Is a Screenmobile Franchise Right for Me?

Screenmobile service member stands in front of his mobile screen repair service vehicle.

The idea that franchising takes place in either an office or a restaurant is a common misconception. If you’re more outdoor orientated and want a change of pace, but you’re wondering, “is a franchise right for me?” do not let this question hold you back from starting a business. As the franchise market continues to expand year after year, serving a broader range of interests and industries, there are now more options for prospective business owners seeking a business that will keep them active while spending more time outdoors than in an office. 

More commonly than not, individuals are motivated to make a big shift in their job if it aligns with their lifestyle interests, such as a love for the outdoors or traveling. More people are drawn to working outdoors because they’ve grown bored of the corporate environment or never felt well suited to it in the first place. For others, being outdoors as a business owner provides a greater sense of control over their future.

Screenmobile fits the bill; we provide an opportunity where you can enjoy entrepreneurship and fresh air at the same time. In this post, we aim to provide you with detailed information about Screenmobile franchises, explore the advantages of launching your own franchise, while also showcasing some of the things that set us apart to make a Screenmobile franchise the right for you.

The Screenmobile Products and Services

Screenmobile provides the best selection of screen-related services and products; better yet, we offer a mobile service that will bring our products straight to the customer’s door. We have many options and custom solutions for varied budgets. In addition, we offer you an entry point into the flourishing $400+ billion home improvement industry.

Our mobile screening trailer is the heart of our operation, enabling Franchise Owners to provide same-day service by measuring and fabricating screens on-site. Because it’s what makes us, well, mobile, the Screenmobile Truck and Trailer model is very different from other screen repair models and offers franchisees the opportunity to take to the road and get out from behind the desk. Not to mention, Screenmobile is the perfect fit for people who enjoy working with their hands while offering a valuable service to their communities.

Benefits of Screenmobile Franchises

Aside from appealing to the many people that enjoy rolling up their sleeves and producing a great product for a great price with the satisfaction of seeing a job well done, there are several additional significant advantages to investing in a Screenmobile franchise.

  • Less expensive to operate: Screenmobile franchises don’t require renting or purchasing real estate build outs or a large team to operate. This means lower overhead and lower risk, and a much higher chance for your franchise’s success in the long run.
  • Freedom and autonomy: Because your business will, initially, be smaller and more controllable, you will have the freedom and flexibility to choose your hours of operation and schedule.
  • Easier to run: Screenmobile franchises focus on all things screen repair, installation, and maintenance. Our training and support staff can have you up to speed and running smoothly and efficiently in as little as 8 weeks, and you will become an expert in a niche and profitable industry.
  • Easier to expand: Once your franchise runs smoothly and generates significant revenue, you might want to expand. Thanks again to the low overhead and low startup costs, it’s easier to expand into a multi-unit franchise business. It’s not uncommon for franchisees to grow from one service vehicle to two or more within their first few years of opening.
  • Marketing made easy: Our mobile service vehicles are “wrapped” making them essentially mobile billboards for all to see. In fact, many of our Franchise Owners leave their truck and trailer parked in a public place while they grab a bite to eat, which in turn, drives new customer acquisition and increased revenue. Talk about easy, effective advertising! On top of that, the corporate office handles national marketing campaigns and generates website traffic to your Screenmobile webpage, providing local business owners with the power of a full-scale, national marketing budget.

Of course, those are just some of the perks that come with owning a Screenmobile franchise.

Is Screenmobile the Right Fit for you

We’re seeking Franchise Owners whose ideals are similar to ours. Although Screenmobile is opening new locations around the country, we remain committed to the principles of quality, outstanding customer service, and family. These tenets provide a solid foundation on which our successful mobile brand was built, and we are looking for franchise owners that will continue to uphold those same foundational principles

Some of the traits we see in our most successful Screenmobile franchise owners include:

Mechanically Oriented

You’re a natural with your hands, whether you’ve worked in a mechanical job before or just enjoy tinkering as a pastime.

Dedicated to Community & Family

You place a high value on your family life and are searching for a flexible schedule that allows you to strike a healthy work-life balance.

Business Savvy

You don’t have to come from a corporate background to understand what it takes to own and manage a successful business.

Enjoys Working Outside

You savor every opportunity to spend time outdoors and are ready to establish a business that allows you to spend the majority of your time outside.

Organized and Dependable

You manage your life with a high level of efficiency and accuracy. You keep your home and work surroundings neat and organized, and you always arrive on time for your appointments.

Franchising with Screenmobile

If this sounds like you or you’re interested in learning more about Screenmobile’s franchise opportunity, please contact our team of professionals today.

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