Attractive screen doors that are custom fit and professionally installed.

Handcrafted doors from PCA offer a variety of styles, colors and handle options, all utilizing flat splines that are virtually impossible to push away from the door. PCA’s all-in-one screen door system is made to hang right or left and swing in or out. These screen doors can withstand any high traffic areas, pets, children, and forces of up to 740 lbs. They’re attractive, durable, will NOT rust, and come with a tight seal at the floor to keep bugs out while letting fresh air in. All doors are made in America and every possible size and option are available.

Product Benefits & Features

Swinging Doors PCA Key Features

Solid Aluminum Corner Keys ensure a rigid and sag resistant mainframe.

Swinging Doors

Only ¾” Square Aluminum Picket is used in the construction of the decorative sections of our doors.

Swinging Doors

All screen doors in our catalog utilize the original and exclusive “Thru Lock System” Aluminum Sand Castings are used for all ornamental work.

Swinging Doors

No visible rubber or glazing present with our Spline-less Kick Plate System, no more mold or mildew buildup!

 Doors Swinging Doors PCA

Full 1″ X 2″ Heavy Aluminum Mainframe (.065 wall thickness) has incorporated flat spline groove for screening.

Swinging Doors PCA

Zinc Spear Heads that will not rust.

Handle Choices

Swinging Doors PCA Inswing Handle

Choose the Tasman security lock or standard pull handle. Also available are dead bolt locks and in swinging handles.

High quality air adjustable closures are available on all PCA doors. This ensures a precise closing speed and keeps the door closed as needed.


All doors are hand powder coated to exact standards. Powder coating is much stronger than a paint process and will last for years.

Ivory Ivory
Sandstone Sandstone
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