Easy-To-Use Retractable Garage Screen Doors

Lifestyle Garage Door Screens are a great way to screen in your garage without the expense of a motorized roll-down screen. Instead, it opens and closes quickly and easily because it is entirely spring-loaded. Your garage is transformed into a comfortable, well-lit, and bug-free area within seconds. Then, when you’re done enjoying the great outdoors, simply retract your Lifestyle garage screen system and close your garage door as usual.


Lifestyle features an industry-first, fully retractable passage door for easy entry and exit without retracting the entire system.


Lifestyle garage screens are easy to use, affordable, built to last, and with Screenmobile, they’re easy to install.

Lifestyle Screen Product Features

Durable Aluminum Frame

Lifestyle garage screen doors are framed with 2″ x 2″ architectural grade aluminum with a wet painted shell for a finish that is both long-lasting and uniform.

Maintenance free tracks

Lifestyle garage door screens run on maintenance-free tracks, independent but similar to your primary garage door tracks. A spring-loaded counter-balance system makes it effortless to open and close the screen.

Easy to open and close

Spring loaded counter-balance system makes it effortless to open and close the garage door screen and eliminates the headache of an electric opener.

Door within a door

Optional door-within-a-door feature allows for easy entry and exit.

Fits in your opening

Occupies the same position as your solid garage door.


With Lifestyle screens, you can turn your garage into another room with privacy.

Available Frame Colors


Available Screens


Screen Details

Choosing the screen mesh material is another consideration when designing your screened-in porch.

  • Fiberglass Screens: Commonly used in residential and commercial properties. They are lightweight, do not corrode or rust, and will become flat again if bent or dented. It is also a very versatile material and can be sized for various projects.
  • Coated Polyester Screens: Best choice for any specialty screens that need to be reinforced with extra strength. This screen material is more expensive than your standard fiberglass, but it is not replaced as quickly. It is commonly used in sliding screen doors, low windows, and cold locations.
  • Pet Resistant Screens: Heavy-duty screens designed to put up with the rough treatment your pet may dish out from time to time. The size of your pet and the damage they cause will determine the best screen to fit your needs.
  • Solar Screens: Perfect for windows that attract a lot of heat and sunlight. A solar screen’s dark exterior blocks the sun’s warmth and absorbs the excess heat while providing additional privacy. They are mainly used on patios, porches, pool decks, and in warm climates.
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