The Benefits of Fresh Air in your Home

A kitchen window with plants and fruit on the will opened slightly ajar.

A daily ritual for every household the world over. Curtains flung open, the morning light streaming in, as you push up the window to let that often cold breeze rush into the room. Bustling into each room of your home, you open another window and yet another to the point that your house is gushing with fresh, clean air. 

Fresh air is revitalizing, even during the winter months. The fresh sting boosts your energy. It clears away the dust from the corners of your rooms and your groggy, sleepy brain.

But why do we do this? Is airing out your house good? What are the benefits of fresh air in your home?

We have all the answers here in this blog, so keep reading and start your new daily ritual. 

Why air out your house?

Fresh air has 21% of oxygen present. Humans, animals, and plants all need oxygen to survive. Allowing a gush of fresh air through your home each morning will help balance the oxygen levels in your house, among other benefits. 

Remove the stuffiness

After a good night’s sleep, the air becomes stuffy. You can feel how the oxygen levels are lower by just walking into a closed bedroom. As a result of living and breathing, you will have stale air in your house. Letting fresh air through your home removes this carbon dioxide-heavy air and replaces it with new, oxygen-filled air. 

Reduce AC costs

Allowing a natural current of airflow through your home will reduce the need for your AC. If it’s bugs you’re worried about, install door and window screens. Mesh screens promote ventilation while preventing uninvited pests from entering (more on that further on). 

Blows out cobwebs

Don’t like your eight-legged lodger? The fresh air circulating about your home will shake up any cobwebs you have and discourage spiders from camping out between your four walls. Spiders choose houses for many reasons, but an air current can be a reliable prevention method. 

Removes dust

No matter how clean you keep your home, dust always settles, and more so throughout the night without family members moving about. Fresh air lifts this dust and prevents dustballs from forming. It helps move dust from those hard-to-reach places into the limelight to be sucked up later by your vacuum. 

Improve brain health

Your brain needs oxygen to function, to increase concentration and focus. If you work from home, it’s highly advantageous to allow fresh airflow throughout your house. Fresh air brings oxygen, the perfect food for your productivity, attention span, and good humor.  

Eliminate condensation

If you dry your clothes and linen indoors, it’s easy to spot the droplets of condensation that form on the windows. Opening these windows will help clear up that condensation while also removing dampness and improving your laundry’s drying. Airing your laundry room will have your clean, dry clothes smelling fresher than your detergent. 

Other health benefits

Airing out your home introduces many health benefits, like how it cleans your lungs and reduces blood pressure. It affects your family and pets, and your plants. The oxygen present in fresh air is vital for your day-to-day living. 

How to improve indoor air quality safely? 

The number one concern when airing your house is home security. Leaving all your doors and windows open at the same time can seem like an invitation for strangers and pests to enter. To ensure the safety of your home while airing it out, we suggest you install door and window screens.

Screen benefits: 

  • Mesh screens to promote ventilation
  • Acts as a sunshade
  • Can prevent pets and kids from freely running out
  • Discourages intruders from breaking in (security screens are an option)
  • Retractable options
  • Adds to your home security
  • Stops flying insects and pests from entering

The screens we have on offer here at Screenmobile are custom built to suit your doors and windows and come in various colors to match your home decor. We carry different brands, and with our training, we will help you select the best while assuring you of a professionally installed job. 

Screens add value to your home and act as a layer of protection for your family and valuables. Browse through our website and contact us to discuss your needs today.


How often should you air out your home?

You need to ventilate your home every day to reap the benefits of fresh air. In all seasons, no matter how hot or cold it is outside. 

How long do you need to air out a house?

The longer you can, the better the results. We suggest a minimum of ten minutes for each room. 

How do you completely air out a house?

Have all doors and windows open at the same time. When there is a high wind, place a stopper under your doors. Door frames become weakened with constant banging. You need the air to flow through each room, so all entries must remain open simultaneously.

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