Shade when you need it and sun only when you want it.

Outsmart the weather with retractable awning for greater enjoyment of the outdoors. Sun Control Retractable Shades’ products expand your outdoor space allowing you to vacation in your own backyard. Protect your patio furniture for harmful UV rays that can fade the color of your furnishings.

Add-ons available for motorized awnings enable automated operation through Somfy RTS. A simple press of a button on a remote control or wireless wall switch sends out a radio signal to move any motorized awning making adjustments easy.

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Contact your local Screenmobile for help choosing the right retractable sun shades for your home. We help you take pride, comfort, and satisfaction in your home and business properties. When you call on us, the job gets done – just the way you expect. Screenmobile, You Call…We Screen.

Product Features & Benefits

Manual or motorized
  • Motorized options can be connected to home automation.
  • Weather sensitive. Sun and wind sensor to sense weather conditions.


  • Components are built to last for a long time.
  • Retractable awnings systems are available in a variety of strong roller shade fabrics.

Professional installation

  • Custom-installed for any size opening, can go up to 40-feet wide.
  • Done right by a skilled Screenmobile technician.

5 projection options

  • Horizontal coverage up to where you want it.
  • Choose the right awning projection that best suits your needs.

Protection from harmful UV rays

  • Easily shade your porch and keep your furniture from fading.
  • Shade where you want it when you want it.

Retractable widths up to 40 ft.

  • Expand and shade your outdoor living space.
  • Easily retract your awning when not in use.

Retractable valance available

  • Choose from different fabrics and designs.
  • Add a unique valance to your home to characterize your outdoor space.

Frame Color Options

We offer a variety of colors on certain products. Depending on the product you choose to have installed, ask your Screenmobile technician which options are available to best fit your needs. Frame colors and screen choices vary by location


