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ClearView retractable screen doors let the cool outside air in, saving you money on your electricity bill. Contact Screenmobile now for Fast service and Free estimates! We can help you find the perfect screen door for your house.

Wish you had window or door screens when you need them, but they could be virtually invisible when you don’t? ClearView retractable screens can do just that. Retractable screens utilize the old-fashioned technology of roll-up blinds, but in an updated and advanced way to work vertically or horizontally. The screens allow for full ventilation to cool your home off the natural way.

ClearView retractable screens are manufactured with a durable, lightweight aluminum housing that protects the screen cloth when not in use. Within the housing, the screen is anchored to an aluminum tube and tension control device.

ClearView Product Features

Patented Speed Reducer

The Clear View™ Patented Speed Reducer slows the screen’s return, preventing it from slamming and potentially injuring the unwary user. Clear View™ puts your safety first. By eliminating the slam back common to other screens, Clear View has taken the retractable screen to the next level.

Patented Hidden Magnet System

The Clear View Retractable Screens® System includes a Patented Hidden Magnet System. This Hidden Magnet is encased within the pullbar – Out of Sight, Out of Mind.

Retracts When Not In Use

When not in use the Screen will stow away out of sight, safe and secure. Clear View Retractable Screens® utilize the old-fashioned technology of roll-up blinds, updated and advanced to work vertically or horizontally. Their screens are manufactured with a durable, light weight aluminum housing that protects the screen when not in use.

Custom Built For Your Home

Clear View Retractable Screens® Systems are designed to be mounted on the surface or in the recess area of any door or window allowing it to fit almost any application. Clear View Retractable Screens® Systems turn your home into an oasis.

Heat/U.V. Resistant Nylon Components

Combined with greater strength and durability our components resist the test of time.

Powder Coating Finishes

Clear View Retractable Screens® Systems feature a Powder Coated finish formulated to exceed the toughest paint standards in the industry for UV and salt spray resistance. Super Slick Rails insure years of worry free screen glide.

Ergonomically Designed Handles

Easy to use adjustable to your height preference.

Super Screen Available in Black and White

Super Screen™ is 3 times stronger than traditional fiberglass mesh.

Welded Edges

Clear View Retractable Screens® Systems have “welded mesh” at the top and bottom of the screen. The welds provide durability and strength to prevent frays and tears. Clear View Retractable Screens® Systems are not designed or intended to provide security for, or retain persons, animals or objects either in or out of your home.


When you want to let natural air cool the house down, simply pull out the screens and they lock into place. When you don’t need the screens, they simply slide back into their housing. ClearView’s patented “Safe-Glide” Speed ReducerTM insures our screens will retract fully without danger of trapped fingers or a “slamming” return. ClearView’s patented Safe-Glide* Speed ReducerTM also work on sliding doors too.

Our experts can help you find the correct screen door for the area you want to install it. We take pride in giving the best quality products and services to make your life easier. Let us take care of your retractable screening needs.

For more information about our ClearView Retractable Screens and how they can help cool off your house naturally, as well as save you money and reduce your energy consumption, please call Screenmobile. We will be happy to provide you with additional information about any of our products and a Free Estimate. You Call. We Screen.


ClearView™ Retractable Screens are available in 11 standard colors. Additional custom colors, including wood grain finishes, are available for special order.

Dark Brown
Dark Green
Off White
Old Brown
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