Modern Screen Door Types and Options

Titan Security Sliders

Screens have evolved along with our aesthetic needs. People want to live in beautiful homes with beautiful doors and windows. But you also want to be protected from the elements: strong winds, harmful sun rays, pesky flying insects. You may also wish to add a layer of security to your home and prevent your pets from running out. 

All of these issues are easily overcome with one solution: modern screen doors. 

In this blog, we’re going to outline not only the different types of screen doors that are popular on the market today but also the brands that offer them to make your shopping journey a pleasure. 

Different Modern Screen Door Types

Different homes have different needs, and it’s important to know what’s available out there before you commit to purchasing. Screenmobile carries a host of different brands and will professionally measure and install your screen door. 

Retractable Doors

A retractable door automatically closes. With a spring or a magnetic pull, depending on the brand, you can fully relax knowing that the screen door is not left open. 

Retractable screen doors help make your life easier. There is no need to fear a screen left open, letting bugs and critters in because the screen opens and closes when you need it and maintains the look of your home with a concealed housing unit. 

  1. Mirage: covers all door types, from French doors to sliding doors. Mirage is a modern screen door option offering a magnetic door opening and closing mechanism. Kids and elderly folk can easily manipulate these screen doors with no pulling or tugging. 
  2. Phantom: an almost invisible screen that promotes a durable mesh, acts as a sunshade to regulate temperature, and stops pests from flying in. Phantom works with a controlled roll and sliding mechanism and comes in a variety of colors to suit your home decor. 
  3. Clearview: no more door slamming with Clearview’s patented speed reducer and hidden magnet system. Custom built to suit your home needs with a strong and durable mesh. Also available in different colors to finish your home design and boost your curbside appeal. 

Sliding Screen Doors

You’re busy preparing the dinner while the kids keep running in and out. They’re blowing off steam after a long day in school, and you’re OK with that. Still fussing at the back of your head is Rex, the family dog, and his love of running outside. You live on the street with cars frequently passing. 

Sliding screen doors are perfect for accessing your balcony or yard without disturbing your home layout. They’re also quite discreet, which is attractive for your curbside appeal. They add a layer of security to your home while still providing all the benefits of a modern screen door.

  1. Heavy Duty Sliders: this is the brand if you want a screen door that’s strong, durable, and can slide. We manufacture them at your home to suit your home dimensions and specifics. 
  2. Titan Security Sliders: Built with metal alloy up to 6x stronger than steel, this brand of sliding screen doors offers a three-point locking system that deters break-ins. It also allows you to keep your curbside appeal with a MeshTec screen that allows both visibility and ventilation. 
  3. Vista Security Sliders: completely secures your patio and entryway with a 3-point locking system and durable construction materials. Filter out 60% of the sun’s harmful UV rays while deterring critters from entering. 

Swinging Doors

These are your choice for protecting your entryway doors. Keep your pets in; while keeping pests and critters out. These modern screen doors guard your curbside appeal with the best material available. 

  1. Active: choose no-rattle, anti-rust grilles designs to complement your home’s exterior. Powdered paint finishing lasting longer than paint and a choice of different colors to answer your needs. Our Screenmobile professionals will measure and install these swinging screen doors on location. 
  2. PCA: USA-made, these swinging screen doors are custom built and professionally installed. You choose which way the door opens and on which side to place the handle. Very durable in high traffic areas and can resist forces up to 740 lbs. ¾” Square Aluminum Picket is used for your door decoration. 
  3. Wood Doors: if you don’t want aluminum swinging doors ruining your home’s historical look, then wood doors are your stylish and sophisticated option. We discuss with you which wood you prefer to keep your curbside appeal and can also include storm panels for further protection.

Security Doors

If you don’t feel safe leaving your doors open to ventilate your home, then choosing a security door is your best option. These screen doors add a layer of security and safety to your home, allowing you to continue with your chores worry-free. A security door also serves as a great pet-proof screen door — keeping your pets in and the critters out. Amazingly, security doors have also been known to keep bears out of cabins in the woods! (Although, we wouldn’t recommend testing that. All these brands also offer window screen protection. Their choices are custom built with your taste in mind. 

  1. Vista: strong, secure, and lasting. These are the words you think when you hear Vista—made with certified 316 marine grade high-tensile stainless steel to ensure your safety while complementing your home design with 9 available options. 
  2. Titan: available for both single and double doors, the metal alloy is up to 6x stronger than steel and will not rust, ever. Titan uses Premium Security or MeshTec Advanced Screen Systems to satisfy your needs and protect you from intruders and bugs. 
  3. Active: increase your home security and peace of mind with this decorative screen door brand. Heavy duty with 1/4″ full Amplimesh diamond pattern grille choices and 1″ deadbolt to boot. We can arrive at your location where you can directly choose your style. 

Large Opening  Retractable Screens

Large format screens are the perfect option for larger areas that need to be covered. Perfect for commercial use like restaurants and shops or homes with stacking sliding glass doors or bi-folding glass doors. They don’t block your view and protect you from harmful UV sun rays and intruding insects and critters. In addition, these screens can be retractable for added peace of mind and easy use. 

  1. Wizard: Wizard Industries have launched this innovative and hyper-modern screen door: VistaView™. This screen can cover very long distances and even reach around 90° corners. They have a simple free spring and slide mechanism that you can easily control from a break on the handle. 
  2. Phantom: these invisible-like screens reserve your view while allowing full ventilation. The screens are retractable with a slide bar and roll control. Using magnets and a spring tension system, Phantom is the perfect option for double-French doorways, porches, and three-seasoned rooms. 
  3. Genius: the perfect choice for homes that are adapted for wheelchair users. With a low-profile bottom track and ADA compliant, you can now screen large openings with no fear of tripping or catching. Their modern screens come with ZigZag and ZigZag2 features to satisfy your home needs. 

What’s the difference between a screen door and a storm door

The difference is quite simple: traditional storm doors are built with a glass panel and screen doors with high-standard mesh protection. 

  • Screen doors offer boosted ventilation allowing the cool breeze to pass through your home to aerate it. 
  • Storm Doors excel in cold climates by keeping the rain or snow out while letting the light in. When there’s snow is on the ground, and you don’t want a draft of cold air getting in while you take in a bit of sunlight. 


The basic door features are the same: help with temperature control, keep pets in, prevention of harmful UV rays and insects and critters from entering. Both doors provide a level of security while letting natural light pass into the home. 

Modern screen doors can slide, be custom built to fit your needs, and come in an array of colors and finishes to suit your home design. 

How to choose the best screen door for your home

There is no one brand or screen door type that can be called the best. Each brand offers its own unique touch that answers your individual needs. 

With Screenmobile, you don’t need to worry if you’ve made the right choice. You don’t even have to know what type of screen door you need or which brand to go with. Just give us a call, and we’ll guide you. 

Screenmobile services are fully customized to your needs. We help you make the right choice for your home and family needs. We are with you on your journey to choosing the best modern screen door to boost your home value, security, and peace of mind. 

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