Fabric Options

Sunbrella Baycrest Pacific
Sunbrella Charcoal Grey
Sunbrella Crestview Seaglass
Sunbrella Eastridge Cocoa
Sunbrella Heather Beige
Sunbrella Linen
Sunbrella Preston Stone
Sunbrella Putty Regimental
Sunbrella Silica Dune
Sunbrella Walnut Brown
Sunbrella Alpine
Sunbrella Aquamarine
Sunbrella Aruba
Sunbrella Aspen
Sunbrella Basil
Sunbrella Beige
Sunbrella Black Cherry
Sunbrella Black
Sunbrella Burgundy
Sunbrella Buttercup
Sunbrella Cadet Grey
Sunbrella Capri
Sunbrella Captain Navy
Sunbrella Cocoa
Sunbrella Concord
Sunbrella Erin Green
Sunbrella Fern
Sunbrella Forest Green
Sunbrella Ginko
Sunbrella Hyacinth
Sunbrella Jockery Red
Sunbrella Logo Red
Sunbrella Mahogany
Sunbrella Marine Blue
Sunbrella Mediterranean Blue
Sunbrella Natural
Sunbrella Navy
Sunbrella Nutmeg
Sunbrella Ocean Blue
Sunbrella Orange
Sunbrella Oyster
Sunbrella Pacific Blue
Sunbrella Parchment
Sunbrella Persian Green
Sunbrella Rust
Sunbrella Sapphire Blue
Sunbrella Sea
Sunbrella Seagrass Green
Sunbrella Silver
Sunbrella Sky Blue
Sunbrella Slate
Sunbrella Smoke
Sunbrella Spa
Sunbrella Spruce
Sunbrella Sunflower
Sunbrella Tan
Sunbrella Taupe
Sunbrella Terracotta
Sunbrella Toast
Sunbrella True Brown
Sunbrella Turquoise
Sunbrella Tuscan
Sunbrella Wheat
Sunbrella Ashford
Sunbrella Balance Ember
Sunbrella Balance Tidepool
Sunbrella Baycrest
Sunbrella Beaufort Black White
Sunbrella Beaufort Forest Green Natural
Sunbrella Beaufort Yellow White
Sunbrella Beige White
Sunbrella Bisque Brown
Sunbrella Black Forest Fancy
Sunbrella Black Taupe Fancy
Sunbrella Brass Black Cherry Classic
Sunbrella Burgundy Black White
Sunbrella Captain Navy Natural Classic
Sunbrella Chocolate Chip Factory
Sunbrella Classic Regimental
Sunbrella Clinton Granite
Sunbrella Colonnade Fossil
Sunbrella Colonnade Juniper
Sunbrella Colonnade Redwood
Sunbrella Cooper Navy
Sunbrella Copper Black
Sunbrella Courtland Pebble
Sunbrella Eastland Redwood
Sunbrella Era Ash
Sunbrella Era Cornsilk
Sunbrella Era Indigo
Sunbrella Era Mist
Sunbrella Fern Classic
Sunbrella Fern Heather Beige Block
Sunbrella Forest Green Beige Natural Fancy
Sunbrella Forest Green Fancy
Sunbrella Forest Vintage Bar Stripe
Sunbrella Grey Beige Chip Factory
Sunbrella Grey Black White
Sunbrella Hanna Fern Vintage
Sunbrella Hatteras Raven
Sunbrella Havelock Brick
Sunbrella Heather Beige Classic
Sunbrella Hemlock Tweed Fancy
Sunbrella Intrigue Neon
Sunbrella Kiawah Spa
Sunbrella Manhattan Classic
Sunbrella Manhattan Dune
Sunbrella Manhattan Fog
Sunbrella Manteo Cardinal
Sunbrella Mediterranean Canvas
Sunbrella Motive Denim
Sunbrella Motive Dusk
Sunbrella Navy Taupe Fancy
Sunbrella Pacific Blue Fancy
Sunbrella Plum Fancy
Sunbrella Preston Radiance
Sunbrella Providence Americana
Sunbrella Rodanthe Metallic
Sunbrella Rodanthe Sunrise
Sunbrella Sapphire Vintage Bar Stripe
Sunbrella Saxon Cascade
Sunbrella Saxon Chili
Sunbrella Taupe 5 Bar
Sunbrella Taupe Tailored Bar Stripe
Sunbrella Westfield Mushroom
Sunbrella Crest Ash
Sunbrella Crest Birch
Sunbrella Crest Denim
Sunbrella Silica Barley
Sunbrella Silica Charcoal
Sunbrella Silica Sage
Sunbrella Silica Sesame
Sunbrella Silica Silver
Sunbrella Silica Stone
Sunbrella Tresco Birch
Sunbrella Tresco Brass
Sunbrella Tresco Brick
Sunbrella Tresco Clay
Sunbrella Tresco Ginger
Sunbrella Tresco Linen
Sunbrella Charcoal Tweed
Sunbrella Dubonnet Tweed
Sunbrella Hemlock Tweed
Sunbrella Linen Tweed
Sunbrella Mediterranean Blue Tweed
Sunbrella Mocha Tweed
Sunbrella Royal Blue Tweed
Sunbrella Alpine Burgundy Pencil Stripe
Sunbrella Beaufort Alpine Beige
Sunbrella Beaufort Beige White
Sunbrella Beaufort Classic
Sunbrella Brera Sorbet
Sunbrella Captain Navy Regimental
Sunbrella Cavalier Colonial
Sunbrella Cavalier Raven
Sunbrella Cavalier Sedona
Sunbrella Coastal Herbal
Sunbrella Coastal Spa
Sunbrella Cordell Redwood
Sunbrella Crestview Mushroom
Sunbrella Crestview Oak
Sunbrella Deep Sea
Sunbrella Fern Graduated Stripe
Sunbrella Forest Green Regimental
Sunbrella Granville Mahogany
Sunbrella Granville Paprika
Sunbrella Granville Patina
Sunbrella Granville Tinsel
Sunbrella Green Fancy
Sunbrella Hartwell Fiesta
Sunbrella Hemlock Tweed Formal
Sunbrella Lankford Woodland
Sunbrella Moreland Chestnut
Sunbrella Moreland Clay
Sunbrella Moreland Nugget
Sunbrella Moreland Taupe
Sunbrella Palm
Sunbrella Pink
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