Screens and Shades for Commercial Windows and Patios

Chic Restaurant with window shades to keep eaters cool.

A classy, inviting, and simple look. One that’s bound to attract clientele and impress business partners. Whether you have an office, a restaurant, or a south-facing storefront, you need to invest in screens and shades.

The benefits of installing a screen or shade on your establishment are ones to trust:

    • Energy efficient
    • An extra layer of security
    • Blocks UV rays
    • Reduces glare
    • Retractable and motorized options
    • Variety of colors, fabrics, and designs
    • Keeps interior cool (with exterior option)
    • Aids ventilation
    • Prevents pest and bugs

We will go into these points in this blog, and you’ll finish with a confident decision.

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How to improve a space with commercial window screens?

If you don’t have window shades, you likely have slatted blinds. They’re a nightmare for any office, store, or restaurant. They get dirty quicker with the high traffic and weaken with the constant use of many hands. How well would you trust an establishment with dirty, broken, crooked blinds?

Screens and window shades operate smoothly. Have them internally or externally installed with a finish that complements your facade/decor. And the best part? They’re more energy-efficient and easy to clean. So let’s dive into that.

Energy-efficient screens

Screens help regulate the temperature inside your establishment and reduce electrical use. Lower the shade to block the hard sunlight coming in without disrupting the natural light in your establishment or your view—no more fluorescent lights at 3 pm high-summer time. Add solar screen panels that you remove during the winter months. These screens can reduce the temperature by 15°, easing your AC use.

Every business owner is looking to reduce their overheads, and it seems like commercial window screens and shades are the solutions.

Can I use screens for my business patio?

Are you a chic restaurant owner with an outdoor space and a line of customers down the street? Well, if you want to be, consider installing screens and shades on your patio windows. Open for business, closed to flying bugs.

Often a restaurant is chosen because of its location: its spectacular views of the Hudson River or the LA skyline, its proximity to a fountain, like in Rome, or on the plaza of a university where students come to sit and watch out for friends. Outdoor living is made possible with commercial patios.

When the sun hits hard, it’s blinding and uncomfortable. You have a couple of tables empty and customers who are bothered. However, if you close the patio, they will miss out on their spectacular views.

Installing outdoor patio shades will block the sunlight while maintaining the view. In addition, they will block against UV rays, which are damaging to your health. And they can be motorized so open and close as the passing sun allows with the simple touch of a button.

Additionally, motorized screens on the patio increase the number of tables they can comfortably seat people at. The screens are also great at knocking down a breeze so it’s not windy on a restaurant patio. And on cold nights, or during the winter months, the screens can also be used to retain heat.

A motorized solar screen will accomplish three things, sun protection, and breeze control, and helps prevent heat from escaping during winter months when you have the heaters going.

Screenmobile also provides awning and sunbrella options if you’re interested.

How can screens boost employee productivity?

Employees have similar needs to restaurant clientele. They need to be comfortable, with good light and a steady temperature. Becoming distracted or uncomfortable because of sun glare is very inconvenient for an employee–they can’t just up and move their desks or work areas.

Installing large format screens and shades can have your office windows covered, improving privacy and comfort, and helping trim some of that air conditioning bill. In addition, the ease of use will reduce fidgeting with blinds.

Happy employees = happy customers.

Can I open and close the windows with a screen?

The screens that we professionally install at Screenmobile are highly user-friendly. If you wish to open your window, then no problem. We encourage you to let the natural breeze circulate in your commercial space; it will help you reduce your AC costs!

It’s crucial to open your windows at least daily and let the fresh air push out the stagnant air that has been circulating. With retractable screens, you can easily access your windows and have your shade in place again before a fly or mosquito even realizes it can sneak its way in. That’s right, with Mesh tec® screens in place, you can relax knowing you won’t be bothered by flying buggers.

Security Shutters

How secure are commercial window shades and screens?

You can opt for outdoor shades that add an extra layer of security to your efforts. Security screens are strongly made with reinforced framing and come with a multi-locking system.

But if security is your number one priority, nothing beats security shutters. Law enforcement representatives say shutters are the maximum deterrent against unwanted guests, causing them to look around for an easier target.

    • Made from robust and durable material
    • Prevents intruders from breaking in
    • Auto-locking features
    • Resists flying/thrown objects
    • Encourages airflow while keeping valuables safe
    • Cut resistant
    • Blocks harmful UV rays

Make your choice today.

As you can see, screens and shades for commercial windows and patios are available. You’re encouraged to invest in these screens: boost employee morale and customer satisfaction, and provide an extra layer of security and comfort to your building.

All options come in various styles, fabrics (for drop shades), colors, and finishes. It’s for you to choose what you prefer.

Screenmobile can advise you and will also professionally install your screens. We pride ourselves on our customer service, so contact us today and take the first steps to your new screens and shades.

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