Window Protection from Golf Balls

Is your home or business near a golf course? If this is the case, you may be looking for a way to keep your home and yourself safe from golf balls while on your porch or patio. Rest assured; Screenmobile offers durable and color-coordinated golf ball protection screens to reduce the damage that golf balls often inflict. Our custom design screens reduce the damage from golf balls to your home or business. Golf ball protection screens and panels allow you the opportunity to spend more time enjoying your space and less worrying about your investment.

Creative Solutions

As there are many variations in home construction and features, numerous methods and products can be used to create the perfect application for your golf ball protection needs. Don’t worry; regardless of your situation, a solution exists to protect your home and windows from damage caused by golf balls. Your Screenmobile technician will be able to advise you on what option and installation will best work for your situation.

Fixed or Roll Down Panels

Golf ball protection can come in either a fixed frame or heavy-duty fabric using roll-down mechanisms. Constructed of an extruded aluminum frame and covered by an extremely strong vinyl-coated polyester screen, golf ball screens can be mounted on your existing window frames, patio structure, or even free-standing away from your windows and doors. Protecting your home by installing golf ball screens has never been so easy.

Hard to Cover Applications

Second story windows or arch-top windows can be especially difficult to protect. Custom-made golf ball panels from Screenmobile are the perfect solution. Considering the cost of replacing glass, these golf ball panels can save you thousands of dollars in costs. For more information about how Screenmobile can help you protect your home and windows from golf balls, please call your local Screenmobile for a free estimate.

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