The Benefits Of Interior Window Shutters

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Interior window shutters were the most popular form of window covering for hundreds of years before curtains, drapes and blinds came to take over from the Victorian era onwards. However, interior shutters are currently experiencing a revival in popularity among both stylists and pragmatists. Interior shutters can make sense on many levels, and lots of homes are discovering that interior window shutters can tick a number of boxes for what they’re looking for.

Here we’ll take a look at how this most classic of window coverings provide a number of benefits and can suit almost any home or office design spec.

8 Benefits of Interior Window Shutters

1. Light Management

One of the greatest advantages of interior window shutters is the control they give homeowners over the light entering a room. This is especially applicable for louvered shutters, which can be adjusted to very specific levels to suit your needs at different times of the day. Louvered interior window shutters are those with layered slats that are adjustable by means of a switch or stick. Solid panel interior window shutters also provide light control but only in the on/off sense, though this can also be quite useful for bedrooms receiving streetlighting or early morning natural light.

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2. Charming Looks

Another reason for the recent surge in the popularity of interior window shutters is how they give a classic look to any room. Solid panel, plantation, or floor-height wooden shutters can instantly create a vintage vibe in your home while also giving you numerous decorating options to work from, including varnished/stained, painted or distressed, depending on what you’re going for. With minimalistic blinds or zero window coverings on the way out and drapes feeling like too much, interior window shutters can give you a more timeless background for your decoration choices.

3. Privacy Control

Along with light interior, window shutters can also effectively control the amount of vision that gets into a room from outside. This is particularly useful on street-side first and second-floor windows. It’s also possible to get interior window shutters in what is known as cafe style, where only the lower part of the window has shutters. This gives the effect of allowing in plenty of natural light while keeping out the gaze from the street.

4. Protection Against the Elements

With energy prices going up, having an extra layer of insulation can help to keep your utility bills manageable. Interior window shutters help with this by creating an extra pocket of air between your glazed window and the shutter while also allowing you to circulate air through a room without having to open a window fully or be exposed to rain.

5. Cooler Home

While interior window shutters are effective protection against cold and rain, they are flexible enough to also work in the other direction, allowing air to circulate through a room or your whole home even when the sun’s at its height. This has a cooling effect of allowing a breeze to move around but keeping the direct heat of the sun away from the interior.

6. Work Well in Tight Spaces

Urban living can often mean being limited in decorating options by a lack of space. This can be particularly troublesome around windows where you may need to block out very strong sunlight from a home office, for example, but a curtain won’t fit. Interior window shutters can be made to measure for any window space and can also be created to fit your own decorative look. The various styles of interior window shutters can also be applied to suit the needs you have in different situations.

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7. Protecting From Sun Damage

Over-brightness does impact not only yourself or your guests but also the furnishings in your home. The UV rays from the sun can damage and fade flooring, furniture, pictures, and books over time, and it is something to be wary of before it’s too late. Interior window shutters can provide a helpful barrier against this damage while still letting light enter the room and also allowing you to ‘turn off’ the sun when you are out of your home.

8. Sound Exclusion

Along with keeping out the sun and other environmental elements, interior window shutters can also exclude noise from the street or surrounding nature. Sound waves, especially high-frequency ones, are relatively easy to block out with heavier materials such as wood, so closing your shutters at night time should be able to create a quieter home environment.


Interior window shutters are not just a stylish addition to your home, but they have a range of benefits too. These come from their ability to block out environmental factors, such as rain, coldness, sun rays and sound. They can also help you to maintain your privacy in your home and overall give you a flexible window covering you can alter for different situations.

If you’re interested in installing interior window shutters for one or all of these great reasons, then why not talk to the experts at Screenmobile? We can construct your shutters exactly how you want them and for whichever purpose you need and from a range of materials. To find out more, you can read about our interior window shutters here or talk to your local Screenmobile.

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