Screened-In Patio Buyers Guide

Raised porch and patio with hand railings, overlooking a lake

Sitting out and enjoying outdoor living can be one of the best things about your property. Not only do you get revitalized by the fresh, dust-free air, but you also get to change things up and relax in a space with natural light and, generally, away from the TV. Outside spaces are perfect for catching up with family and friends or just sitting back and enjoying a book or newspaper.

However, there can be a few issues that go along with enjoying an outdoor patio or porch area, namely the bugs that annoy or bite you, as well as, depending on your region and home orientation, direct sunlight. Both of these factors can significantly detract from the full enjoyment of your property’s features.

Advantages of Opening Up a Comfortable Outside Space

Fortunately, the solution isn’t too complicated. Screened-in patios or porches can give you full access to your outside spaces and let you enjoy outdoor living. Here’s why:

Bug Excluder: One of the main advantages of screened-in patios is how they separate you from all the insects that either want a piece of you or are just incredibly curious about you and your food, especially with lights on when dusk falls. Evening insect invasions can cause significant discomfort and ruin any idea of a relaxing time, but a small bit of home improvement to install a screened porch or patio and you can claim that space for yourself again.

Sun Protection: Depending on the orientation of your house, especially in the sunnier areas of the country, mid-day sun can be very hard to deal with, both for your skin and eyes. It also starts to fade furniture and coverings, as well as books or pictures that might be around too. A screened-in patio, using the right kind of screen fabric, can considerably reduce glare and even UV rays, protecting you and allowing you to enjoy your outside space at any time of day.

Dust and Debris: Unsurprisingly, with open types of porches and patios, pretty much anything can blow in. This outside clutter usually comes in the form of leaves, dust, and bits of plants which leave residue around the floor and your furniture and can take a lot of time to clean. Having a screened-in patio keeps your space free of the worst of outside material settling in your home which is important for stopping a build-up of debris, especially during seasons when the area is not in use as much.

Privacy: Being outside your own four walls doesn’t just expose you to insects and nature, but to anyone who may be passing by too. While the purpose of sitting outside on a porch or patio can often be to interact with the neighborhood, it’s also nice to be able to maintain some privacy on your own property. With a screened-in patio, different types of screens can offer different effects, ranging from virtually clear to completely shaded, allowing you to pick the level of privacy you want, which may differ at the front or the back of the house.

Pets: Animals love to be outside, but it’s not feasible to let them run free around the neighborhood. By installing a screened-in patio with a pet-resistant screen, your furry friends can also enjoy the cooling breeze of being outside without actually having to leave the safety of your home.

Establishing Your Screened-In Patio Needs

Screened-in patios and porches can deliver so much for your enjoyment of your property and also add to its value, but before you get to work, it is good to establish what exactly you’re looking for. It can help to ask yourself some of the following questions:

  • How big is the space I want screened in?
  • Will I want to use it through four seasons or just three?
  • What are the environmental factors in my area I want to keep off my porch or patio?
  • Will the patio or porch need roofing for a full enclosure?
  • How will my pets (if you have any) react to the screens?
  • What kind of budget are you looking at?
  • Is extra privacy a concern?

Assessing Your Outside Screening Options

After you’ve established your screened-in porch or patio needs, you can start matching them up with your options. In this day and age, there are a wealth of options for screened-in spaces allowing you to create your dream patio or porch, one that you’ll be able to get great enjoyment and utility out of for years to come. Let’s have a look at what you can install:

Screen Fabrics: There are a number of different types of fabric for your screened-in patio or porch, each providing a different function or look. A standard option is polyester or fiberglass screen mesh, which can come in different apertures depending on how much air you want flowing or which type of insects you’re worried about. Sun-control screens with UV protection are also available, as well as pet-resistant screens that your pets won’t be able to damage. These can all also be fitted in different ways, creating walls or sliding doors or extra weather resistance if necessary.

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Colors: The frames for a screened-in patio or porch come in a variety of colors so you can perfectly match the materials to your existing furniture or the feel of the house. Classic looks such as cool white or stained wood have now been supplemented with other standard options so you can really design your dream outdoor space.

Seasons: Depending on your location, you may be lucky enough to have a mild enough winter that you don’t need to consider winterizing your screened-in patio, but for many in the country, that’s not the case. Whether you are looking for a three-season or four-season space will affect the materials that should be used, and wind strength needs to be taken into account as well. A winterized space can utilize additional heavy-weather panels made from vinyl or rolled-up PVC, while poly-carbonate storm panels can protect your property during heavy winds.


Being able to get full use of your outside spaces, like porches and patios, increases your enjoyment of your property, is better for your health, and adds to your property’s value. Unfortunately, insects, the weather, and even your neighbors can detract from this enjoyment which is why installing a screened-in patio or porch can create your dream relaxation or entertaining space, maximizing what you’re doing with your property.

Nowadays, there are a whole host of options for how to create your perfect screened-in patio or porch. This includes the fabrics, colors, and function of your screened space. To find out more about how you can open your property up to the outside without the bugs, sun, or rain, why not get in touch with your local Screenmobile operator for a free estimate.

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