What’s the Best Window Screen Frame

Screenmobile Service tech holding a framed window screen in front of a client's garage.

Screens and shades are affixed to your windows by a screen frame. The frame is an integral part of the whole picture to ensure your window screen:

    • Stays in place.
    • Fits tightly.
    • Lasts longer.
    • Complements your home decor


Installing a window or door screen is a technical process. It’s why you should always hire a professional: we avoid unnecessary damage to your window and door frames.

The same goes for a replacement screen. 

However, DIY enthusiasts, like you perhaps, want to know what’s the best window screen frame solution. Whether you’re installing a standard fiberglass screen, porch screening, or a heavy-duty commercial screen door, we’ve got you covered. 

This blog will get into the nitty-gritty of the different door and window screen frames available on the market. Let’s get right to it. 


How to know which frame is best for your needs?

Consider your wardrobe a moment: you’ve got outfits for the office, for lounging about, for gardening, golfing, and a meal out. Screen frames are similar. You have screen frames suitable for the following:

    • Residential windows
    • Patios
    • Catios, for pets
    • Bathrooms
    • Commercial screens
    • Coastal locations
    • Skylights
    • Pools
    • Crawlspace covers
    • Extra security


You first need to define your screen’s primary use. 

The journey in choosing your window screens is a beautiful one. You will dive into a pool of options available to discover the perfect fit for your home and needs. And your journey can begin right here with Screenmobile’s official blog.

The information can be overwhelming if you don’t set a goal in mind.

We’ve created a case study to enable you to choose correctly: 

Name PJ Miller
Profession Financial Advisor
Address Chino Hills, California
Principle Residence 8 windows, 2 entry doors (front and back), patio, pool
Family 1 spouse, 3 kids (under 18)
Pets 1 dog, 2 cats
Hobbies & Interests DIY, recycling, budgeting

PJ needs to install:

Window shades to prevent sun glare while he’s working in his home office, Solar shades to reduce harmful UV rays entering his home, Solar screen material to support ventilation and reduce AC costs, Heavy-duty pet resistant screens, and Security doors to prevent intruders from breaking in. 

From this list we can see that PJ will need three different types of window frames:

    • Rolled aluminum frames 
    • Extruded aluminum frames
    • Security Screen Frames


Rolled Aluminum Frames 

These are the most common frames used. Like everything in commerce, there are cheap and better versions. 

Most manufacturers use roll-formed aluminum with plastic corners. They’re inexpensive, easy to manufacture and keep costs down. (Home Depot will use these thin-walled roll-formed frames)

Cons: They’re flimsy, will bow, and weaken over time; the corners lack reinforcement.

At Screenmobile, we use thicker-walled rolled aluminum frames with metal corner keys and mitered corner pieces. They hold their shape longer, keep the screen tighter, and have a greater shelf expectancy than the manufacturer’s models.


Extruded Aluminum Frames

Heavy duty or extruded frames are great for the correct application, like high-traffic areas. Sliding screen doors and swinging screen doors are a must for extruded frames. Porches and patios on the larger side would also require extruded frames to hold the screens tight for longer and withstand stronger weather conditions. Extruded window screens are a bit overkill if it’s just for keeping bugs out.


Security Screen Frames

When you’re worried about security and safety, you need a screen that will provide both. It starts with a security screen frame that’s a very heavy-duty frame. Then you add stainless steel mesh to make a cut-resistant security screen built to keep you safe for the years to come.

So you can see now how PJ needs a variety of different window screen frames. We advise you to list the various screens you require and their locations to get started on your buyer journey. 


Other screen frames on the market

There are different door and window screen frames that you might be interested in for residential or commercial purposes.


Rolled vinyl frames

Although aluminum is strong and will last longer, exposure to salt from the sea corrodes and damages it.

Vinyl is the best option in this case. Vinyl won’t last as long in rigidity and structure, but it won’t rust and fade as quickly as aluminum. Just ask Bob Vila.

The question you need to consider is: do you want durable frames that will look worn after a few years, or do you want frames to look good until you can budget newer ones?  Many homeowners will choose the latter, wishing to maintain their curbside appeal. 


Standard Bug Frame

A thicker more durable option that’s great for windows and small door openings. This screen frame is used with a standard bug screen to stop insects and critters from entering your home. You may want to consider swapping this out if you have pets or kids and need something a little bit stronger.


Lip Frame 

These are for those complicated window frames – there really is something for everything out there. The lip allows a more straightforward installation into larger window frame channels. 


Standard Sun Frame

These frames accommodate heavier materials, like sun and solar screens. They measure  1” x 7/16”, as standard screen size. 

As Dorothea Hudson, home improvement expert with Clearsurance.com, says, “The main characteristics in a window to evaluate are the size of the frame, the gauge of the frame, style of the frame, material, and color of the frame.”


What are window screens frames made of?

Window screens come in the following materials:

    • Aluminium
    • Vinyl
    • Fiberglass
    • Wood
    • Steel


It boils down to what your home is currently built with, existing door and window frames, your budget, and your curbside appeal. 


Window Screen Frame Color Options

The beauty of Screenmobile is how you can customize your screen needs. Have your screen frame the same color as your home decor. We have on hand six standard colors but custom colors can be ordered. We won’t be able to do that on-site, but that shouldn’t discourage you from asking nonetheless. 


Contact Screenmobile to discuss your screen needs

As always, we are but a short few clicks away. Contact us to discuss your project or emergency, and we’ll come to you with a selection for you to choose the best window screen frame for your needs. Once you’ve decided on what you’d like, we’ll come back to install your screens professionally. 

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