7 Stunning Screened-In Porch Ideas

A beautiful waterfront porch with screened doors and windows

It is estimated that over 65% of US homes that are for sale come with a porch. Yet many people still view the porch as a mere entrance to the home. But do you know the innovative ways in which you can use it?

Once screens are added, they can function as a second room, adding more living space to the property. Read on as we discuss the essential screened-in porch ideas you must know about. 

What Are Screened in Porches?

A screened-in porch is a structure applied to the outside of the home. Instead of having open areas like a standard porch, it has screened windows across it. This can prevent insects, debris, and even adverse weather from entering the porch and ruining the level of comfort inside. 

There are several different porch designs and builds. When screens get added, the options multiply again. Everything from light-blocking coatings to mechanical mechanisms is available. 

Picking Your Screen

When building your porch, it is important to “screen” your screen type. Each type of screen has advantages and disadvantages that should be carefully considered. 


Fiberglass mesh is the most common material used for porch ideas. It is very low cost and takes away the glare from the sun. Though it does not crease like metal coverings, it remains extremely flexible and is easy to install. 

The disadvantages are that it tears more easily than other materials and stretches. It comes in a range of dark colors, though black takes off the most glare. 

Vinyl-Coated Polyester

Polyester is a popular material used for Roll Down Screens and fabric structures. It is coated with vinyl to give it extra strength and durability while retaining its stretch and flexibility. It is a low-cost material ideal for screens. 

Synthetic Solar Screens

Synthetic solar screens are designed to keep the sun’s harmful UV rays from your outdoor space. They are made from PVC-coated polyester that acts as a window tint. This reduces how much sunlight gets through. Your porch is kept temperate as a result, and you are protected from the harmful damage sun. 


Motorized screens take the effort out of the opening and closing of your porch. When the time comes, and you no longer need the protection of your screens, you can simply hit a button and retract them. 

Screened in Porch Ideas

Once you have your perfect screened-in porch, you just need to decide what to do with it. You can just go classic and put comfortable rocking chairs there for relaxation. However, many people are choosing to go one step further and make the porch an extension of their living space. 

1. Comfortable Furniture

Outdoor furniture is not always synonymous with comfort. However, when you have a porch covering and screens to protect your furniture, you can use indoor items outside. One of the best-enclosed porch ideas is to fill it with the same furniture you would in your living room, including comfortable sofas, coffee tables, and even bookshelves. 

2. A Pool Table

Have you ever wanted a pool table in the home but never had the room? A screened-in porch can provide the space you need. But your entertainment area does not have to end there.

The porch can house air hockey tables, arcade machines, or even a classic pinball. Add some social seating and even a small bar and you have the ideal recreation area.

3. Dining Area

Another way to bring the inside to the exterior is to bring your dining area onto the porch. Everyone loves alfresco dining, and with the introduction of screens, you can enjoy it while keeping the bugs at bay. Pick a warm summer evening and pour a crisp glass of white wine to go with your meal, then serve your favorite summer foods. 

This also provides a great place to cater for your outdoor events. If you have a BBQ planned or a pool party, the porch can be a great place to lay out all of your salads, drinks, and condiments.

4. Work Station

The move to remote work seemed like a dream come true for many. Yet the reality is that most people ended up short on space, huddled on a multifunction dining table while the family moved around them. A shuttered porch lets you have a beautiful outdoor workspace that protects you from the elements while providing the fresh air you need. 

5. Plants

One way to blend the lines between where the house begins and ends is to use plants. Native ones with splashes of color will add green to your porch, letting the yard creep into the living space. Don’t be afraid to mix it with indoor items either, such as area rugs and rocking chairs in natural materials. 

6. Pet Patio

A pet patio is a great way to give your pets the outdoor space they need without letting them loose in your yard. Place kennels, beds, cat trees, and all of their favorite toys out there so they can enjoy a space to themselves. Add a ceiling fan to keep them cool and make sure they have plenty of snacks and water. 

7. Outdoor Handrails

Handrails add a touch of class to your porch, making it look like an expensive hotel or art gallery. Outdoor hand rails can come in a wide range of materials, including glass, aluminum, and even cables. Handrails can be integrated with screened-in porches and are very low maintenance. 

Improving Your Porch

Now you know these screened-in porch ideas, you can think about the best use for yours. If you don’t have one already, then speak with an expert. You may be able to add a lot of living space for less than you think. 

Screenmobile should be your first stop for porch screens. We have a range of solutions for all your needs. Contact us here to begin the ultimate upgrade on your porch. 

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