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Types of Window Blinds: Picking the Best Style

Window treatments are an often overlooked aspect of a home, but they really shouldn’t be. Because, at the end of the day, not only are window blinds and shades practical, but they also elevate a home’s overall appeal and style. The right window blinds can go a long way in making a house feel cozier, prettier, and a whole lot more refined.

The problem is that there’s a whole laundry list of types of window blinds on the market. Choosing the right window blinds is a massive challenge. But if you follow our formula and understand the different types of window blinds and shades, you’ll be able to choose the right window treatment for your home in no time.

How to choose the right window blind style for your home

By far, the most crucial factor when choosing window blinds is how they will mesh with your home’s design and aesthetic. Even the most beautiful window treatments won’t look good in a house if it clashes with the home’s overall style. So make sure that the type of window blind, as well as its color, design, pattern, and material, match your existing home decor.

The other aspects to consider when choosing the right blinds or shades are:

  • Function: What are you using the blinds for? Are they purely decorative? Are they more for privacy or to block UV rays? Or both?
  • Room Type: Certain blinds offer better function and feel for specific rooms. For example, roller blinds are often put in bathrooms and kitchens due to strong resistance to moist environments.
  • Cost: Last and most apparent is the cost of the window blinds you are installing. Some blinds or shades might look fantastic, but that won’t matter much if they are way out of your budget.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at all the different types of blinds on the market, so you can decide which is perfect for your specific home.


View outside of a window's wooden slat blinds.

Wooden blinds

Wood and faux wood blinds are highly functional, affordable, and versatile. Wooden and faux wood horizontal blinds typically come in a slatted or Venetian style and are most commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens. Since they are so versatile and blend in so well, it’s not uncommon to see them in any room.


Similar to wood blinds, shutters are a type of window treatment that offers a lot of practicality in a home. They provide lots of protection against unwanted sunlight and also provide lots of privacy when you need it. But be wary about putting shutters in your home if your home doesn’t have a more traditional look. They might stand out, and not in a good way.

Roman blinds

Roman blinds (also known as Roman shades) are made of fabric and offer both elegance and functionality to a room. When raised, Roman blinds stack on top of themselves at the window’s top, allowing sunlight into the room. Since Roman shades come in various colors and fabrics, they can fit in a wide array of home styles and rooms. Explore blinds and shades.

Pleated shades

Similar to Venetian-style blinds in functionality, pleated shades are usually made of paper or fabric material. Although they have lost popularity over the years, a rise in visually stunning textural and fabric designs and patterns has seen pleated shades see somewhat of a reemergence in home decor.

Natural blinds

For a more bold and trendy look, natural blinds are a great choice. Natural window blinds are made out of materials found in nature. Natural blinds are commonly made out of bamboo, reeds, grasses, yarns, and even metallic threads. More eclectic homeowners often choose natural blinds to add a bit of texture and a more natural feel to their home.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are very true to their name. Instead of being pulled up or down to open, vertical blinds run across a track to slide open or closed—either parting in the middle or opening from one side. Vertical blinds are most often used on patio doors, sliding doors, and floor-to-ceiling windows.

Roller shades

As the name suggests, roller shades are fabric blinds that are rolled up or down to either let sunlight in to block it out. And as we mentioned earlier, roller shades are often used in bathrooms and kitchens thanks to their protective coating, which fights off moisture. Roller shades also come in a solar variety, which is great for blocking harmful UV rays from entering homes prone to lots of year-round sunlight. Insolroll provides some of the best roller shades in the industry:

  • Blocking up to 99% of harmful ultra-violet rays
  • Reducing glare and increasing visual comfort
  • High-performance solar shades block heat and keep your home cool

Cellular shades 

Also referred to as honeycomb blinds, this is probably the type of blind that comes to mind when you think of window blinds. Although they are very similar to pleated blinds in their look, cellular shades are designed with two types of material. Thanks to their honeycomb design, they provide lots of insulation for homeowners.

Need Help Picking Window Blinds?

For more information on what type of window blinds are best for your home, contact the Screenmobile window experts today.

