7 Tips on How to Keep Porch Cool in Summer

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Summer’s getting hotter, with 2021 being the hottest in 126 years. So we need to develop ways in homes to keep cool without breaking the bank with AC bills.

Porches are an extension of your home. You can enjoy being outdoors without losing any of your homely comforts. However, your porch sometimes feels like the air hasn’t moved since 1956. Porches can be hot, stuffy, and full of insets. A place for your delivery packages to hang out until you come home and for your pet to longingly gaze at from indoors. 

It’s time to welcome back your porch as a functioning part of your home. Keep your patio cool during these hot summer months to relax and enjoy.

Read our great porch-cooling tips and get your patio ready for summer.

How to keep your porch cool in summer

You would hope being outside on your porch would be a clever way to cool down. However, a lot of us are used to the AC now, and let’s not forget the significant (and worrying) rise in temperature. A regular porch might not be able to cut it.

But don’t worry. We have some reliable ways to ensure you and your loved ones remain cool and refreshed while perched on your porch this summer. 

  • Fans (ceiling & electric)
  • Screens (solar, retractable, regular)
  • Misting system
  • Shades (retractable awnings, umbrellas)
  • Furniture
  • Plants
  • Light Colors & Patterns


Porch Fans

This might seem like an obvious addition, but many people don’t think a fan fits into the aesthetic of a porch. However, you can choose between a stand-alone electric fan or a ceiling fan. Either way, they are great for loosening stagnant and hot air. Ceiling fans are a bit more expensive, but they fit the outdoor environment and don’t take up any floor space. Invest in one with a light, and you’ve hit two birds with one stone–relaxing on the porch has just extended to evening hours. 

Unfortunately, porch fans won’t prevent bugs from flying in or reduce harmful UV rays. So we suggest using a fan in conjunction with an exterior shade or sun control awning

Porch Screens 

At Screenmobile, we are screen experts. We build and install screens to fit any dimension, so yes, your porch or patio can be screened. Enclosing your porch with screens has a massive list of benefits like pest control, added shade, and improved privacy that will leave you happier and restful. 

Screen Enclosures on a front porch by Screenmobile.

Here are some great screened porch options:

Solar screens if your porch is in direct sunlight between 11 am and 5 pm. Their primary benefit is blocking harmful UV rays. 

Retractable screens roll into their protective shell when not in use so that you can air out your porch at night. 

Regular screens are a perfect option too. Air can still travel through the material with a bit of wind, and bugs and dust can’t get in. A screened-in porch can change how you enjoy your home!

Misting System

There’s a reason fairs, theme parks, and other public areas provide misting systems. So why not bring those periodic sprays of refreshing mists directed at you while you serenely rock on your porch. 

Misting systems are not that expensive and are easy to install. However, look at your local weather warnings to see if water use is restricted. 

Exterior Shades

Shades can be a beautiful addition to your porch, whether you get a retractable awning, sunbrella, or any other type of solar shade

The main benefit of choosing a shade over a screen is your view. Some screens are darker to prevent UV rays, with a tighter mesh to prevent bugs. Unfortunately, this can darken the room, so be prepared for that. 


Surprisingly, changing your porch furniture helps reduce the heat felt. For example, wicker chairs allow the air to circulate through them. As a result, you don’t get sweaty or sticky, and the material doesn’t heat up.


Plants are a wonderfully green way to cool down your patio. As they grow, they become a natural barrier between your porch and everywhere else, boosting your privacy and curbside appeal!

Color pattern

Choose lighter colors to reflect the heat from the sun. For example, painting your porch white has many advantages over a dark tone. Your color pattern is essential in cooling your porch, so keep it in mind!

Screened-in porch

We’ve already touched on screened-in porches, and to be fair, they are excellent for adding another room to your home at a reduction of the cost. So don’t forget about your porch in any DIY project.

Depending on the size of your porch, you can easily turn it into a sunroom, a three-season room, or a catio! It’s an extra living space attached to your home where you can escape the TV and daily living sounds.  

Make your summer a cool one!

Your porch doesn’t need to be a hotbed of bugs and dust. Neither should it be restricted because the sun is dangerously hot. Your porch is an extension of your home, and you should enjoy it as much. 

Install some screens, a fan or two, an awning, and why not a misting system? In addition, you will save money by not depending on your AC indoors, which is much cheaper than building a new room in your home. 

If you’re interested in screening your porch to make it cooler, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local Screenmobile. We are more than happy to help you choose the best for your porch and build and install custom or generic screens and shades. 

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