet’s safety, keeping them inside and away from other animals, off busy streets, and saving them from potentially getting lost. 

How Can Pets Damage Doors?

While they may not mean to inflict damage, if a screen door is all that’s standing between your dog and being able to go outside, chances are they will scratch at it until they get what they want. Cats also tend to claw at anything they can get their little paws on, especially something that offers resistance like a screen. Scratching at the door can lead to the screen itself ripping or fraying, or can damage the frame the screen is attached to. Also, because the screens are so thin and sometimes hard to see, pets may not realize the screen is there and go barreling into it if they see a squirrel or bird walking by. Again, this can easily rip the screen or damage the frame. 

How Do You Prevent Your Pet From Destroying Your Screens?

So how do you prevent your pet from destroying your screens? There are three very effective and cost-efficient ways to prevent your screens from your animals: 

  • Pet-resistant Screens

Probably the easiest solution is to invest in pet-resistant screens (also known as “pet-proof screens”). These heavy-duty pet-resistant screens are designed to fit in the frames you already have but are made of stronger and more durable materials that can withstand most scratching and pushing from your furry little friends. In addition, pet-resistant screens blend in with the rest of your decor, so the untrained eye wouldn’t even know you have a dog. Pet-resistant screens also work for windows and other enclosures like doors and pet patios

  • Your pet’s size and the damage they cause will determine the best screen to fit your needs. Talk to your local Screenmobile technician to figure out the best pet screen solution for you. The three most popular types of pet-resistant screens are Pet Screens, Tuff Screens, and Super Screens.  
  • Pet Guards

Pet guards are stylized metal gates that protect your door from your pet. For larger or “more determined” dogs, screen door pet guards offer a more robust barrier than a pet-resistant screen because they are made out of metal instead of mesh. You don’t have to worry about your pet damaging the existing screen because they won’t be able to physically get to it.  However, these are harder to install on sliding screen doors and patio doors. 

Additionally, our door guards not only protect your screens from the claws of your four-legged friend but also family feet, knees, and other items that can potentially ruin your screen door.

  • Pet Doors

A pet door (also known as a doggie door) can help your pet control when they enter and exit your home themselves, so there’s no need for scratching to get out. Traditionally, doggie doors are installed directly into a front door or as a panel for sliding doors. However, Screenmobile offers screen doors with a pet door pre-installed, or you can easily have a pet screen door installed in whatever door you already own. Screen doors with pet doors are great for more independent cats and dogs who have the ability to safely come and go whenever they choose, with the added benefit of providing excellent scratch protection. We will install the best option to suit your needs – pet doors can be mounted inside both swinging and sliding screen doors.

What are pet-resistant screens made of?

Pet resistant screens are usually made from PVC-coated polyester yarn, making them seven times more resilient than standard screens. The strong, pliable mesh is able to withstand repeated clawing by your cats and dogs. Thanks to the PVC vinyl lining, the screens can also hold up to the sun and other elements longer. While the mesh is thicker than a regular screen, the spaces are also larger to facilitate airflow and light. But don’t worry, the holes are still small enough to keep out the bugs. 

Do pet-resistant screens work?

The short answer is yes! Pet resistant screens are tear and puncture-resistant, but if your dog runs full force into a pet-resistant screen door, they can still damage the frame if they’re large enough. But yes, pet-resistant screens do a fantastic job of preventing constant replacements and repairs.

How do you pet-proof a window screen?

The best way to pet-proof your window screen is to use a pet-resistant screen. If your dog or cat has a specific favorite window, you could pet-proof it with a scratch-resistant material and use standard screens for your other windows. While you could use a screen guard, you may not be happy with how it looks. It is also not recommended to put a pet door in a window, especially one that isn’t on the first floor. 


Whichever option you choose to protect your screens from your pet (and protect your pet from the outside world), Screenmobile offers multiple products to make pet-proofing your home easy and affordable. With excellent customer service, local Screenmobile technicians can help you decide what’s best for you and your pet, give you a quote on what it will cost, and then travel to your home and install it for you. 

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