Reclaim your unused space.

A high-quality screen porch enclosure will give you the extra living space that you’re looking for. With the assurance that your porch will look good for years to come. Porch screens will keep bugs and critters out while you enjoy summer days in your backyard. By screening your existing porch, you’re adding a protected casual space to your home. Small Extrusion porches can be done with a ½ “ x 1” extruded aluminum. Creating a low profile system that doesn’t obstruct your views. It will blend in with most porches already built without a screening system. It can be easily added without any massive rework of your porch.

Product Benefits

Built to last

Small extrusion systems is a high-quality product that will last longer than a simple stapled system. Over time stapled systems seem to sag, a Small Extrusion system will stay strong and tight through every season. With a flat spline, this system will virtually have no blowouts. The more pressure applied to the screen, the more it will tighten due to the design of the groove in the channel.

Professional installation

We provide our customers with a great experience, from the initial service call to the completion of the project. We do this by offering a great selection of “screen” related products, a mobile store to bring our products to your door for convenience, choices, and custom solutions for varied budgets, competent and courteous Service Technicians, and a stress-free and professional experience.

Custom shapes and sizes

Do you have a window with special dimensions? No problem, your Screenmobile technician will custom build your screen to any shape or size. Our experienced technicians can ensure a secure fit.

Keep your view

With the small extrusion system you keep more of your views. With a low profile track you will not be distracted by large aluminum structures. This system can secure large openings due to the strong extruded aluminum.

Low profile extrusion

½ x 1 is a small extruded aluminum frame that is designed to keep the screen tight in the opening while still allowing maximum view. This small extrusion can be used on all patio types, not matter how big or small the opening.

Frame Color Options

We offer a variety of colors on certain products. Depending on the product you choose to have installed, ask your Screenmobile technician which options are available to best fit your needs.

Frame colors and screen choices vary by location. Please check with your local Screenmobile for color choices.

Fabric Color Options

We have a variety of screen fabrics to choose from. Depending on your needs, we offer sun control screen, insect control screen, pet-resistant screen, and more! In addition to our standard options, we can also help you with specialty screens that resist weatherization, such as copper or bronze screens.

Our screens also are available in a wide variety of colors and meshes. Please be sure to ask your Screenmobile technician which screen fabric is right for you.

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