Function meets form.

Reduce your summer air conditioning bill with Screenmobile’s blinds and shades products. They work by absorbing solar heat and dissipating it before it reaches windows. They’re also effective at blocking the harmful rays from the sun, and shades work to reduce bright glare. Contact your local Screenmobile for more information and assistance with these and other design options.

Beautiful blinds

There are many different types of window blinds. Screenmobile can install blinds for your home without the need to compromise quality and style for price. Our blinds ensure extra privacy and light control. They also come in a vast array of fashionable paints and stains. All of our blinds are specially designed to block out light more completely. Each blind is made with advanced finish technology and privacy slats, which make them a popular choice.

Shades that come in alluring fabrics

Interior shades are simply a sun control fabric that is installed near your window. They work by filtering the light and absorbing some of the heat that comes through your windows. The result can be a dramatic reduction in room temperature and radiant light. By using fabrics that can either highlight or blend into your home’s decor, they can be a fashion statement as well as serve a function.

Shades can be made with exotic fabrics and custom colors to complement any room’s style. Honeycomb shades are made with extra insulation and home energy efficiency. Roller shades have a modern look with lots of textures and styles. Roman shades are made by the best-tailored craftsmanship with luxury fabrics and excellent detailing. With shades, you can experience light a whole new way. They provide light and warmth, achieving a perfect balance of light control and privacy.

Typical Uses

Blinds and Shades
Cool your spaces

You have a hot upstairs room that never seems to get cool.

Blinds And Shades
Hard to cover openings

You have some hard to cover large window openings.

Blinds and Shades

You need to increase the privacy of street-facing rooms.

Room darkening

You want to darken a room such as when you want to give your living room a cinema-like experience.

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