Sun protection when you want it.

SunPro has teamed up with Sunbrella, the most-recognized name in the awnings industry. Thanks to its celebrated fabrics, all SunPro awnings are offered in 30 in-stock, high-quality Sunbrella fabrics across five color groups. SunPro is proud to have raised the bar in offering dealers and their customers the industry’s supreme fabric choice in more than three times as many color choices than ever before!

SunPro's Seven Signature Premium Features

Built In Dimmable LED Lights
Built-In Dimmable LED Lights

A key SunPro awning feature on all our awnings is our built-in dimmable LED lights. These lights are built into the arms of all our awnings, giving users the ability to control the level of light by remote control.

For customers wanting to keep their gatherings well lit into the night, these built-in dimmable LED lights are a great premium feature.

EZ Pitch Adjustment
EZ-Pitch Adjustment

Almost all competitors’ awnings require customers to use a ladder and Allen wrench to line up the pitch to suggested stationary settings. Customers usually don’t adjust the pitch by themselves and instead resort to calling a technician to handle this process for them.

SunPro’s EZ-Pitch Adjustment feature makes pitch changes a cinch and comes standard with all of SunPro awnings. Customers may easily adjust the slope, or pitch, of their awning by themselves by using an included crank, turning the pitch pin on either side.

Integrated Cassette Housing
Integrated Cassette Housing

SunPro awnings’ integrated cassette housing protects awning fabric from weather damage. Our integrated cassette housing is another popular feature that comes standard on all SunPro awnings.

When SunPro awnings are retracted, this integrated cassette housing protects all the fabric from the elements. Customers will enjoy awnings that better withstand excessive fabric fading, insect and bird damage, and other fabric wear issues.

Motorized with Wireless Remote Control
Motorized with Wireless Remote Control

All SunPro awnings are motorized and operated by a wireless remote control. We appreciate this premium feature made standard with all SunPro awnings because of the ease and simplicity it brings to customers.

Customers of all ages are thankful for the touch-of-a-button experience that comes with using all SunPro awnings. Customers also appreciate that SunPro awnings include a manual override feature to the motorized function.

Three Frame Colors
Three Frame Colors

SunPro awnings come in three frame colors: white, bronze, and beige, and are a delight to the eyes. Not only are SunPro awnings highly functional and a breeze to use, but they give our customers a lot of options when it comes to finding a color match that’s appropriate for their homes as color choices complement most home exteriors.

Straight or Sea Wave Valance
Straight or Sea-Wave Valance

SunPro’s awnings also come in either straight or sea-wave fabric valances. Our high-quality valances are able to be easily removed and reinstalled by customers.

Multi Use Front Bar
Multi-Use Front Bar

Finally, all SunPro awnings include a seventh premium feature, a multi-use front bar to accommodate optional accessories, as a standard feature across the product line.

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