Types of Energy Efficient Window Coverings

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Choosing energy-efficient window coverings is a win-win: you save money on your bills, and our planet breathes better by using fewer resources.

You might think that your individual efforts won’t affect Earth significantly, but one household at a time makes a huge difference.

And your wallet will be happier too.

If you’re reading this blog, the question you’re asking now is, which window coverings are the best option for your home?

This blog will outline the different options available to you and how they will help you reduce your energy bills. So, keep on reading.

What type of window covering is most energy-efficient?

There are different window treatments available, but your home decor and budget will determine which is best for you:

    • Window blinds
    • Window shutters
    • Window shades
    • Window screens
    • Storm screens
    • Curtains
    • Roller shades

These drop shades cover both interior and exterior shades. Consider how window treatments can block up to 99% of harmful UV rays.


Window blinds

Blinds are interior coverings with many advantages. They keep rooms cool in the summer, so you don’t need to pump your AC while offering you privacy from street-facing rooms. Blinds come in various patterns and colors so you can complement your room’s decor.

Norman Window Fashions

Window shutters

Shutters are perfect in a more traditional home design. They are functional and versatile and are available in slatted or Venetian styles. You can have exterior shutters that close horizontally, giving a beautiful aspect to your home’s curbside appeal.

Hunter Douglas window shades

Window shades

Shades differ from blinds in that they are generally one piece of fabric. Easier to maintain and last longer. Roman shades gather at the top and offer an exquisite charm during the day while offering complete privacy at night while the lights are on.

Windows Windows Screens

Window screens

Screens cover larger window spaces and can either be exterior or interior. They are often retractable, and the material used helps you ventilate your home while keeping bugs and insects out. This helps save you money on AC bills during the summer months.

Storm Windows

Storm screens

If you live in an area prone to storms, then you might as well hit two birds with one stone. Storm screens are hardier and more durable and will protect your home from strong winds and flying objects. They also offer shade from the glaring sun during the day and help keep rooms cooler.


Curtains do help against hot air from escaping through your windows. 25-30% of heat loss and heat gain happens because of your windows. Although not the optimal option (it collects dust and isn’t 100% effective), curtains are affordable and help keep your home warmer during the winter months.

Roller shades

Roller blinds do precisely that, roll. There’s no bunching of material on top, so they are easier to keep clean. They complement your home design, too. However, cats love to play with the pulley chain, so consider that when choosing your interior window treatment.

How much energy do window coverings save?

As mentioned above, between 25% and 30% of heat is lost through your window. That’s a quarter of your heating efforts literally out the window. And in Summer, a staggering 76% of heat from the sun enters your home once it hits your window glass panes.

Consider installing exterior window coverings to reduce heat gain if you live in a hot climate.

Are curtains more energy-efficient than blinds?

Blinds are more energy-efficient than curtains. Blinds are fitted into place and stay in the position you choose. Drapes are loose and could allow heat to escape along the sides, top, and bottom. You should also consider your household pets or kids who like to play hide-and-seek.

You pull down your blinds, flop onto the couch, and throw on Netflix–you’re tired, and now you can relax.
You shut your curtains, flop onto the couch, and throw on Netflix–Rex, your dog, runs behind the curtains, chewing his toy. The drapes are constantly shifting, disturbing the tranquility of your space.

What can I cover my windows with to keep the heat out?

At Screenmobile, we advise an exterior window treatment to keep heat out. Heat gain occurs the moment the sun touches your glass-paned windows. By installing external screens, you immediately reduce your heat gain.

Exterior shades are efficient window coverings that will keep your home cool in hotter months. You can reduce your dependency on your AC. By choosing invisible screens, like Phantom, you can keep your view, ventilate your home, prevent pests from entering, and guard your privacy from neighbors passing by. These types of energy-efficient window treatments encourage natural lighting, contributing to your energy savings.

Your next steps

Now that you know what types of energy-efficient window coverings are available, it’s for you now to give us a call. You don’t have to be 100% sure of the type of window treatment that will fit best on your window frame or if an exterior or interior window treatment will contribute more to your energy savings.

At Screenmobile, we are proud of our extensive product knowledge and are more than happy to advise you. Contact us for an estimate today. We’ll call to set the appointment, always arriving on time. You can browse the different brands and materials we carry in our van and set up a further appointment for the installation.

Start saving today with energy-efficient window coverings.

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