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The Benefits of Retractable Screen Doors

Retractable screen doors have quickly become one of the most popular home improvement options in recent years. That’s because retractable screen doors are perhaps the best way for homeowners to merge their outdoor and indoor living spaces, allowing homeowners to enjoy the fresh air of the warm months. 

What is a retractable screen door?

Unlike non-retractable screen doors, the retractable variety can be used or hidden at any time when not in use. Retractable screen doors easily slide into their housing unit either manually or with the push of a button. Put simply, retractable screen doors are there when you need them and out of sight when you don’t.

Although there are a few other types, sliding retractable screen doors are far and away from the most common. When installed, these screen doors open and close by sliding on tracks custom-fitted to your existing door frame. Magnetic retractable screen doors and pull up/down retractable screen doors are the two other far less common options.

The benefits of retractable screen doors

  1. Convenient and easy-to-use

The best thing about retractable screen doors is just how easy they are to use. Unlike traditional screen doors, which can be clunky, awkward, and annoying to open and close, retractable screen doors are easily slid in and out thanks to their ultra-smooth track guides and roll control features.

  1. Keep the insects out and the fresh air in

Everyone loves a nice cool breeze and the smell of fresh-cut grass in the warm summer months. But leaving the door swung open during these months is a sure-fire way to have your home filled with pesky insects. Retractable screen doors offer the best of both worlds: a fresh airflow and protection from annoying bugs.

  1. Save money on electricity.

On that same note, keeping a home cool during the height of summer can be extremely costly. By installing retractable screen doors across your home, you can let the breezy air in to cool your house off without spending a fortune on AC. 

  1. Maintain the beauty of your home

Traditional screen doors can be quite the eyesore for a home. They’re hefty and pointless to look at in the colder months of the year when you aren’t even using them. On the other hand, retractable screen doors roll up snugly into a housing unit, so they aren’t seen—preserving your home’s overall aesthetic.

  1. Better views and improved health

Retractable screen doors not only let you enjoy the fresh air but also give you unobstructed views of the outdoors. And being cooped up inside all day isn’t healthy. So for those days where you have to spend lots of time indoors, retractable screen doors can be a lifesaver, bringing the outdoors to you and—in turn—boosting your mental health.

  1. Customized to fit your home’s look and design

Retractable screen doors are also highly customizable. For one, they are universal fit, which means they can fit any door, whether it be French doors, arched entryways, patio doors, you name it. On top of that, homeowners interested in installing retractable screen doors can choose the material type, mesh color, the track and guide system, latching options, and much more.

The best retractable screen doors

Mirage retractable screens

  • Durable components
  • Superior powder coating to protect against wear and tear
  • Huge color selection
  • Ultra-smooth screen guides
  • Pet-friendly

Phantom retractable screens

  • Decorative and discreet design maintains curb appeal
  • Offers lots of ventilation
  • Energy savings
  • Versatile enough to fit many door styles
  • 9 color options

ClearView retractable screens

  • Mesh that doesn’t obscure views
  • Saves on electricity bills
  • Speed reducer technology prevents door slams
  • Hidden magnet system
  • Super-screen is 3x stronger than normal door screens

StowAway retractable screens

  • Eliminates the need for storm doors
  • Smooth glide technology
  • Breezy cross ventilation
  • Effortless stow away when not in use
  • Color, style, screen texture, UV filtering, latching, and slow-close options

RetractaView retractable screens

  • Sleek modern design
  • High-quality components
  • Low profile housing
  • Easy to roll up and hideaway
  • Durable tech

Genius retractable screens

  • Quiet, smooth operation
  • Sleek, virtually invisible design
  • Protection against airborne pests
  • Pleated screens
  • Fully customized installation


To learn more about installing a retractable screen door or to request a free estimate, contact Screenmobile’s team of door screen experts today.

Screenmobile service member stands in front of his mobile screen repair service vehicle.
Is a Screenmobile Franchise Right for Me?

The idea that franchising takes place in either an office or a restaurant is a common misconception. If you’re more outdoor orientated and want a change of pace, but you’re wondering, “is a franchise right for me?” do not let this question hold you back from starting a business. As the franchise market continues to expand year after year, serving a broader range of interests and industries, there are now more options for prospective business owners seeking a business that will keep them active while spending more time outdoors than in an office. 

