Window protection with you in mind.

Screenmobile and Crimsafe have partnered together to bring you the most secure way to protect your home and loved ones. Although it may look like a simple screen, Crimsafe screens offer more protection than window burglar bars without the loss of curb appeal. Crimsafe’s patented Screw-Clamp® technology makes the screen nearly indestructible protecting you from intruders, severe weather, and pesky bugs, and reduces UV light and radiant heat gain saving you money on your energy bill.

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  • Designed to protect while providing proper ventilation and an unobstructed view.
  • A more beneficial alternative to burglar bars with more benefits.
  • One-touch open to easily open the window for a simple cleaning or an emergency egress.
  • Cut-resistant stainless steel mesh clamped in our patented Screw-Clamp® frame provides ultimate protection.
  • 10-year warranty on every Crimsafe screen.
  • Crimsafe provide you with peace of mind while home or away.

Product Benefits & Features

Crimsafe custom makes each screen exactly to match your window. Ensuring a perfect fit maximizes its security and protects your home and loved ones.

Security and More

Crimsafe security screens protect against the unwanted like burglars, severe weather, and bugs but they also allow for a better lifestyle. Keep your windows open to enjoy a breeze and the great outdoors. Breathe easy knowing your home is secure.

Safe-S-Capes® Security Screen Window

The Safe-S-Cape® window is a one-touch latch bar that runs the length of the window. Simple to open from the inside to clean or provide an exit but secure from the outside. Never replace flimsy traditional screens again.

Custom Window Options

Crimsafe makes every screen exactly to your window. This means custom shapes are no problem. Dome, arches, and even circular windows can be protected by Crimsafe security screens.

Tested and Proven to Out Preform

Tested in the most extreme conditions, Crimsafe has excelled every test available and some custom made to evaluate its true strength. From crow-bars, knifes, kicks, and the test of time, no other screen has been able to compete with Crimsafe.

What makes Crimsafe so strong?
  • Crimsafe products are custom-made and produced to the highest standards backed by 25 years of research and development.
  • Tensile Tuff® Mesh is specially developed for Crimsafe. Stainless steel mesh protects your family, and keeps out unwelcome visitors, from burglars to bugs.
  • Screw-Clamp® tech secures the mesh to the frame with a vice-like grip dispersing impact around the frame.
  • 10-year warranty gives every customer peace of mind knowing Crimsafe and Screenmobile backs their product and work.
The Crimsafe Security and Storm Screen Message

The Crimsafe motto is very simple. Make the world a safer place one home at a time. In partnership with Screenmobile. Crimsafe believes that it is possible to feel safe in your home and live comfortably. Open the windows, allow circulation and love the way your home looks. Contact your Screenmobile rep and ask how Crimsafe can give you peace of mind.

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