What To Know About French Doors With Screens

A small living room with a sectional sofa on the right and a wall-mounted television with french doors leading to an outdoor deck.

French doors (also known as patio doors) are a pair of doors that often have glass panels and open from the middle. They are an elegant upgrade to any home, whether they’re connecting two rooms, your home to your patio, or your home to outside. French doors can be sliding or hung and can open in or out. While French doors are particularly esthetically pleasing, some people avoid them because they think it limits their utility and can’t install a screen if they have French doors. This is not true. French doors can be installed with retractable screens. Retractable screens are a great way to enjoy the look of French doors and the benefits of a screen door (airflow, pest control, etc.) Screens for French doors can even help cut down on your monthly bills by letting cool air in (saving you on air conditioning bill) and by allowing light in (saving you on your electric bill.) 

Screenmobile has screens for any type of door. 

What are the most common types of French doors?

Hinged French Door

The most common type of French door is Hinged French Door. Swinging French doors are a set of two doors that open from the middle, usually without a post between them. That gives them a more open feel. You can choose whether your doors open out or in, but there are a few things to consider. First, how much space do you have? If you’re trying to conserve space inside, your doors should open out. If you don’t have as much space outside, they should open in. Weather is also a factor. If you are in a snowy region, it may be hard to open your doors out if there is packed snow outside, so you’d want them to open in. However, French doors that open in are easier to kick in, so if you’re worried about home intrusions, having your doors open out might be safer. There are a lot of factors to consider, but enough flexibility and options to find the right French doors for your home.

Sliding French doors

The second most common style of French doors is sliding French doors. Sliding French doors are set on a track and weighted to easily slide together to meet in the middle. Create a stunning entrance from both inside and outside your property. French sliding doors blend space-saving convenience and elegance. A French-Style sliding door looks like a typical swing French door but actually slide together. 

Double French doors

Since French doors come in two, double French doors refer to a set of two French doors side by side. Double French doors add an elegant, timeless aspect to any room and offer views of the outside through out-swing French Doors.

Side by side French doors with retractable screens.

Which screen doors work with French doors?

It can be tricky to pick out the perfect screen for French doors; here, we’ll break down a few of your options.

Retractable screen doors

The best screen for French doors is a retractable screen door. Retractable screen doors fit in your door frame, and the screen retracts into the frame, as opposed to a regular screen door that just shifts to the side or a storm door that’s separate and opens out. Retractable screen doors come in a variety of colors options and materials, so they can easily blend into your decor. This is perfect for French doors because they’re so aesthetically pleasing, and you don’t want to distract from them. 

Sliding screen doors

Sliding screen doors are perfectly compatible with sliding French doors but don’t really work with swinging French doors. Screenmobile can manufacture and install custom sliding screen doors at your property with heavy-duty security features and a guaranteed fit. 

What are the benefits of installing French doors with screens?

  • Pest Control

    The number one reason for French doors with screens is to gain the benefits of keeping your doors open while protecting your home from bugs. Bugs that fly or bugs that crawl, you want to keep them all on the outside of your house. Screen doors also keep out dust, debris, and even nosy neighbors if you have those.

  • Airflow

    The best way to cool down a house is with a cross breeze. Opening multiple windows and your front door is a great way to achieve this. Getting fresh air on a hot day can cut down on your air conditioning bill and keep your home cool. A screen for French doors will create ample opportunities to cool off in the summer months.

  • Light

    French doors let in a beautiful amount of light, and you don’t want bulky screen doors to get in the way of that. Retractable screen doors are much less cumbersome, and they retract when they aren’t being used. A retractable screen for French doors opens up the best of both worlds.

How do you install French doors with screens?

Retractable screen doors are perfect for French doors because you can install them on the outside or inside your door and add unparalleled utility. Since French doors can open either in or out, having a screen door that can go inside or outside is a must. If you’re looking to install French doors with screens, Screenmobile has excellent customer service and can answer any questions you may have. They work with you to find the best option for your door, give you a quote, and then come install it for you. 

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