More commonly than not, individuals are motivated to make a big shift in their job if it aligns with their lifestyle interests, such as a love for the outdoors or traveling. More people are drawn to working outdoors because they’ve grown bored of the corporate environment or never felt well suited to it in the first place. For others, being outdoors as a business owner provides a greater sense of control over their future.

Screenmobile fits the bill; we provide an opportunity where you can enjoy entrepreneurship and fresh air at the same time. In this post, we aim to provide you with detailed information about Screenmobile franchises, explore the advantages of launching your own franchise, while also showcasing some of the things that set us apart to make a Screenmobile franchise the right for you.

The Screenmobile Products and Services

Screenmobile provides the best selection of screen-related services and products; better yet, we offer a mobile service that will bring our products straight to the customer’s door. We have many options and custom solutions for varied budgets. In addition, we offer you an entry point into the flourishing $400+ billion home improvement industry.

Our mobile screening trailer is the heart of our operation, enabling Franchise Owners to provide same-day service by measuring and fabricating screens on-site. Because it’s what makes us, well, mobile, the Screenmobile Truck and Trailer model is very different from other screen repair models and offers franchisees the opportunity to take to the road and get out from behind the desk. Not to mention, Screenmobile is the perfect fit for people who enjoy working with their hands while offering a valuable service to their communities.

Benefits of Screenmobile Franchises

Aside from appealing to the many people that enjoy rolling up their sleeves and producing a great product for a great price with the satisfaction of seeing a job well done, there are several additional significant advantages to investing in a Screenmobile franchise.

  • Less expensive to operate: Screenmobile franchises don’t require renting or purchasing real estate build outs or a large team to operate. This means lower overhead and lower risk, and a much higher chance for your franchise’s success in the long run.
  • Freedom and autonomy: Because your business will, initially, be smaller and more controllable, you will have the freedom and flexibility to choose your hours of operation and schedule.
  • Easier to run: Screenmobile franchises focus on all things screen repair, installation, and maintenance. Our training and support staff can have you up to speed and running smoothly and efficiently in as little as 8 weeks, and you will become an expert in a niche and profitable industry.
  • Easier to expand: Once your franchise runs smoothly and generates significant revenue, you might want to expand. Thanks again to the low overhead and low startup costs, it’s easier to expand into a multi-unit franchise business. It’s not uncommon for franchisees to grow from one service vehicle to two or more within their first few years of opening.
  • Marketing made easy: Our mobile service vehicles are “wrapped” making them essentially mobile billboards for all to see. In fact, many of our Franchise Owners leave their truck and trailer parked in a public place while they grab a bite to eat, which in turn, drives new customer acquisition and increased revenue. Talk about easy, effective advertising! On top of that, the corporate office handles national marketing campaigns and generates website traffic to your Screenmobile webpage, providing local business owners with the power of a full-scale, national marketing budget.

Of course, those are just some of the perks that come with owning a Screenmobile franchise.

Is Screenmobile the Right Fit for you

We’re seeking Franchise Owners whose ideals are similar to ours. Although Screenmobile is opening new locations around the country, we remain committed to the principles of quality, outstanding customer service, and family. These tenets provide a solid foundation on which our successful mobile brand was built, and we are looking for franchise owners that will continue to uphold those same foundational principles

Some of the traits we see in our most successful Screenmobile franchise owners include:

Mechanically Oriented

You’re a natural with your hands, whether you’ve worked in a mechanical job before or just enjoy tinkering as a pastime.

Dedicated to Community & Family

You place a high value on your family life and are searching for a flexible schedule that allows you to strike a healthy work-life balance.

Business Savvy

You don’t have to come from a corporate background to understand what it takes to own and manage a successful business.

Enjoys Working Outside

You savor every opportunity to spend time outdoors and are ready to establish a business that allows you to spend the majority of your time outside.

Organized and Dependable

You manage your life with a high level of efficiency and accuracy. You keep your home and work surroundings neat and organized, and you always arrive on time for your appointments.

Franchising with Screenmobile

If this sounds like you or you’re interested in learning more about Screenmobile’s franchise opportunity, please contact our team of professionals today.

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