Weather protection all year round.

Looking to spend more time outdoors during the warmer months, maybe enjoying a cold drink and some quality time with friends and family? Make your space more enjoyable with a new awning from Screenmobile. Awnings are a great addition to your patio or porch. They create shade for you to take advantage of in hot weather. Awnings are perfect for added shade and protection from the sun. Spend more time outdoors with a new porch awning from Screenmobile. They also prevent furniture and carpets from fading. Awnings are available with a motorized option with a quiet, high-quality motor built-in. Remote-controlled, custom-fit, and professionally installed by Screenmobile. Also available in traditional, freestanding, and manual models. You can choose from a variety of colors and styles. Every awning is made to your specifications whether you’re expanding your outdoor living space or you would like more UV protection.

Contact your local Screenmobile for help choosing the right screen awning system for your home. We help you take pride, comfort, and satisfaction in your home and business properties. When you call on us, the job gets done – just the way you expect. Screenmobile, You Call…We Screen.

Product Features & Benefits

Sun Protection

Protection from the Sun

Do you want to protect your patio or outdoor areas of your home from the heat beating down? Wish you spent more time outside on your patio, but can’t stand to be in the direct sunlight? Screenmobile can help you find the perfect awning for your outside seating area. Awnings give you the added protection from the sun’s hot rays and allow you to enjoy your patio or porch.

Awnings Custom Sizes

Custom Sizes

Screenmobile’s custom-made awnings are professionally installed and give you control to maximize your comfort and protection from the sun. Our awnings come in manual crank or motorized operating options. You can also choose from a variety of projections: 5’3”, 7’0”, 8’6”, 10’3”, 11’6” and 13’0”. We will work with you to create custom widths. Custom made awnings ensure a perfect fit every time.


Professional Installation

Awnings are professionally installed by Screenmobile, the nation’s largest mobile screen repair company.

Frame Color Options

We offer a variety of colors on certain products. Depending on the product you choose to have installed, ask your Screenmobile technician which options are available to best fit your needs.

Frame colors and screen choices vary by location. Please check with your local Screenmobile for color choices.

Fabric Color Options

We have a variety of screen fabrics to choose from. Depending on your needs, we offer sun control screen, insect control screen, pet-resistant screen, and more! In addition to our standard options, we can also help you with specialty screens that resist weatherization, such as copper or bronze screens.

Our screens also are available in a wide variety of colors and meshes. Please be sure to ask your Screenmobile technician which screen fabric is right for you.

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