Why Solar Screens Improve Home Energy Efficiency

Every household needs to improve its budget, and buying cheaper quality products is not always the best solution. Not for the planet, at least. 

You can look beyond cutting costs with your shopping lists and after-school activities. Take a look at the bigger picture: your house. Have you ever considered installing energy-saving solar window screens?

It’s very likely why you’re here: you wish to understand how exactly solar screens improve home energy efficiency. 

We’ll cover (nearly) everything you need to know, from what are solar screens to optimal times to use them to save costs on your energy bills.

Let’s jump right in.


What are solar screens?

Solar screens are window treatments that work against the sun. They are designed specifically for homes in areas with low cloud coverage, regions where the sun is in the sky more times than not. Their design is to protect you and your family, including your pets.

Solar shades can provide you with substantial savings on cooling costs. There are different types available, so you can choose the treatment that best complements your home decor, budget, and needs. 

    • Fixed panels
    • Motorized screen
    • Roller screens

To ensure the highest energy efficiency, opt for external solar shades. Interior treatments aren’t as effective in reducing heat gain as exterior shades. 


Reasons Why Solar Screens Improve Home Energy Efficiency

The following list will boost your energy efficiency efforts while providing peace of mind and comfort. Your home is your oasis, your sanctuary. If the sun is your concern then solar screens are your answer. 

Solar screens:

  1. Block harmful UV rays.
  2. Prevent glare from strong, unhindered sunlight.
  3. Reduce heat-gain. 
  4. Minimize dependency on AC.
  5. Pest prevention method.
  6. Maintain longevity for carpets, furniture, and hanging art. 


Block harmful UV rays

UV radiation is a source of major health problems in humans. We should be limiting how much time we spend in direct sunlight, even while in the comfort of our own homes. Sprawled on your sofa for an afternoon snooze is not a delightful experience when the sun hits your back. 

Correct window treatments will block UV rays from infiltrating your home, family, and pets. 


Prevent glare

Glare is not just a reflection bothering your work, kids’ homework, or daytime soap operas. Glare is when too much sunlight is present, which impairs your vision momentarily. Most notably dangerous while driving, glare can also cause discomfort in the home. 

Ever walk across the kitchen to grab a glass of water and become suddenly blinded by the light? This temporary loss of sight can unbalance you, especially risky for the elderly who could fall and easily break a bone.

Reduce heat gain

The heat increases in your home the moment the sun hits your windows. Factor in the already sweltering temperature and before you know it you’re blasting the AC. Running your air conditioning hikes up your energy costs.

Solar screens reduce heat by up to 15% when installed on the exterior of your house.


Minimize dependency on AC

It’s nice to walk into a cool room after being outside under the hot summer sun. We experience it when shopping, so why not recreate the experience for our own homes? Many people do, but it’s not an energy-efficient solution for the home. 

By blocking the direct sunlight that enters your home through windows, and reducing heat gain, you can increase the temperature on your AC settings. 76% of sunlight turns into heat inside your home. Solar shades will save you a lot.


Pest prevention 

The mesh used in some window treatment options has two major functions:

  1. Allows a cool breeze to ventilate your home, and 
  2. Prevents flying bugs and mosquitoes from unwelcomed visits. 

Many people use pest prevention plug-ins which, ultimately, consume energy. Let us not forget the personal disturbance caused by these pesky insects. Insect screens are a built-in feature with most options available. 


Interior upkeep

Sunlight can damage your personal belongings and home interior design. It contributes to the fading of your carpets, rugs, painted decoration, photo’s displayed, and wall hangings. It costs energy to manufacture these items, which can be indispensable for a homeowner. 

Needing to refresh your interior frequently due to sun damage is not efficient. Apply sun shades to keep your favorite belongings in tip-top shape for longer. 

Windows Solar Screens

Are Solar Screens worth it? Do Solar Screens work for energy efficiency?

Yes and yes. Add solar screens to your home improvement list today and be ready for the summer heat. Your air conditioning unit can use up to 3000 watts per hour on a warm day – that’s the equivalent of having 50 standard lightbulbs turned on at the same time.

Turn off the lights to save energy, reduce your AC needs too. 


When To Consider Using solar screens?

When you decide to become more energy-efficient, you need to consider every aspect of your daily living. Windows included. 

When you want to start protecting your family’s health and reducing energy costs, contact us to discuss the different solar shades available. At Screenmobile we cater to all window types and all budgets. We’ve got you covered, well, your windows, from semi-permanent exterior panels to motorized solar window screens!

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