Titan Security Doors

Titan offers a complete line of security sliders designed to enhance the beauty, security, and functionality of your home. Choose from our Premium Security or Meshtec Advanced Screen Systems Ultimate lineups.

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PREMIUM SECURITY DOORS If you are interested in a traditional style security door that complements the architecture of your home, our premium aluminum line delivers. Constructed from a metal alloy up to 6x stronger than steel Titan premium aluminum security doors will not rust, period… making them far and away the best value in a security slider.

MESHTEC ADVANCED SCREEN SYSTEM ULTIMATE SCREEN DOORS & WINDOW SCREENS If state-of-the-art security with a minimal visual impact that allows your home’s beauty to shine through is better suited to your needs, then our line of security screen, security storm, patio security and screen doors and window screens featuring the Meshtec Advanced Screen System will be right for you. This patented system delivers the ultimate in security and durability and a host of other benefits with no trade-offs and no compromises.

Product Benefits & Features

Titan Premium Security doors are custom built to last with a minimum of upkeep. They are the only security doors built from an architectural grade aluminum alloy that is up to 6x stronger than steel and is guaranteed to remain rust-free forever.


Security screens deter break-in attempts and resist burglar tools. Completely secure your sliding patio door entryway.


Contains kids and pets, and provides a critter and insect barrier. Secure your home without losing visibility or ventilation.

Curb Appeal

40 architectural designs and 1 full view in 12 popular colors. These designs make for an attractive addition to any home.

Single door

Complement your home with an understated design and uncompromising security. These screens filter out 60% of the sun’s harmful U.V. rays which keeps insects out.

Double door

This door design makes for an attractive addition to homes in a variety of architectural styles. The metal screen enhances forced-entry deterrence and is constructed from heavy-duty aluminum for increased durability.

3-point locking system

A trusted locking system integrated into both door panels and an innovative panel interlock completely secure your sliding patio door entryway. Built with a strong heavy-duty aluminum frame that provides strength and will never rust.

Titan’s comprehensive line of windows and doors products

From standard sizes to custom doors and surface mount to recess mount applications, Titan has you covered. Whether you are interested in a swinging or sliding doors, window screens, or a whole-house solution, Screenmobile can help you find the best match for your place. For more information about how Titan products can add another level of security, functionality and beauty to your home, call Screenmobile… You call, We Screen!

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Custom Installation

The patent-protected Meshtec Advanced Screen System makes an entirely new class of door and window products possible. The line includes:

  • Single security screen doors
  • Double
  • Security storm doors
  • Patio security and heavy-duty sliding doors
  • Fixed and operable window screens including sidelines
  • Standard and custom sizes in 4-colors

The Meshtec system creates the ONLY woven screen door and window products that meet or exceed all applicable international or local standards, including:

  • Impact resistance
  • Cut resistance
  • Intruder resistance
  • Finish quality
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Child safe, 2-step emergency egress

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