Feel cool, look great with a Rainier power screen.

Reduce heat and glare from the sun’s rays with a power screen from Rainier. They are designed to be low maintenance and can be easily retracted into their housing when not in use. Rainier shade products allow for remote control with time-tested, dependable motors and controls by Somfy, the world leader in tubular motor technology. Control your motorized shades through your smartphone with the Somfy myLink app and even schedule a program so your shades cool down your porch or patio every day by the time you come home.

An added benefit is protection for your home furnishings and flooring against fading from being overexposed to harmful UV rays. Rainier motorized screens are made in America using heavy gauge aluminum that resists corrosion and rusting from inclement weather, ensuring peace of mind.

Product Details

SRS™ Side Retention System

SRS side tracks hold the screen mesh stable, even in high wind conditions, allowing worry-free use of your screen.

Recessed SRS Option

These tracks are designed for installation during construction to blend seamlessly with your home.

Cable Option

Using cables to guide the screen mesh is subtle and stylish, offering a minimalist profile to compliment your home.

Key Features

Dynamic by Design

With the touch of a button, a Power Screen from Rainier provides shade, energy savings, and ventilation. Each screen is made to order, so you get exactly the options that suit your home and lifestyle. We feature motors and controls manufactured by Somfy, the world leader in tubular motors.

Reduce Heat & Glare

Cool your home naturally and decrease your reliance on traditional air conditioning! Research has shown that in many homes, exterior shading systems can reduce cooling costs by up to 60%. Additionally, by filtering out the majority of the sun’s rays, you’ll enjoy less annoying glare on your computer and television screens.

Protect Your Furnishings from Fading

A wide variety of fabric choices are available to block the sun and preserve your view, or provide complete blackout if desired. Our product reduces the harmful UV rays that fade your furnishings and flooring.

Frame Color Options

In addition to our standard frame colors, we offer a wide variety of additional custom colors on certain products. Depending on the product you choose to have installed, ask your Screenmobile technician which options are available to best fit your needs. Frame colors and screen choices vary by location.

Bright White
Off White (RAL 9010)
Brown (RAL 8019)
Desert Sand
Gray (RAL 7046)
Textured Tan
Copper Bronze Texture
Dark Grey Texture

Motorized Screen Fabric Choices

We have a wide variety of screen fabrics to choose from. Depending on your needs, we offer sun control screen, insect control screen, pet-resistant screen, and more! In addition to our standard options, we can also help you with specialty screens that resist weatherization, such as copper or bronze screens.

Our screens also are available in a wide variety of colors and meshes. Please be sure to ask your Screenmobile technician which screen fabric is right for you.

Nano 97 Flat Black
Nano 97 Tobacco
Nano 97 Grey
Nano 95 Expresso
Nano 95 Flat Black
Nano 95 Tobacco
Nano 95 Charcoal
Nano 95 Stone Texture
Nano 95 Shadow
Textilene 95 Mushroom
Textiline 90 Dusk Grey
Textilene 90 Black
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