Pros and Cons of a Motorized Screen

An outdoor poolside patio with three motorized roll down screens.

Backyard patios and decks are genuinely wonderful ways to enjoy the fresh air and outdoors and serve as liaisons between the comfort of your home’s interior and nature’s beauty. Porch screens, on the other hand, can be polarizing backyard features. Some homeowners don’t mind or even notice porch screens. Others hate them, viewing them as distracting barriers to the outside world.

Depending on where you live, window and porch screens are necessary for three months out of the year when you’re sharing space with pesky mosquitoes. Some homeowners don’t mind or even notice porch screens because the latest deck screening technology is so transparent. However, some don’t want anything they deem obtrusive in their outdoor spaces. 

Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds with A Motorized Screen

What if there’s a product that offered the security of a screened-in deck or patio without the drawbacks? If you could enjoy insect protection without sacrificing your curb appeal, would you be interested? A motorized screen, or roll-down screen, is the answer. 

A motorized screen is an innovative system designed for flexibility and functionality. Motorized porch screens, such as Sunair, Phantom Screens, and Sun Control Retractable Shades, can be lowered or retracted with a button’s press using a motorized screen system. Instead of settling for one set configuration, you can customize your deck to fit the weather, season, and even your mood.

We custom design every motorized screen system, and they are guaranteed to fit the correct length no matter where they’re installed. Each screen is finished with a weighted bar to keep them in place.

You can select various fabric and screen options that can highlight or blend into your home’s decor and choose from different mesh textures and styles to offer the right coverage for your needs.

The Benefits of a Motorized Screen

Still not convinced? If you install a motorized screen system, you’ll enjoy:

Cooler temperatures, on demand. 

Using roll-down screens will block unwanted sunlight and help keep your deck or patio at a comfortable temperature. This means you’ll enjoy the space more, even in the heat of summer. Windows screens can even help regulate the temperature of your home. 

Protection from insects and weather. 

With a motorized screen, you can keep the pesky flies and mosquitos out during spring and summer for a more relaxing time enjoying your outdoor space. Retractable screens can also protect your furniture and other decor items from the sun’s UV rays.

Energy savings. 

Retractable screens can help save money on your utility bills. With motorized retractable screens deployed, less sunlight will enter your home during the hotter months, reducing the workload on your air conditioner. The opposite can work during winter months, when retracting the screens allows more natural sunlight into the home.

They increase the value of your home. 

Roll-down screens are often very popular with home buyers. Potential buyers can enjoy all the benefits of permanent screens with the visual appeal of hiding them. A retractable screen could also boost your home’s value during appraisal.

Customizable and elegant. 

The motorized screen’s housing is customizable and incredibly sleek. Each housing can be custom painted to achieve the look that is just right for your home. Show off the beauty of your deck, patio, or home without harming curb appeal.

Top-of-the-line automation. 

Today’s motorized screens are incredibly user-friendly and easy to use. Aside from the effortless push-button controls, you can adjust your roll-down screens to work entirely on their own. Options like Phantom Shades include sun and wind sensors that automatically drop or lower the shades when the light percentage hits a set threshold.

Custom options for any space. 

Screenmobile doesn’t just screen decks and patios. Whether you need a complete set of window screens, a door covering, or even a pergola or gazebo, there is a motorized screen option that has you covered. Our team can make your dream come true.

Cons of Motorized Screens

  • Require a larger investment. Retractable screens are considerably more expensive than fixed screens. For this reason, people are more selective of where to install motorized screen systems. Porches and patios are popular choices because they offer the most usable space and flexibility.
  • More moving parts. Motor screens have several moving parts, which means there will be several things to adjust if they stop functioning correctly. It’s likely best to call for professional help with a non-functioning screen.


There’s no reason to settle for anything less than the best when Screenmobile offers so many customizable options and services. When you’re ready to enjoy the best of both worlds with motorized screens or transform the look and efficiency of your home, give us a call or check out our free estimator. We have highly trained Screenmobile Service Technicians across the country ready to help.

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