Sleek modern design & the highest quality of components.

RetractaView™ by Wizard Screens is the premium retractable screen door. Featuring a sleek modern design and the highest quality of components, RetractaView™ is the perfect screen solution for your door! Our retractable screens are custom made and professionally installed.

Traditional door screens, in addition to being awkward, present two big challenges to homeowners whether they are looking to screen a custom mahogany front entry door or a French door leading out to the back lanai. With the Wizard RetractaView™ retractable door screen homeowners can say goodbye to having to compromise by either selecting an unsightly traditional screen or not screening the door at all.

Product Features

Low Profile Housing
Low Profile Housing

Finding a traditional insect or solar screen that does not negatively impact a door’s appearance is nearly impossible. Retractaview™ features a low-profile housing and a contemporary style that blends in with the existing design and is pulled into place only when needed.

Durable Technlogy
Durable Technology

Retractable Screens are durable enough to handle the daily rigors of a high-traffic exterior door. A custom latch system holds the screen in place when in use yet releases should a pet or person run into the screen.

Effortlessly Stow Away
Effortless Stow Away

Wizard’s GlideSmooth™ Technology enables effortless one-handed operation along the low-profile upper and lower tracks. When a completely clear view is desired, the screen conveniently retracts and stores out-of-sight in the side housing.

Professionally Installed

All screening systems are installed by Screenmobile specialists who ensure the right fit. Each installation is different and our technicians have the experience to ensure your screen looks great and fits great.

Large Format Screens

Looking to screen a wide doorway or large opening? Ask your local Screenmobile about Wizard’s VistaView™ Retractable Screens and The Horizon large format screens which are designed to fit large or oversize door openings. Screenmobile is the industry leader in installing these large format screen doors.

VistaView™ Retractable Screens are great for large windows, bi-fold doors, stacker doors, curtain walls, telescoping walls, lift & slide door systems, French doors, and more. The Horizon is Wizard’s solution for oversize and unique doors and large openings. Click to learn more about Wizard’s line of large format screens, and contact your local Screenmobile for assistance in choosing the screen to fit your needs.

More Information

Color Options

RetractaView™ by Wizard Screens are available are available in a variety colors. Depending on the product you choose to have installed, ask your local Screenmobile which options are available to best fit your needs. Frame colors and screen choices vary by location.

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