Convert the space under a second-story deck into a dry, spacious patio.

Screenmobile’s under deck ceilings create additional functional space that adds value and comfort to your outdoor living area. They’re also maintenance-free and keep you and your furniture safe from the elements. Trust Screenmobile’s experienced under-deck ceiling contractors to provide you with a custom-designed ceiling that can incorporate ceiling fans, recessed lighting, and swinging benches. Screen panels can also be added for a screened-off room with unobstructed views, using a range of screen fabrics, including pet-resistant or solar screens.

Product Features

Drainage System

A unique deck drainage system that creates an outdoor living area at a fraction of the cost of adding a new room.

Existing or new decks

Under deck ceilings can be installed on most existing or new decks to create dry living space below.

Screen Room option

Once you create a dry underdeck ceiling, you can also enclose it as a screen room.

Easily Removed panels

Individual panels can easily be removed for routine maintenance and inspection.

Bug Free

Create a bug-free space that stays clean.

Unobstructed Views

Screen enclosures can have large screen panels with unobstructed views.

Product Benefits

Make your under deck waterproof

A unique deck drainage system that creates a dry outdoor living area at a fraction of the cost of adding a new room. You get an integrated downspout and gutter system with our patented Anti-Backup Protection System.

Increase your comfort level

Designed to incorporate ceiling fans and recessed lighting and swinging benches. Once you have an under deck ceiling installed, you can also enclose it as a screen room to create a comfortable, bug-free space. Large screen panels can be installed to help keep your views.

Aesthetically pleasing

With over 20 designer colors available, we can create a custom design for your home. Screen panel trims available in bronze, white, clay, and sandstone.

Easy to maintain

All underdeck ceilings are low maintenance, leaving you more time to enjoy your outdoor space. Aluminum ceilings are lightweight, attractive, and long-lasting. Screen panels are easily removable for routine maintenance and inspection.

Color Options

We offer a variety of colors on certain products. Depending on the product you choose to have installed, please check with your local Screenmobile technician which options are available to best fit your needs as color choices vary by location.

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