The ideal screen solution today’s large opening doors and windows.

The ZigZag and ZigZag2 screens are the ideal solution for today’s ever-popular bi-folding, lift-n-slide, and other large openings. Available in five frame colors this screen features an attractive pleated fabric look. This screen can be opened or closed with the gentle touch of a finger and is pre-assembled for fast and easy installation.

Genius' Lines of Large Format Screens


The ZigZag screen features one large panel of fabric and the screen opens at either end and can be moved and positioned as desired.


The ZigZag2 features two screen panels that open to meet at the center to protect against insects while staying latched using a full-length magnetic seal.

Product Features

Stop anywhere

Durable screens open on either end, which allows the homeowner to stop in any position when moved across the opening. Easy touch of a finger for a user-friendly operation.

Low profile bottom track

The low profile bottom track is wheelchair accessible and available for flat or sloped thresholds. Your family will have a sense of ease knowing that the bottom track is also ADA compliant.

Low visual obstruction

The screen provides an unobstructed view through the opening. Stay shaded without losing your beautiful views.

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