Motorized Screens = Extra living space

Screenmobile is the Industry’s leader in Motorized Porch Screens —offering an assortment of custom screen options and enclosure solutions to fit any home or patio. Our motorized porch screens are designed to prevent insects from entering your indoor and outdoor living spaces and retract when not in use. Choose from either manually operated or motorized screens.

Motorized Screen Installation

A typical motorized screen installation requires a housing across the top of your porch and tracks on the sides. There is no track needed at the bottom. Tracks are sealed with a thick poly seal. The housing box on the top is usually 4″ x 4″ up to 6″ x 6″ depending on the size. All of the housing and side tracks come in a variety of colors to match your home. Typically a color is picked that is close to your window color.

Motorized porch screens can be installed onto a new porch or existing porch. If it is a new porch, tracks could be recessed into the walls for a clean look. A choice of screen fabric helps to finish the custom look of your project.

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