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Screen doors can keep the bugs out and let the air in, saving you money on your electricity bill. Contact Screenmobile now for Fast service and Free estimates! We can help you find the perfect screen door for your house.

Do you want to add a screen door to your home to increase the ventilation, but think it won’t fit? Whether your home is a condo, single family home, apartment or duplex, there is a custom Mirage Retractable Screen Door to fit your home. Plus, it won’t distract from the curb appeal of your place since it retracts when you don’t need it.

Mirage Retractable Screen Doors are a great addition to your home by allowing natural air in to cool off your house, but can easily be hidden when not in use. By letting your house cool off naturally, you will save money on your electricity bill since you won’t need to use the air conditioning as much.

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Install Anywhere
Install Anywhere

Want to install a screen door on a not-so-typical door, like French doors? Mirage Retractable Screen Doors come in a variety of options, including:

  • Retractable French Door Screens
  • Retractable Patio Door Screens
  • Retractable Sliding Doors
  • Retractable In-Swing Door Screens
  • Retractable Out-Swing Door Screens and
  • Retractable Terrace Door Screens


Whatever your screen door needs are, whether for a swinging or sliding door, Screenmobile can help you find the best match for your place.

Retractable Doors Mirage Pivot Pro Handle
Pivot Pro Handle

The Mirage PivotPro easy release handle operates with a simple twist of the handle which allows the strong, rare earth magnet to easily detach from the closure. This innovative product feature is the perfect solution to ensuring that the retractable screen door is operational for both children and the elderly.

  • No tugging or pulling the screen to open
  • Can be opened with one hand; maintain control and smoothness of the screen
  • Ergonomically shaped for easy grasp
  • Fits all door applications
  • Simple installation with few mechanical parts

Mirage Screen Door Benefits

Now you can screen EVERY door in your home! Whether your home is a condo, single-family home, apartment, or duplex, there is a custom Mirage retractable screen door perfect for your home.

Mirage retractable screen doors will help keep your family healthy and comfortable, and your home attractive. You will naturally cool your home by opening the doors and cut those rising energy bills in the process!

Front Entry Door
Entry Doors Screen

We offer a variety of design options to ensure that your retractable screen door matches the color, look, and feel of your entryway.

French Door
French Door Screen

Let Screenmobile help you take full advantage of the beauty and benefits of French doors with our customized retractable screens for French doors.

Patio Screen Door
Patio Screen Doors

Add livability to your home by improving airflow and light in your home. Maximize your patio space by installing retractable screens in your home.

In swinging Door
In-Swinging Screen Doors

The most common type of front door is an in-swinging door. Our retractable are made to fit an in-swinging front or back door. Find out today how we can make that happen for you.

Out swinging Door
Out-Swinging Screen Doors

If your house has an out-swinging door, our retractables are a perfect fit because you get the fresh air without the bugs, and with our wide variety of colors, we will be able to blend the door into your home. That way it’s out of sight when not in use.

Unique Installs
Unique Installs

Screenmobile is the expert in the retractable world and can do custom and unique installations just for you! Call us today to see what project we can help you out with.

Mirage Features

Why MIRAGE retractable screens? If you do a side by side comparison of a Mirage retractable screen door with any other brand retractable screen door, you will immediately see the QUALITY difference. In fact, that is exactly why most of Mirage’s local screen specialists became Mirage Dealers. They switched from selling inferior brands to proudly representing the top-of-the-line Mirage retractable screen door! Mirage routinely cycle tests its product 250,000 times, the equivalent of 69 years of use if used 10 times daily. That’s the Mirage Retractable Screen Door quality you can count on!

  • Components that are engineered to last.
  • Superior powder coating (and available in the widest range of colors).
  • Ultra-smooth screen guides made from self-lubricating space-aged plastics.
  • Adjustable Spring Tension for smooth closing NEVER slamming doors.
  • Pet-friendly reinforced screen options.
  • Corrosion-resistance for oceanfront homes.

Choosing a Retractable Screen Door

Not all retractable screen doors in the marketplace are alike. Its always best to do side-by-side comparisons of various product offerings. The Mirage retractable Screen has been built to last:

Its guides (plastic parts that guide the screen across the door) have been formed from a space aged material that is highly durable and contains its own lubricant, allowing it to slide smoothly with minimal wear for years to come.

Mirage’s internal moving parts have been treated with a long lasting, temperature resistant lubricant to allow smooth movement while preventing corrosion and annoying squeaks.

Its central shaft rotates in a silicon brass bushing allowing it to withstand hundreds of thousands of cycles without wearing of crucial parts.

To ensure that all these parts stand the test of time, Mirage routinely cycle tests its product up to 250,000 cycles. What does this mean in the real world? Based on you using your door 10 times per day, all year long, this would be the equivalent of almost 69 years of use.

Our goal has been to make the best quality product possible with the longest trouble free life available, and to deliver it to the consumer in an easy to use package that fits with the home’s décor.

Screen Door Sizes
Screen Door Sizes

Mirage can custom manufacture any screen door up to a maximum height of 110″ and a maximum width of 55″. Screenmobile can take care of all the details to ensure a quality installation.

Screen Door Mesh
Screen Door Mesh

Mirage offers a number of screen mesh options made in the USA to our specifications. Standard Insect Screen is a high quality standard mesh for virtually any door application. Available in Silver Grey and Charcoal.

Mirage Colors

Mirage screen doors feature the latest architectural colors in line with home decorating trends.

Mirage uses the highest quality finishes formulated to exceed one of the toughest paint standards in the industry for UV and salt spray resistance, the AAMA 2604. Our products are painted in-house by trained Mirage personnel. This is especially important to ensure proper adhesion to the aluminum parts on the retractable screen door. The Mirage Limited Lifetime Warranty ensures you first time quality on your retractable screen door.

Mirage Colors

Standard Frame Color Options

In addition to our standard frame colors, we offer a wide variety of additional custom colors on certain products. Depending on the product you choose to have installed, ask your Screenmobile technician which options are available to best fit your needs. Frame colors and screen choices vary by location.

Polar White
Linen Cream Linen Cream
Sandalwood Sandalwood
Slate Grey
Tudor Brown Tudor Brown
Rideau Brown
Midnight Black Midnight Black

Can’t find your color?

Mirage Screens also offer a custom color option which allows you to create a retractable screen door solution in any and every hue and shade imaginable. You pick the color and we will match it.

For complete color information, ask your local Screenmobile for further details.

NOTE: Availability may vary. Contact your local Screenmobile for details.

Colors may not appear exactly as shown. Contact Screenmobile for proper color samples. Please note an additional charge applies to designer, wood grain, and custom color program(s).

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