Bring the best part of the outdoors inside with you.

StowAway™ retractable screens eliminate the need for storm doors and enhance the style of almost any door or window. And when not in use, they glide away into an attractive, self-protective casing. StowAway™ retractable screens are a refined, elegant solution for the doors and windows on your home.

StowAway™ retractable screens can be added to almost any door or window in your home. French doors, patios, lanais, decks, sun porches, and sliding patio doors are just a few of the options for StowAway™ retractable screens.

Are you interested in improving the airflow in your home? StowAway™ retractable screens provide breezy cross-ventilation. Maybe you’re interested in including outdoor areas like patios and sun porches as a part of your living area? StowAway™ retractable screens can help you expand your space while blocking the sun’s rays, as well as keeping insects and dirt out.

You select your favorite color, style, screen texture, UV filtering, latching options, and slow close options. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure about the exact size that you need; we have the ability to measure and cut each door in the field.

Product Features

Nylon Plastic Caps
Molded Handle
Powder Coated Finish
Thick Aluminum Design
Heavy-Duty Stiffened Screen
Magnetic Latch

Top Reasons Homeowners Select Stowaway™ Retractable Screens

  • Ventilation for beautiful doors.
  • No storm or swinging screen doors.
  • Perfect solution for double opening french doors.
  • Maintains aesthetics and curb appeal value.
  • Only solution for outswing doors.
  • Great application for tight doorways where there is not enough room for a swinging screen door.
  • Energy-savings and cost-free ventilation (Opening the front door and back patio door often creates the largest volume of cross ventilation in a home).
  • Regular screens can dim up to 50% of the view due to the collection of dirt, snow, etc. and they can sometimes stick and come off of their tracks. StowAway™, however, gives a “crystal clear view”. They can also be cleaned and protected without having to remove them.
  • Allows for wreaths and large decorative door handles.

Frame and Screen Fabric Options

Real Wood Veneer Options
  • Stainable
  • Paintable
  • Match exterior or interior wood work
Screen Fabric Colors
Screen Fabric Types

StowAway™ screens come in four mesh types that you can choose based on your individual needs.

  • Standard – This is a strong, stiffened fiberglass mesh.
  • Noseeum – This extra-fine mesh provides protection from smaller insects called no-see-ums.
  • Solar – This mesh blocks more of the sun’s rays than standard mesh.
  • Pet – This heavy-duty screen resists damage caused by pets.

Can’t find your color?

We offer a variety of colors depending on the product you choose to get installed. For complete color information, ask your local Screenmobile for further details and to check availability.

Colors may not appear exactly as shown. Contact your local Screenmobile for proper color samples. Please note an additional charge applies to designer, wood grain, and custom color programs.

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