Sunair Roll-Down Solar Screens and Pergola Covers

Screenmobile has partnered with Sunair Awnings to provide quality awning and shade products in select areas. Contact your local Screenmobile for more information on the full line of Sunair Products.

Benefits of Retractable Solar Screens Solar Shading: 

A solar shade from Sunair® is the ideal solution for keeping sunlight at bay and at the same time enjoy its advantages. You can eliminate glare, and control the amount of light that enters the window or door while still keeping a view of the outside. Simply push a button and the optional motor lowers or retracting the shade. Our shades also protect your furniture, curtains, and floor coverings from UV damage. Energy efficiency: A solar shade from Sunair® can significantly reduce indoor temperature while lowering cooling costs by blocking the sun before it enters your home. Our fabrics effectively block up to 90% of solar heat rays when installed on the exterior of the window. Depending on the type of fabric used, you may realize a potential reduction in air-conditioning costs by as much 25% - 40%. Nine Standard Frame Colors: The Sunair® model is available in nine standard powder-coat frame colors, the most in the industry. Over 200 custom "Ral" frame colors are available by special order.

Magnetic Locking System New for 2013 is the Magnetic Locking System for Sunair exterior screens. Installed at each end of the Screen hem bar and below the screen, these magnetic locks initially guide and then hold the screen tight in the down position. They keep the fabric flat and smooth. They prevent the screen fabric from riding up in the wind. When retracting the screen is desired, their magnetic grasp is released when gear or motor tension is applied. SUNAIR® INTRODUCES OUR NEW MAGNETIC LOCKING DEVICE FOR USE WITH OUR EXTERIOR ROLLING SCREENS .With the magnetic locks installed the screen fabric remains taught when the screen is in its lowered position. If a wind gust lifts the hem bar, the magnetic lock will release the screen fabric from the pressure and then the magnetic lock system will automatically reposition the hem bar back into the lock.* 

Pergola Covers by Sunair 

DURABILITY AND FUNCTION FOR YOUR PATIO OR RESTAURANT PERGOLA® is the ultimate awning system for larger residential spaces and Restaurant cafés. The Pergola® is available in many models to best fit your needs and application.All Pergola® models are custom built to fit each area. The fabric is manufactured in one piece, even on wider awnings to prevent water leaking. Wider units therefore have multiple framing supports added to ensure a strong framework. Multiple units can also be mounted together with a gutter system in between for even wider widths. An integrated guttering system avoids water leakage.The Pergola can be mounted to most walls and decks. It can even be constructed as a free standing module on your deck or concrete pad.Some smaller systems can be manually operated with a hand crank. Larger systems are conveniently operated with an integrated tubular motor and are conveniently controlled with a hand held remote. With the remote the Pergola® will extend and retract automatically.Now you can utilize your patio area during fierce mid-day sun and inclement weather. Feel free to inquire with your SUNAIR® awning expert on which system is best for you.Other Products from Sunair:

Other Products from Sunair:

  • Deck and Patio Awnings
  • Solar Screens
  • Window Awnings
  • Pergola
  • Solharo
  • Variette
  • Canopies
  • Outrigger

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