Roll Down Screen Options You Need to Know

The backyard view with a half rolled down screen

Let’s paint a hypothetical picture for a moment. Say you’re interested in screening in your home’s porch or patio, but you’re not entirely sold on something so permanent. . You want protection from the sun and annoying insects, but you don’t quite want to commit to a screened-in porch as a permanent feature of your home.

That’s totally understandable. Now imagine that there’s a “best of both worlds” solution to this conundrum. Well, lucky for you, there is! Roll down screens. 

Roll-down screens, unlike traditional screened-in porches, can be rolled up or down whenever needed. This means you can use them when you want, but they’ll never get in the way when you don’t.

That said, here are all the things you need to consider before installing roll-down patio screens for your home.

What are Roll-Down Screens?

Roll down screens are devices that allow homeowners to screen in or shade their porch, patio, deck, or garage whenever they need to. Too much sun shining in? Mosquitos feasting on your legs and flies eating your food? Is the wind annoyingly blowing your hair all over the place? Just roll down the screen.

Roll Down Screen Uses

In addition to providing shade, keeping insects at bay, and protecting you from the elements like rain, wind, and cold, retractable screens for porches can also be used to:

  • Ensure day-time privacy
  • Create a bug-free space for children and pets to play
  • Keep unwanted birds and other critters away
  • Protect your home from golf balls and other debris
  • Offer a chill and comfy place to relax
  • Save energy by letting less sunlight invade your home

Manual or Motorized

Both manual and motorized retractable porch screens are simple to operate. Manual screens and shades are crank-operated and can be raised or lowered via a removable crank. On the other hand, motorized porch screens are set up with a small motor that deploys the screen with the simple click of a button.

Both manual and motorized retractable screens have their pros and cons to consider as well. But to keep it short and sweet, let’s just say that motorized screens tend to be more convenient and modern while manual screens are typically more budget-friendly. 

Motorized screens like Phantom’s can even be automated to roll down based on various environmental conditions. And the Phantom screens can also be controlled via your smartphone. 

In addition to the Phantom, Screenmobile offers a few more motorized screen options, including:

  • Sun Control
    • Heavy Duty Cable Guided Shades
    • Heavy Duty FRT Shades
    • Canopy Tension Screens
  • Insolroll
    • Oasis 2700 Patio Sun Shades
    • Oasis 2800 Patio Shades
    • Oasis 2900 Patio Insect Shades
  • SunPro
    • Phifer Tuffscreen® Heavy-duty Screen
    • Phifer Tuffscreen® No-see-um Screen
  • Sunair
    •  SC4500 Mastershade®

Sizes and Mounting

In general, roll-down screens and shades come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From small windows to massive outdoor patios, roll-down screens are capable of shading your space. At Screenmobile, our trained professionals can help mount roll-down screens for every need, including up to 24-foot-wide and 16-foot-tall installations.

Screen Types

The next step is to choose the type of screen fabric that suits your home’s needs. There is a wide selection to choose from, including sun control screens, insect control screens, pet-resistant screens, weather-resistant screens, and more. 

If you’re unsure what type of screen is right for you, our experienced team can help.

Color Options

The final step is picking the color of your screen fabric and the frame color of your roll-down screen. When evaluating your different options, two key considerations are: do you want a color that will complement and contrast your home’s existing colors, or do you want it to blend in seamlessly without changing the look too much? The choice is entirely yours.

Installing a Retractable Screen

If you’re thinking about adding a roll-down screen to your home, we’re here to help. To get started, contact your local Screenmobile or request a free estimate today.

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