Custom Window Screens or Premade Window Screens

Man Working on a Window Frame

When performing home renovations, whether you’re a seasoned professional or a do-it-yourself beginner, the smallest detail can sometimes feel like a big decision. Even something seemingly simple as installing window screens can become an expensive, time-consuming disaster if done incorrectly. However, window screens are essential in your home because they increase curb appeal, cut energy costs by trapping heat or letting cool air in, keep pesky bugs out, and help protect your windows from weather and dirt. Having window screens can also increase the security of your home in case you ever forget to close and lock your windows. But window screens can be tricky to install. When deciding between premade window screens and custom window screens, there are a few factors to consider. 

The Cost of Custom vs. Premade Window Screens

While custom window screens are definitely the easier way to go, they can cost more than the average premade window screen. If you are trying to work with a smaller budget, premade window screens are usually cheaper. However, since custom window screen companies, like Screenmobile, manufacture their own products, sometimes their screens are comparable in price because you are cutting out the retailer. You can also always ask a custom window screen company for a quote before you make your decision.

How Much Product Variety Is There? 

With premade window screens, it’s sometimes harder to find the exact look you want. You may like the color or style of one frame, but with a different screen material. Screens can also range in style and price depending on the quality of the product. With custom window screens, you can specify material options, frame color, and quality. 

How Complicated Will Your Screen Project Be?

If your screen is perfectly measured and cut, you can easily install it yourself. The easiest way to measure a screen is if you already have an existing one. You can just match the new screen to the previous one’s dimensions. However, when installing a screen for the first time, you don’t usually have an existing one.

It’s very easy to make a mistake when measuring windows, doors, and especially bigger screens like porches or large enclosures. Once you order a premade screen, you are stuck with that size and may have to order again if it’s wrong. And if your project is at all atypical, for example – adjustable window screens, non-standard window shapes, and sizes, pet resistant screens, or solar screens – installation suddenly becomes way more tricky and complicated. Custom window screen companies like ScreenMobile will drive to your house and measure, cut, and install your screens for you. 

How Long Do You Want Your Screen Project To Take?

Going to a large hardware store can be a hassle – how many Saturdays have you lost braving the Home Depot parking lot only to find what you need is out of stock? Ordering online can also be risky. You can’t see the product before you buy it, and screens are frequently damaged when shipped. Even if the retailer replaces them for free, this can lead to unexpected delays in your project. 

With custom window screens, you can be assured your project will be completed quickly and hassle-free. This means you can focus your energy on other aspects of your home renovation or just sit back and drink a margarita while someone else does the work! 

How Safe Do You Want Your Screen To Be?

Quality products and accurate installation are crucial in window screens. You don’t want a screen that flops around in the wind or doesn’t seal properly. If you are looking for added security consider adding window security screens.

How Important Is Customer Service To You?

While clicking “purchase” on a premade window screen may be the easiest route, a custom window screen company will help answer any questions you may have about purchasing and installing your screens. For example, ScreenMobile has real-life humans answering their phones who can assist you with deep product knowledge and pricing information. They will also work around your schedule and make sure to arrive promptly at the time that’s most convenient for you.  

Can You Repair A Screen, Or Do You Need To Replace The Frame? 

Screens will eventually get damaged, whether by general wear and tear or you somehow locked yourself out of your house and need to cut the screen to get back in. Instead of buying a new screen and frame, you can get your screen repaired. This is more cost-efficient than completely replacing it with a new one. Again, using a mobile window screen service, you don’t have to uninstall your screen, bring it to a screen repair store, and then bring it back home to reinstall. Instead, a skilled local screen technician will come to you to repair your screen. 

So, Which Is It? Custom Window Screens Or Premade Window Screens?

While buying premade screens can be more cost-efficient – shipping, ordering the wrong thing, or having to go to a hardware store can create delays in your project. Also, if you mismeasure or have problems installing, you may have to repurchase the screen, doubling what you wanted to spend originally. Safety is also something to consider if you have young children or pets. Overall, the accuracy, ease, and confidence in ordering a custom window screen far outweigh what slight price difference there might be.

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