Enjoy the breeze without letting the bugs in.

Large-scale screens and coverings are necessary for patios and lanais to achieve the needed openness and ventilation people love. 

There’s nothing like being able to leave your multi-panel wall system wide open to enjoy the breeze without letting the bugs in. Phantom’s new manual wall screens for oversized openings disappear out of sight when not in use, never compromising your home’s style or million-dollar view!

Screenmobile provides a high-end solution for retractable wide apertures by utilizing cutting-edge technology and expert craftsmanship.

Large Openings Screens: Features & Benefits

Phantom’s Professional Series retractable screens fit a wide variety of door types including single and double doors, out-swing and in-swing doors, and sliding patio doors.

Durable Mesh

Fiberglass mesh ensures durability and provides full ventilation and protection from insects and UV rays. In addition, phantom Screens offers various mesh options for enhanced insect and solar protection and additional privacy.

Professional Series

Phantom’s Professional Series disappearing retractable screen is operated using a spring tension system inside the protective housing. Perfect for double-French doorways, two retractable door screens are mounted to the door frame, one on each side.


The slidebar is guided along two parallel tracks located at the top and bottom of your disappearing screen door frame. The slidebars are pulled to the center of the opening and held in place with magnets.

Out of Sight

Professional Series door screens remain out of sight until you need them, restoring your complete view of the outdoors and preserving the look and design of your doorway. Phantom screens for large openings are perfect for restaurants and commercial applications.

Color Options

Browse nine signature colors for Professional Series disappearing screens ranging from Slivered Almond to Coastal Gray. Their powder-coated finish resists fading and chipping and can be customized to your unique décor, including wood grain finishes.

Roll Control

Phantom’s Professional Series disappearing screen doors have an optional roll control feature that regulates the retraction speed of the screens. So cover your large openings when needed, and never worry about unsightly housing or screens when they’re not required.

Can’t find your color?

Phantom also offers a custom color option that allows you to create a retractable screen door solution in every hue and shade imaginable. You pick the color, and we will match it.

Frame colors and screen choices vary by location. Please check with your local Screenmobile for color choices.

NOTE: Availability may vary. Contact your local Screenmobile for details. Colors may appear differently than shown. Contact Screenmobile for proper color samples. Please note an additional charge applies to designer, wood grain, and custom color program(s).

Window Screen Fabric Choices

Choosing the screen mesh material is another consideration when designing your screened-in porch.


Fiberglass Screens: Commonly used in residential and commercial properties. They are lightweight, do not corrode or rust, and will become flat again if bent or dented. It is also a very versatile material and can be sized for various projects.


Coated Polyester Tough Screens: Best choice for any specialty screens that need to be reinforced with extra strength. This screen material is more expensive than your standard fiberglass, but it is not replaced as quickly. It is commonly used in sliding screen doors, low windows, and cold locations.


Pet Resistant Screens: Heavy-duty screens designed to put up with the rough treatment your pet may dish out from time to time. The size of your pet and the damage they cause will determine the best screen to fit your needs.


Solar Screens: Perfect for windows that attract a lot of heat and sunlight. A solar screen’s dark exterior blocks the sun’s warmth and absorbs the excess heat while providing additional privacy. They are mainly used on patios, porches, pool decks, and in warm climates.

No-see-um Screen: Perfect for regions of the country that have No-See-um bugs. This screen is a 20×20 mesh, which is woven tighter together so even the smallest of bugs like No-See-ums can’t even get through.

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