What Are Storm Doors? Where to Use Them?

Home with a single pillar porch and a storm glass front door.

Storm doors are your extra layer of protection from the elements. If you live in an area that’s prone to strong winds and hard rains, storms, hurricanes, and tornados, then storm doors are your peace of mind. 

Now you can have one that is beautiful and adds value to your house or mobile home. One that adds to your curbside appeal while still providing the following benefits:

  • Insulates from cold air and wind
  • Protects your front door
  • Pest prevention (with screen option)
  • Cuts energy bills
  • Varied options in style, function, and finish
  • Encourages natural light in your home
  • Added security 

We’ll go into these points in further detail in this blog. You will be able to decide if a storm door is right for your home. If you are still unsure, you can contact Sceenmobile technicians in your area for guidance and advice. 

What’s the purpose of a storm door?

A storm door is an effective layer of protection against the harsh elements in colder, storm-prone climates. It looks like a second door, but it fully covers your main entrance–gaps included. 

Strong winds forcefully enter between the gaps in your front door and

  • Weakens your main door
  • Agitates other doors within your home 
  • Disturbs decoration, like vases and hanging pictures
  • Increases energy bills

The wind is dangerous to the stability of your home, your finances, and your safety.

home with a custom arched storm door entryway

Here are some signs you may need a storm door: 

  • Your front door feels weakened by winds and weather.
  • Your front door shakes within the doorframe, especially in inclement weather.
  • You can hear a low howl when the winds kick up.
  • You can feel a constant draft.

Compounding these issues, all this time, before installing your storm door, you paid extra for your heating. The cold drafts prompted you to hike up the HVAC unit, or you were left shivering and uncomfortable in your own home. 

You don’t want to risk a broken main door that will invite intruders. 

You don’t want to hear a strong wind wailing through your house, threatening to knock over your precious belongings.

You don’t want to spend too much on heating bills.


What is the difference between a storm door and a screen door?

A screen door offers many of the same benefits as a storm door, but they’re not strong enough to protect against stronger winds. A screen door is beneficial to any family home–it allows you to keep your main entrance open to let a cool breeze pass through without risking bugs from entering or pets and kids from running out unobserved. Screen doors allow you to keep your main door open without your house sitting vulnerable.

Storm doors, however, are built to resist strong winds and inclement weather, be it rain or snow, help you save on heating bills, and still add a layer of security from intruders. 

Are storm doors a good idea?

Yes, if you live in an area prone to hurricanes, snow, or strong winds. You don’t need a storm door in a hotter climate; you would be better with a mesh screen door. Glass storm doors really shine on snowy days when you want some sunlight but don’t want a cold breeze to ruin your day. Sometimes, it isn’t necessary to go all out and choose the highest impact storm door. A screen door, equally as beautiful, will suffice. 

You can understand now why they are called storm doors. They are specifically designed to brave storms while protecting your home and simultaneously offering a view of the outside. 

Different types of storm doors

Storm doors are available in different materials, colors, and finishes. We live in a modern age where almost anything is customizable, storm doors included. At Screenmobile, we have a few brands on offer to advise you and professionally install for you. 

Custom storm doors are available in glass or grille options, full or mid-view, single or double pane, or mesh screens. You can choose one to match your home or discover a new one. In addition, we provide a professional installation of decorative storm doors on both houses and mobile homes. 

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How to clean a mesh screen door

If you choose a mesh screen storm door, you need to maintain it to last longer. The following chart outlines the cleaning schedule necessary depending on where your home’s location:

Storm door cleaning schedule based on climate. Mild - every 6 months. Moderate every 3 months. Extreme, every 2 to 4 weeks.

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