Function meets form.

Solar shades and roll-down shades consist of a sun control fabric that is installed near your window. They work by filtering the light and absorbing some of the heat that comes through your windows. The result can be a dramatic reduction in room temperature and radiant light. By using fabrics that can either highlight or blend into your home’s decor, motorized screens can be a fashion statement as well as serve a function. Having motorized screens installed in your home can add even more convenience to the form and function of your screens and shades. Screenmobile offers the best sun control devices for patios and porches available. Find out more about Screenmobile’s best-in-class motorized solar shades.

Typical Uses

Why should you get motorized shades for your home? Here are a few signs that indicate a need for a new sun control device in your life.

  • You have a hot upstairs room that never seems to get cool
  • You have some hard to cover large window openings
  • You need some privacy
  • You want to darken a room on purpose, such as with a large screen television
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