How to Choose the Best Motorized Screens for Your Home

Motorized Screens

Simply put, a motorized screen is a screen that retracts onto a roller with the touch of a button. Motorized retractable screens have lots of uses. They can turn your porch into a four-season room, give you additional sun or bug protection on your patio, provide privacy for your windows, or even enhance the functionality of a home theater setup.

What Is A Motorized Screen?

Simply put, a motorized screen is a screen that retracts onto a roller with the touch of a button. Motorized retractable screens have lots of uses. They can turn your porch into a four-season room, give you additional sun or bug protection on your patio, privacy, and versatility to your outdoor living experience. These screens are designed to retract onto a roller with the touch of a button, providing you with seamless control and effortless operation. Whether you want to transform your porch into a bug-free oasis, shield your patio from prying eyes, or create a flexible and adaptable outdoor space, a motorized screen offers the perfect combination of functionality and convenience. Let’s explore the benefits and features of motorized screens that can enhance your enjoyment of the great outdoors.

Pros and Cons of Motorized Screens

There are many advantages to motorized screens. And while we’ll be honest and say there are some drawbacks, these are few– and have easy workarounds!


  • Motorized patio screens are convenient to use. You don’t have to roll them up manually; you simply make the screen appear or disappear with the touch of a button.
  • Motorized screens can give your porch and furnishings extra UV protection. Your furniture will last longer, and your paint, sidings, and other finishes will see less sun damage.
  • A motorized screen can reduce your energy bills by keeping the sun’s heat out in summer and retaining heat during cold months.
  • Vanishing screens look great– you don’t have to sacrifice your view for additional protection.
  • Motorized screens can be linked with many home automation systems, allowing you to effortlessly transform your space into a luxury environment. 


  • It may take time for your pets to get used to this type of screen (they may try to wiggle underneath it).
  • Motorized screens require maintenance (but it’s easier than you might think).
  • Motorized screens can have a high initial cost; however, they will serve their function for years to come.

Considerations for Choosing a Motorized Screen

There are lots of considerations when choosing a motorized screen. For example, porch and patio screens are different from garage door screens, and different types of screens have additional features based on their use and location. Here are some things you need to consider when looking for the perfect screen to fit your needs.

Spatial Layout

Large openings require specific types of motorized retractable screens. Not all screen types come in all-size options, so you have to make sure that you measure your porch or other outdoor space accurately. Some screens have custom widths up to 16 feet; others can go much wider, all the way to 40 feet or more.

Screen Model

A retractable screen, especially a large one, is going to impact the look of your home. Check your screen’s model’s customization options to see which one will be the best match for your home. You will often have different options for trim colors, motor housings, and more. The choice of screen fabric will also impact the way your home looks, so talk to your screen company to find the right solution for your space.

You may also find that your screen needs to be exceptionally durable. For example, if you have lots of inclement weather, high-traffic areas, or a commercial property, talk to your screening company about the best options for your space and if a heavy-duty screen is right for you.

Retraction Options

You have several choices for your screen’s controls. These include wall switches, remotes, wind sensors, and solar sensors. Automatic sensors will be more expensive but may be worth it for immediate protection.

Home Automation Options

Home automation integration is another important aspect to consider when choosing motorized screens. With the ability to seamlessly integrate them into your smart home system, you can control and operate the screens using your smartphone, tablet, or voice commands. This offers convenience, remote access, and the ability to incorporate the screens into scenes or routines alongside other smart devices. You can schedule the screens to automatically lower or raise at specific times, adding an extra layer of control and efficiency to your outdoor spaces. 


Some screens offer more privacy than others. If your patio or other outdoor space faces the street, you may want to consider a motorized screen that offers good privacy.

Specific Usage Requirements

Different types of motorized screens and spaces have different uses. For example, if you want solar protection on your otherwise uncovered patio, you need a solar screen. On the other hand, if you live in an area that’s prone to sudden weather changes, a screen system with automatic deployment based on sun and wind sensors might be your best option.

Budget Constraints

Motorized screens can be a large initial investment, but many owners find the improved outdoor space worth the price. Additionally, certain types of screens can even save you money. For example, sun control retractable shades can save you up to 25%-40% on your summer heating bills.


Motorized screens offer protection against UV radiation, insects, and heat, to an extent. This means that they can provide flexible protection for your outdoor storage, garage, or the space you plan to use. Think about the protection you need for your outdoor space, and check with your screen installer to ensure that your screen can do exactly what you need.

If it’s sun protection you need, you have many options. The best anti-sun screens can block up to 90% of the sun’s light, dramatically reducing glare and keeping your space cool on a hot day. Other options are more transparent but still do a great job of protecting your belongings.

Types of Motorized Screens

There are several types of motorized screens available to improve your outdoor space.

Retractable Screens

Many standard retractable screens can be motorized. This combines the convenience of a retractable screen with the ease of a motor, making your screen more user-friendly and effective. Retractable screens are highly variable, ranging from custom-cut screens for huge openings to smaller, motorized blinds and window shades.

Garage Screen Doors

A retractable screen door or screen garage door offers a convenient solution to bring fresh air into your home, enhancing comfort during the summer months while potentially reducing heating costs. These doors come in a variety of colors and can be customized with wood trim to seamlessly match your house’s aesthetic, preserving curb appeal and the overall visual appeal of your home. Let’s explore the benefits of screen garage doors and how they can enhance ventilation and energy efficiency while maintaining the desired look of your property.

Outdoor Shades

Outdoor shades protect your furnishings and home from UV damage. These shades can be used in your windows or other openings or can even be custom-made to match unique specifications. These shades can be programmed to open and close automatically based on the time of day, amount of sunlight, or wind strength. They come in different materials, such as fabric, wood, or aluminum, and can be customized to fit almost any opening.

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